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I could feel the packs' thoughts, separate, yet the same. Each of them had their own opinion on the matter, but they all had one similar goal: Get all of them off our land, off our home, away from the humans we love and care about. They were made to feed off humans, and cause them pain. This pair had caused our pack more pain than any beings should have to share. We'd all loved Bella, if not in the same way. I grimaced at her. I may hate her all I like, but could I actually be the cause of her death? Could I be the one who, in the end, truly destroyed her? She'd left me to deal with pain I couldn't deal with without her, without a second thought. Up to now, she had been living a life of a dream, happy with her beloved husband. Sam's thoughts rang clear in my head.

[IIt's up to you, Jacob.[/I So true, so true. Life, or death? My attention was diverted by subtle movements, the rub of cloth against the hardwood floor. Charlie made a quiet groaning sound. Bella stiffened, and I smelled the panic coming off her. Edward held her shoulders, in a firm, but affectionate way. My decision was made for me. She had nearly killed Charlie- the man that I thought of almost as an uncle. I let out a long growl, unnecessarily letting every member of the pack know my choice: We were to attack. We were to kill the vampires that trespassed on our land, just as we had arranged, so many years ago, generations ago. The Cullens had bitten my Bella, changed her into a disgusting monster, when they knew what they were doing.

Sam's 'voice' rang in all of our heads, loud and clear.

[IWe Attack![/I

I could feel Embry's horror, Quil's disappointment, the fear of Colin and Brady, mixed with the adrenaline that this hunt filled us all with as we circled up, cutting the tiny vampire off, and circling up. Edward pushed Bella behind him in a useless semblance of protection. The Bella I knew would have been annoyed, but Mrs. Cullen just stayed there.

We were going to kill them like we were shooting fish in a barrel.

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