I jump up out of the bench and look up towards Bella's room. Alice is standing there in the window.

Edward, they have her.

I dash into the building and find that the stairs have come apart. I can smell Bella in the stairwell but there is no sign on blood anywhere. However, I can also smell something else. Another vampire, a new born. I jump onto the last step of stairs and make my way to Bella's room. As I enter Alice and Jasper are the only ones there.

"What's happened? How did the new born and Victoria get passed us?" I ask Alice.

"New born?" Jasper's eyes widen with fear. I nod then turn back to Alice waiting for an answer.

"She knows my power. I'm not sure how, but she does. Victoria turned Mike, the man who raped Bella. She's dodging me; making her decisions at the last minute. But she's also shielding me. I didn't even know she changed Mike until I saw Mike come and get Bella. Victoria has been shielding him and herself for three or more days. Meaning she's also been shielding herself and Mike from you. I'm sorry Edward; I don't know how she did it." Alice bows her head.

"It'll be alright Alice. We can and we will get her back," I look to Jasper. "Where are the others?"

"They've gone looking for her," Jasper sends me a wave of calm.

"We must look as well," both Jasper and Alice nodded and took off looking for my love.

The search is on.


I awoke to a light in my face. I closed my eyes trying to block the brightness. After a while I get used to the light and reopen my eyes. I tug on my hand but I find that they are bound above my head. I look around and see that I'm sitting in what looks like a hotel room. The room is completely black except for the bright lamp shining in my face. Next to the lamp, however, is a camcorder. How odd.

Tugging on my hands again I try to free them. No such luck. The knots are melted into each other, no way of undoing the knots. Then the rope is clamped in several times into the wall. My feet are also tied together.

I see something move in the darkness out of the corner of my eye. "Hello?"

"Dear Isabella, how nice of you to awaken," a man whispered softly in my ear. I scream for not hearing him get so close to me. My eyes dart around in the dark trying desperately to see.

"What do you want?" I ask.

"What do I want?" The voice repeats. I start to see the figure come closer. Red eyes. It starts coming back to me. Mike… Edward… vampires. I can see now that the man walking is Mike. "I want you to suffer; you were supposed to be mine, Isabella. Then that Edward came in… You forgot all about me!"

Mike was now crouching in front of me. He put his hand on my left leg and twisted it. I heard the cracking of the bone. I couldn't help but scream.

"If you are not mine, then you shall be no ones," Mike leaned in towards my neck.

"Enough Mike!" I jump hearing a woman's voice shout from another part of the room. Mike quickly backs off of me. "You are the famous Isabella." She then comes into my view. Her hair is the first thing I notice. Its fire red; unnatural dark yet bright red. Pasty white skin and deep ruby eyes. "You are loved by all. Vampire, werewolf, and humans. You must tell me you're secret. Is it your boring brown hair? Your dark brown eyes? What makes you so special?"

Not being able to answer she slaps me hard across the face. "Answer me!"

"I don't know!" I yell to her.

"James will be so excited I found you. I've told him all about you. He seems very interested. But first things first," Victoria steps away from me only to turn on the actual light in the room.

My guess was right when I thought it was a motel room. Mike was sitting on the bed in front of me. Victoria's eyes were on him. I never even saw her move but the next thing I knew she was on top of Mike snapping his head off.

I just sat there staring at the scene before me.

While holding Mikes head in her hand she spoke, "Now, I must destroy this sorry excuse for a vampire. Don't go anywhere dear. I shall return." She practically skipped out the door holding Mike's head and dragging his body behind her.

I'm not sure how long I sat there, but when I stopped staring at the spot where Mike had just been began pulling on the ropes.

"HELP!... PLEASE!" I yanked and twisted the ropes every way but it wasn't coming lose.


I took out my cell and dialed Carlisle, "Anything?"

Nothing to the East. We didn't pick up any scent.

"Ok, I'm going to check in with the others." I dialed Alice.

There's nothing West. We haven't picked up anything. I'm sorry Edward.

"Ok, there's nothing to the North. Hopefully Rose and Emmett picked up something." Hanging up with Alice my phone began to ring. Emmett.


Edward, Rose and I are heading south. There is a lone highway that we almost missed. We can smell Bella, her scent is getting stronger but not by much. You need to bring everyone here. We also found a burning.

"Burning?" I asked.

Yeah. Looks like that Mike kid. He was the newborn you smelled in the stairwell. We added to the fire just in case.

"Good, we'll be there soon. Thank you," I sighed with relief.

No problem bro. Anything for my new little sister.

I rolled my eyes as I hung up the phone. I called everyone to know where we were going and started running.


The red head came back not long after leaving. "Looks like your friends are on their way. However, James will be here sooner. You do smell divine. Maybe James will share."

My eyes widen with the realization of what was to come. "Oh come dear, you really thought we wouldn't drain you?" She laughs hysterically.

There's a knock on the door. I pray and pray that it is Edward.

"Hello Victoria, where is she?" My heart drops into my stomach as I see that man that is not Edward. His blonde hair is tied back into a pony tail and his tattered clothes are molded. Victoria is jumping with excitement. James moves fast towards me. He pushes my head to the side and inhales slowly.

"Wonderful," he comments. "She smells absolutely amazing. Great work Vick." James turns towards her and kiss her cheek. "Now leave," his eyes become a darker red. Victoria huffs and walks out. "Now, where were we?" His cold fingers wrap around jaw and snap my head to the right as he plunges his teeth into my neck.


We all come to a stop at this abandon motel. "They're in there, I can feel it." I start walking towards it but her scent hits me hard. "She's bleeding." We all run in and see Victoria. Emmett, Rose, Jasper, and Esme all run after her. I see them catch her not far off. I run towards the faint pumping of my loves heart. Her scent becomes even stronger. I finally enter the room with Alice and Carlisle. I see another vampire trying to run out of the window. I run after him and snap his neck like it was nothing. His mouth was covered in Bella's blood. My eyes search for her. Carlisle is standing over her.

"He's bitten her Edward. She will not survive. She's lost too much blood. You must make your decision now." Carlisle grips my hand tight.

I look down at Bella and see that she has her eyes open slightly. I bend and whisper in her ear, "I love you."

Turning her neck to the other side of James wound I sink my teeth into her neck.

Heaven and Hell.

Four days later


My head hurts so much. I let out a groan and roll over on my side. This bed feels entirely too soft.

"Time to get up, love."

"Five more minutes, Edward."

I hear a silence for a while then realize what I just said and bolt up on the bed.

"Edward?" He walks slowly towards me and smiles.

"Good morning my love," he gently strokes my cheek. His skin doesn't feel cold. The sunlight catches his hand and begins to sparkle.

"Wow," I whisper. I go to touch his hand but my hand begins to sparkle as well. I gasp. "What's going on?"

"I'm so sorry Bella. It was the only way. You would've died. I can't live without you." Edward is silent as he lets me catch up.

Mike, Victoria, James…

"It was all real," I say out loud. I see Edward nod. "But you saved me." He nods again.

"In a way," he comments. "You are one of us now… I'm sorry."

I let my hand into the sun and watch it sparkle. "Forever?"

Edward nods. I throw myself at him remembering something. "I love you too."

The end.