Akazukin Cha Cha: An Ultimatum

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Chapter 1: Bad News

"Breakfast is ready!" Seravi announced as he carried out the last dish from the kitchen.

As soon as he spoke, Riiya quickly leaped unto the chair and with a watery mouth and big round blue eyes, scanned at the food laid out. Cha-Cha and Shiine, coming from the sofa where the three were playing earlier, eagerly sat on their assigned seats.

"For a man who has a bad attitude, you sure are a good chef, Seravi!" he commented happily as he sniffed at the delicious aroma.

Spoof! Riiya's plate and utensils suddenly disappeared.

"Hey!" Riiya cried out in surprise and looked at Seravi accusingly.

Another spoof and Seravi's kitchen attire, which is a white apron and bandana, also disappeared. Without looking at Riiya, he eased into his chair coolly and remarked, "Those who cannot appreciate the cook has no right to appreciate the food he cooks. Isn't that right, Elizabeth?"

"It certainly is," Elizabeth answered dutifully.

Cha-Cha munched on a garlic bread and turned to Riiya, "Riiya, you should apologize to Teacher Seravi, or he will not let you eat."

Shiine, grinning wickedly, joined in, "That's right, you dog, be grateful, you know."

Riiya angrily turned to Shiine, "I'm not a dog, I'm a wolf!" and promptly turned into his animal form. Unable to suppress his temper, he quickly leaped unto the food, his mouth open, "I don't care! I'm hungry! Give me my food!"

As Riiya was about to reach the food, a powerful energy electrocuted him as his face splatted on an invisible force field, sending him flying backwards.

"Riiya!" Cha-Cha cried out in worry.

"It's alright, Cha-Cha. You don't have to worry about that dog. He deserves it for insulting the chef." Shiine quickly comforted with a knowing smile.


Shiine, with a twinkle in his eyes, quickly pointed out, "Don't you remember, Cha-Cha, the time when he also insulted Teacher Dorothy when she tried to cook, and he was sent flying to the next town?" at Cha-Cha's nod, he continued, "Well, he came back alright, didn't he?" and quickly, "although he returned badly bruised, but it's alright because he tried to steal the meat in the butcher's store, and got caught."

Cha-Cha nodded, "you're right, Shiine. Riiya did came back alright. Alright then, let's eat!"

Shiine smiled happily as he also nodded and ate contentedly.

Behind them, Riiya dizzily chanted about his food.

Seravi smiled contently as he watches the two eat, purposely ignoring Riiya. At Shiine's mention of Dorothy, he turned to look at the empty chair beside him. It's unlike her to be late for breakfast, especially since she's such a glutton for his home cooking. Inwardly, his heart tripped as he realized there's at least one thing keeping her tied to him, despite her ridiculous jealousy over his talents.

"Where's your teacher, Shiine? It's surprising she's late, considering her bottomless appetite." Seravi can't help baiting her even when she's not around.

He thought she would surely come blasting into the house, since she mostly hears all his insults and gets angry, no matter where he is. But this time, nothing happened.

Shiine blabbered almost incoherently as he munches on a sandwich and explain at the same time, "Teacher Dorothy…letter…home."

"Don't speak when your mouth is full." Seravi instinctively admonished in his teacher-like tone.

Shiine swallowed quickly and repeated, "Teacher Dorothy received a letter early this morning and said she needs to go home right away."

"Do you mean back to their big house in the city?" Cha-Cha asked.

Shiine nodded, and with a slight frown he added, "It was one of the bodyguards in their house that delivered the letter, and after reading, Teacher Dorothy quickly went with him. By the way," he turned to Seravi, "Teacher Dorothy told me to ask you if it's alright for me to stay here with you until she returned."

"Alright," Seravi agreed with a smile.

Cha-Cha cheered happily, "That's great! Now we can play the whole day!"

Shiine blushed as he dreamed of seeing Cha-Cha in her nightdress, and sleeping side by side on the bed, and drooled happily.

"Why do you think Ms. Dorothy will leave in such a hurry? Do you think there's a party at her house?" Cha-Cha wondered naively.

The question pulled Shiine back to reality, and after a few seconds of thought, he shook his head. "Teacher Dorothy looked grim after reading the letter, and I can see her worry when she bade me goodbye. It's probably a bad news."

Riiya, completely recovered, joined in, "Maybe she just wanted to eat at their house."

"Not everyone has only food on their mind, like you do." Shiine countered.

At which point, Riiya and Shiine began to argue while Cha-Cha tried to stop them.

Unnoticed, Seravi frowned in thought as he too wondered what could make Dorothy go back so hurriedly. It's definitely bad news. Dorothy swore before not to return to her home, and a happy occasion wouldn't force her to make a decision to go home right away. Unless it's a very important and pressing news…Seravi frowned more as he hoped it's not what he thinks it is.