Just a Different Type of Dairy

Author Commentary

Nearly Two years Later:

Remember how I promised a commentary and all that fancy stuff? Nearly two years later, at exactly 4:38 in the morning the commentary actually came to me. Talk about writers block, man. That or allergy medicine just has a thing for making me want to write old stuff.

To everyone reading this: Congrats. You made it through 10 semi-crappy chapters of a fic I love. While the chapters may be short, and the writing its self isn't my personal best anymore, the fic in general is amazing. I started Just a Different Type of Dairy after finding a lack of Marjorine fics one day. It was supposed to be a quick oneshot, nothing more than that. But when I got to what I wanted to happen, putting it all into a oneshot just wasn't going to cut it. It was supposed to deal with something like Marjorine going to prom, but it turned into much more than Butters in drag. Throughout the story Marjorine(fuck that, I'm just going to call her Reenie like she wants) became more like a real person than just a character. When I can physically imagine the character, be mine or not, that's when I start to get attached. Pretty soon, ideas for Reenie just started pouring in, and I just let what happen happen. This sounds gay to probably everyone but me (but wait, I am gay…so…I have no idea if this is good or bad) but even at sixteen years old, fuck, even at nineteen years old I still swing on my swing set listening to my iPod(back then my Mp3 players, as my iPod didn't exist yet) and get ideas. A majority of my ideas do come from songs, and usually are inspired from other fics. An extremely good example is the whole transgender thing was inspired by this fic I once read called Billie Jo from the Green Day fandom. It's not on , since well, they don't have bands on here, and it was from a live journal site. It's an amazing fanfic, and it's actually the reason I wrote my second (or third maybe, since the second one is gone forever…) transgender fic about a boy named William in The Outsiders fandom. Except William goes by Billie and is a girl that falls in love with a boy who thinks she's a girl. Except, he doesn't know she's not technically a she yet. It's a challenge to write, since homosexuality is so hush-hush in the 1960's, but in a weird way that's like Reenie 2.0 or something, except tortured and friendless. Anyways, back to my swing set songs…I remember three songs (and dammit, I can only remember two right now) specifically that are extremely important to this fanficiton, and remain important to me. The first song that was extremely important was the song Saying Sorry by the band Hawthorne Heights. I've always associated this song with transgederisms… Maybe because it was on the trailer to the fanfiction Billie Jo, or something, but the line We're all the same…she keeps repeating has always been a strong line I have loved, even until this day. I see this line as the line that fits every out cast girl there is, whether they're gay or not. As for Reenie, I feel this line is so strong for her, as she tends to compare herself to every other girl in hope to be pretty, something society says we're not if we're different. The second song is Broken Heart by Motion City Soundtrack and I feel that song is just her life story, told in the eyes of Kenny. Ahh, Kenny. My favorite character. I love his pervertedness, and the fact that in this fic he goes after a shy, unconfident tranny girl just makes me love him more. I've always seen him sweet and perverted, haha, I love that guy.

I really don't know what else to say, except that this fic was written so differently than most of my chapter fics. Recently, most of my chapter fics I know where the plot is going, sort of like in this fic, and I know what's going to happen in the end. For this fic, it was quite the opposite. I had loose ideas on what I wanted to happen, and I knew kinda how I wanted the story to end, I just had to find a plot to get there. In fact, I have a feeling my story Welcome to Hell which is based off the recent episode 201 has the similar style of this fic, where the chapters are generally short and quick, and are very unstressful to write and usually the writer's block is very short and updated rapidly compared to most stories.

So, I really hope you guys liked the story, and put up with my ramblings on the author commentary. I know it's probably not what you expected anymore, since I didn't expect to write this, and I'm sorry that the sequel isn't going to happen. But hey, this leaves the story to your own imagination and your own Reenie adventures, and the end of this commentary…Man, Since I missed a class to write this...I now feel like coffee. Mmm. Good warm coffee even if it is only eighty something outside...and I'm hungry...dammit, I want food.

So, I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did writing it!