Title: Never Enough
Disclaimer: The Road to El Dorado and its characters do not belong to me.

Miguel was doing that thing again.

It was an infuriating thing that Tulio really wished he wouldn't do, especially at times like these, after they'd just finished engaging in really rather pleasurable activities. It was difficult to appreciate the afterglow when Miguel made that face, sucking all the satisfaction from the moment like a big, fat, annoying leech.

"Stop that."

Miguel looked at him, eyes wide with Tulio knew was feigned innocence.


"Stop that," he growled, pointing to the other man's face. "That, there! That—that little thing you're doing where you wrinkle your nose and stick out your lower lip with your—your brow all furrowed!"

Miguel rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Yes, and you sigh every two minutes! Will you knock it off?"



"What are you—thinking?"

"Thinking?" Tulio frowned slowly in understanding. "Oh-ho, no. No, no." Shaking his head, Tulio sat up and started pulling his slacks on. "No, Miguel, no, we're not doing this."

"I just meant—"










Tulio rolled onto his side and heard Miguel do the same behind him, a rather loud and purposeful huff escaping him. A heavy and uncomfortable silence fell over them, broken only by the chirping of crickets and leaves rustling with the movement of small jungle animals. Tulio hated silences like these. Other silences were fine. Comfortable silences, with Miguel leaning against him or grinning at him or having that glazed, far away look in his eyes that meant he was thinking of some new tune to play or some exciting adventure to dream about.

A hint of a smile began to tug at Tulio's lips; he ran a hand through his hair and he, a little reluctantly, started to turn his head to look back his companion.

"Oh, Miguel?"

The other man grunted, but Tulio was not deterred. They both played this game much too often.

"Miguel," he all but cooed the name, turning around and sliding against the ground until he was practically pressed flush against Miguel's back. The skin-on-skin contact caused shivers to run down both their spines. "Do you really want to know what I think about?"

Miguel didn't try very hard to hide the way he perked up at that, almost knocking against Tulio's chin as he lifted his head.


"I think about—gold."


"Oh, yes." Tulio lifted his hand to sift his fingers through the silky strands of Miguel's blond hair. "Gold."

Tilting his head back to meet Tulio's gaze, Miguel let him see the gentle smirk that was gracing his face.

"Is that all?"

"No. I also think about—" Tulio paused before reaching around to tap the tip of his finger on the soft skin underneath one of Miguel's constantly expressive green eyes. "—emeralds."

"That greedy, are we?" Miguel turned until he could meld into Tulio's arms and touched his forehead to his. "It's never enough for you, is it?"

Their lips brushed in what could barely be called a kiss. Miguel pulled back, teasing, testing, and Tulio's mouth followed.

"No, apparently," Tulio breathed through a light chuckle as he tightened his grip, held him still, to steal another kiss, another taste. "It is never enough."