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the italicized words are memories.

Spoiler alert- For those who haven't reached book 15 yet. All the memories- except the first one- Are real happenings in Fruits Basket.


Yuki- Part One

Yuki. Snow. They are one in the same. Who? Who would give their child such a horrid name? Did it mean he was meant to die in the snow? Did it mean he was as cold and distant as the snow? Probably the latter.

Yuki Sohma was watching the snow fall from his bed. The white flakes only bringing bad memories.

'What beautiful snow.' A young silver haired boy, about four or so, was standing on a veranda, watching the flakes fall silently. "Yuki. You should come inside now, before you catch a cold." Yuki turned to look at the small, yet threating figure before him. Akito was almost the same age as Yuki, only a year or so older. "But Akito, I am cold. That's what snow is. My name does mean snow, therefor I am as cold as it." Four sharp nails were then slammed against his skin. Sliding across the boys cheek violently. "If your so cold why haven't you ever went against me?!" Yuki had fallen to the ground and rolled into the perfectly layered snow, and was trembling from Akito's words. "Because I can't go against god. Just like the snow cannot disobey the weather." Even the silver haired boys voice was shaking like mad. Tears built up in the violet orbs, and were just barely kept from cascading down the ivory cheeks. "Then, if your so much like the snow, sleep in it!" Akito burst of the veranda and back into the Sohma Estate. "Fine Akito. I will." Yuki finally was able to let the salty tears fall.

"Akito." The word was lightly breathed and not even audible. No one would ever hear the pleas for help. No one would hear, because he would never ask. A single drop fell from his eye, and landed on his sheet. "Stupid me. Crying over a simple memory." At his own words he remembered the words that Momiji spoke to Tohru. Of course he only knew because Tohru had told Kyo and himself.

"It may never come to pass, but I want to go on believing it. I want to continue to believe that there is no memory okay to forget."

Yuki could never help but wonder, was there truth to the blond's words? If so, Yuki had never seen it. The memory of that voice speaking those words stabbed Yuki's frail heart. More and more remembrances kept swarming his mind. More and more. They just wouldn't- No, couldn't stop.

"You should be happy that the head of the family likes you so much." Blank, unnerving eyes stared into his own frightened ones. His mother stood once more at full height and left.

"Are you EVER going to get up?! What is wrong with you?!" The dark haired Akito stormed out of the room. The room specially made for Yuki and him. 'I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't figure out if my body or my heart's giving up.' Yuki's eyes were glazed over, as if in a trance. Only they held no emotion. No desire. Nothing.

Yuki ran from the Christmas party and into the falling snow. The Yuki. Yuki bolted from the house and just stood there before noticing a head of Orange hair. 'What pretty Orange hair.' The boy the hair belonged to turned to face the other. "Rat." The boy breathed. "It's your fault my life's gone wrong! It's your fault no one likes me! Do the world a favor, and just die!!!" The angered boy ran from the scene, leaving Yuki to stand there and silently cry.

"Why? Why am I so hated? What did I do to deserve this?" Yuki fell to the bed, lying down on to his pillow.

Tears streaked down the sides of his pale face. They left trails of red wherever they traveled. His head grew heavy with every drop of the salty water. The wetness spread out to his cheeks, just missing his nose.

He was no longer thinking clearly.

Slowly and sluggishly he stood and made his way to the door. It was nearly midnight, and the rest of the house was sleeping peacefully. Yuki quietly crept down the stairs and towards the front door. He slipped on his shoes, and grabbed his coat.

As quietly as he slipped down stairs, he slided out the front door.

The snow still falling decided it a good idea to make Yuki one of them. The white flakes slowly landed one by one on Yuki's rather feminine figure. Yuki hadn't put his coat on. He had just slung the thing over his arm.

He contemplated putting the warm clothing over himself, but just let it fall to the ground, and kept on walking.

From up above another boy saw the other walk away from the house with his coat left to perish.

'I don't know what I'm doing, but it feels so right. What am I doing? It feels like I can't even control myself. It feels nice.' The violet eyes darkened considerably and glazed over, emotionless, and dull.

Sharp crimson eyes burned holes into the back of the retreating figure. The red haired boy stood abruptly, and jumped to a tree from the roof of Shigure Sohma's precious house, then to the ground. The boy then began to run over to the still retreating Yuki.

'Damn Rat! What's he doing out here? Especially after dropping his damn coat!'

The red head then unsuccessfully fought back memories of previous encounters with Yuki.

"Damn Rat! Today I'll beat you for sure!" Yuki rolled his fiercely narrowed eyes. "Don't you ever come up with new insults? The ones you are using are getting rather dull." His rage built further causing him to attack the boy in his angered gaze. "I'll teach you!!" Yuki easily dodged the all too slow right hook. "Still too slow Stupid Cat." Yuki then drew up close to the other boys face, startling the boy. His eyes widened and all too quickly Yuki delivered his damage. A heavy kick with his left foot sent the latter flying through the fragile rice paper door. "Stupid Cat. Never learning his lesson."

'Damn Rat!! Why am I even chasing him? It's not like I care. But I can't seem to control it. Stupid Yuki!'

When he finally caught up to Yuki he slowed and matched Yuki's pace and caught his thin shoulder in his grasp. "Damn Rat! Turn around! Stop walking already!" Yuki surprisingly did as told. Expecting to be hit, he closed his eyes almost tightly. Though no hit came.

He slowly opened his ruby eyes and met Yuki's with his own. 'They're darker than normal. They aren't even holding any emotion. What's wrong with him?'

Yuki's eyes lidded and he collapsed. Before he hit the ground though, he was caught in the strong arms of the other teen. Before passing out he uttered one simple word.



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