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Meine Liebe by Kara Papas

"natsukusa ya
tsuwamono domo ga
yume no ato"

Matsuo Bashō

Across the way I see her. No matter how large the battle field I will always find her there. We are here in the same space I cannot grasp the reality of this as body after body falls down near me. I am graceful in my movement as my blade slices through each victim as I draw ever near her. I want those glistening green eyes for myself as I secretly wish this field would only contain the two of us. However she does not see the way I want her to see.

The battle has been going over for years. The clans of the Fujino's and the Kuga's have been fated to forever war. The last children born into the either clan were just two girls. They had secretly hoped for one child to be male so they could settle the dispute in a classic fashion; marriage. I was born with the intention of doing one thing and one thing alone as I spent my childhood with rigorous training to be the master's personal bodyguard. I am not human in my position although I serve my grandfather without question. I lead my warriors into battle against the valiant warriors of the Kuga clan.

One year I saw her as I found myself against five men; such dishonor to go after one opponent as they did. I heard a strong female voice yelling at them and the stopped as I panted furiously. I have severely injured at least three of them as this form fitting armor of lithe female form approached me.

"You shall battle me one day Fujino-sama. I am Kuga Natsuki leader of the Kuga clan as of current since you won in the last combat with my father. I am honored to met such a skilled warrior as yourself. I did not expect you to be a woman nor did I expect you to be so young as I."

She yelled a quick order and her remaining warriors left as they had won that particular battle. She had let me live, such honor. Her green eyes are like cut gems of the richest emerald and her lips are the pinkest hue I have ever seen. It is not uncommon for me to desire another woman as I am not allowed near men. Men are disguising a thing whereas women have a delicacy about them. However she isn't that delicate although her skin appears to porcelain is much tougher as she is the master of her own clan. She is the master of all those lives because at my hands I murdered her beloved father.

This will be the last battle as I charged through the masses as they all helpless run to defend their beloved leader. I want to slice through that armor. I want to see her body. I want to taste her skin. I am infatuated with the enemy. You are my love. You may not know it. I watch you from afar as our clans destroy each other. However your clan is losing and however great your warriors you are the only one who is worthy of my blade. The sound of the retreat horn is calling me and my fellow warriors away. The mass of bodies in my wake and my blood drenched sword are now in her eyes. She is not wearing her helmet her hair is raven colored and as the light hits it the hues of her black hair seem to be a dark blue. She is pure blood; pure. She is not like me for I am bastard child forbidden to ever truly be a Fujino. Those eyes, they burn with such marvelous passion but they are cold and hidden from everyone else. There is no one between you and me. Come to me, my love, and dance with me. Your eyes are now locked upon mine as I remove my helmet let my hair follow freely showing my mixed heritage proudly to her. Her face was ever stoic as she unsheathed her family sword. The blade glimmered as she never once let blood remain on its folded metal. She slashed it out to the right to defined it sharpness as the wind howled painful in its wake.

"Kuga-sama! I am here to resolve our last meeting! Come and dance with me oh leader of the Kugas" I said smoothly.

"They have sounded the retreat. You disobey your lord Fujino-sama." She said walking ever closer with her blade held out to her side not in any form of a stance. She is hinting that I am dishonorable by saying such a thing. It is true though. I will disobey my lord to have a chance to fight against her. She is not too far away from me now. If I and her were to extend our blades the tips would just barely touch.

"You shame me Kuga-sama." I said with a fake wounded pride.

"I did not realize you were a woman…you're skill is very impressive." She still stands with her blade extended to the right.

"Do you not fight women Kuga-sama?"

"I am a woman, myself. I fight when necessary. This isn't one of those times…tell me your name, warrior of the Fujinos."

She wishes to know my name. This is unexpected. My heart is dazzle with the strength of her voice. A voice of splendor, femininity, and depth flows around each cadence.

"My name is Fujino Shizuru. I am servant to the master of the Fujino clan and their top sword's woman."

"Very well then…you must go…Shizuru…we shall dance some other time."

Greatpumpkin81's Question Corner!

Kara: You should really be focusing in on that masters rather than bothering these two...

Greatpumpkin: -totally ignore Kara and gleefully staring at ShizNat-

Natsuki: Dude, that's creepy...stop

Shizuru: -waits for question-

Greatpumpkin: Ahem...okay first question. How do you feel about the millions of people fantasizing about you two?

Shizuru: I think it give them something to look forward to...

Natsuki: People do what?

Greatpumpkin: Care to elaborate

Natsuki:-thinks to self about people-

Shizuru: Some people need to exit their own hardships and see metaphorical relations. It's nice because people waste their own personal time to create these stories. I find it to be disturbing at times, but I'm just an anime character after all.

Natsuki: I feel dirty...

Greatpumpkin: Gah...

Kara: I'm so screwed for doing this...

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