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Meine Liebe by kara papas

Chapter 7 - History's Remarks

"Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times. This arises from the fact that they are produced by men who ever have been, and ever shall be, animated by the same passions, and thus they necessarily have the same results.
- Machiavelli "

History is a pursuit many find futile but for others the pursuit is an entanglement of raw pleasure. The lives of unknown people can be discovered and wrapped into the finding of history. Even to the point where one can lose themself in this endeavor to translate and restore the finding a of such.

In an ancient time somewhere in the east of Kyoto a Dr. Sugiura discovered the manuscripts and artwork detailing a story. The first impression she had was it was forklore, but as her research went on it became evident that there was something more to the story of the Raven and the Snake.

Dr. Sugiura found herself several months later standing in museum staring at an ancient katana with the name plate reading, "Kiyohime". The near by story plate lightly detailed that the origins of the sword were unknown but said that the sword had given rise to a story about a widow who fell madly in love with a monk. That her love transformed her and she ended up killing the monk in the end. The lazy brunette shifted in her stance and looked to the sword and then sat down on a near by bench and removed a spiral notebook from her satchel. She turned to a book marked page and tiredly look upon her own handwriting reading the translated passage.

-fade into passage-

For my sweet love we lead our clans nobly and together. I have never held the hilt of a sword in my hands since before that day you freed me from my prison. What time has passed for us in our youthful attire of looks. There are many more dangers looming about, and as fearsome as we are I can't say what will happen.

You have taken that sword of my family to be strengthened in the kelm of your blacksmith and yet you go there yourself with me in tow. The kelm is hot and lighting the room with reddish hues dancing across the open room and upon us. You green eyes shimmer as sit the blade into the kelm to heat and reform it. You quickly take the red hot spring metal placing it upon a flat surface as you quickly inscribe two words on it; my love. You steal my heart everyday. Is it possible to have an undefeatable love every moment. Yet somehow, you make anything possible, as the sizzle of the metal to water makes my chest heave.

"I shall ride into battle with your voice attached to this blade." The words leave her mouth so proudly as she turns her head looking to my reddish brown eyes with those emerald eyes.

"Must you go..." I said with the tension building in my chest. "Must you leave me, as a woman and not your warrior. Let me fight for you. I cannot just..." Her finger landed across my lips as my heart skipped once more.

"You cannot spill blood anymore. I will not have my love dance on the battle field any longer." Those word meant nothing to me as my restraint against my desires could never work as your finger teased my lips as I gently kissed your finger and then your hand. My gaze looked to your pale face which was now so much more red in the reddish light. A blush for me alone, my perfect beauty.

-fade out of passage-

Midori sighed and walked back to the case and looked at the blade one more time seeing no branding mark on the blade and called over the museum floor assistant.

"This is just a display piece, right?" Midori said smiling as she pulled out her papers proving who she was.

"Yes ma'am. I can get the museum curator to show you the real one." The museum assistant looked around and came closer to Midori and Midori inched closer in response. "I've actually seen it myself. It doesn't look a thing like this blade. It's a katana, but they say there is a message on it."

Midori's eyes shimmered with that thought in her head. All this history was tied to her huge search for the timeline of HiMEs, and it was leading her to a most interesting revelation that the metaphysical world was more real than she had ever thought. Though she had no proof, but she believed the Raven and the Snake were lives of former HiMEs that had just been in the last Carnival. The brunette stood beside the curator as they removed the blade from the sheath.

Midori looked at the strange characters upon the blade. She had become so familiar with them and had translated them countless times as she read them out loud.

"My love..."

The remaining manuscript Midori finished translating left her heart broken as she read the last passage.

-fade into last passage-

The years have been forever and the lands are struck with civil war. My lord has ridden to battle and has returned to me, and with her I shall sleep eternally.

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