Do You Really Think?
By Peyton Halliwell

AN: Just a drabble on Rose, the Bad Wolf and the Doctor

How foolish he can be and how foolish all the others seem to be. Do they really think I didn't see this? Do they really think that I didn't plan for this? Alright I didn't plan for it, Rose Tyler has no true memories of the vast knowledge of time and space but for a moment I knew it all. It could not be avoided, I could leave no true warning as my name was a message of salvation not a warning of death but that didn't mean I had to let things stay horrid. I knew the future of my Doctor and myself, the Bad Wolf and I was not going to let it simply end.

Do you really think that it meant nothing that he said goodbye at Bad Wolf Bay? Do you really think it was an accident? It was not for I left the sign for him, a reminder of what he and Rose Tyler were. A reminder that once love had been enough for them. I, the Bad Wolf, despite being the killer of Daleks and only a tiny fragment of Rose Tyler, I was born from love. I came from selfless love, the wiliness to give a life just in the hope of saving another. Do you really think that I'll give that up?

I am the most human aspect, the need to survive, the need for love and someone else. I may have been born from an alien ship and love but make no mistake I am human. Rose Tyler wasn't born special, she had no gene that let her absorb the vortex and create me. She simply loved and that was enough for the TARDIS and enough for me. Do you really think that I would let the separation pass? Do you really think I would let Rose Tyler suffer the loss of that? Does the Doctor really think that there is finally a truly impossible task? Has he forgotten me and Rose Tyler?

All he has to do is open his eyes, my clever Doctor and the answer will be there. After all do you really think I didn't leave my name other places?