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Yuki Chapter 17- Bitter Endings

Yuki and Kyo's Story

His face was pressed against a cold hard surface. He knew he was on the ground, but he was freezing and horrifically weak. Every muscle in his body was sore, throbbing with a dull pain. But when he tried to move, each muscle cried with a sharp agonizing pain. Besides his muscles, his head also felt sore, and when he opened his eyes he realized he was lying in a small pool of blood. Part of it had dried on his face, particularly around his eye, but most of it was still damp.

So many questions were racing through his head at this moment. How long had he been in here and bleeding? Why had no one noticed? Had his injury been caused by the impact with this cold, unforgiving floor? Or by Akito, who always seemed to get enjoyment out of his pain? Yet, one thing was certain: He needed to somehow prevent the wound from getting worse. So Kyo fought through the jolts of discomfort, and stood up to look for a way to stop the bleeding. He knew it would be difficult, especially since his only light was that of a full moon. Leaning heavily against the wall behind him, his raised his hand and used his fingers to find the source of the blood. He cringed when he finally found it, the wound stung badly as his fingertips brushed the outline. The wound, although not very long seemed to be deep. Instinctively, he tore a strip of fabric off of his shirt, long enough to wrap around his head a few times and tied. The bleeding stopped quickly, but he felt light headed and decided to sit down.

Since his worries about his head were over, his thoughts drifted to those of Yuki, Tohru and Shigure. Did they miss him? In a way, although he always denied it in the past, he really did think of them as his family. Kyo especially wondered if Yuki would be alright. He knew Yuki would worry as soon he found out what happened, but would he be okay? Kyo was pretty sure Yuki had at least noticed he was missing by now, But he hadn't been put in here to just simply go missing. No, Akito put him in this cage to make him disappear entirely. Akito wanted the world to remember nothing of the zodiac's monster. Knowing this only made Kyo worry more about his future. Akito had Hatori, and Hatori knew how to wipe memories. Would Akito actually use Hatori to erase him from everyone's memories or just let his existence simply fade away?

A single tear slipped out and ran down his cheek, ultimately falling and landing on his torn shirt. Then another tear escaped, and soon his entire body was trembling from the tears he was trying to hold in. Quickly, his face became soaked and his eyes resembled waterfalls. Pure, raw emotion taking over. Kyo wanted to exist, he didn't want to disappear. If he disappeared now, what was the point of even living up to this point? What was the reason for his to even be born if everything he had done and said could be undone just like that? In the blink of an eye everything could be gone. Surely this was the absolute worst fate anyone could endure. And just because he had been born as the Cat of the zodiac he was destined to suffer this cruel twist of fate.

Meanwhile, Yuki was trying to hold Tohru while she cried. Unable to fully embrace her, he was restricted to simply holding her arm and patting her shoulder. He needed to calm her down, that way she might be able to tell him where Kyo had gone. Judging by the fact she started crying in the first place, she probably knew. And it was most likely nowhere that could be deemed good. Honestly, if he had the same attitude Kyo did when it came to respect he would leave Tohru here and just go looking himself, but his modest demeanor kept him from doing so. He couldn't just leave Tohru alone when she was as upset as she was.

"Tohru… You need to calm down…. Okay?" Yuki was trying his hardest to get her to at least stop crying. She'd been at this for a while now, and he was anxious to find Kyo. Tohru reached for his shirt, gripping it tightly, but continued to cry vigorously. Yuki sighed, but then removed the hand he had on her shoulder, and slammed it against the wall in frustration. The gesture shocked Tohru, and although tears still flowed from her eyes, she was staring in awe at Yuki. Yuki's hand was trembling slightly, but it didn't move from its place on the wall. He lifted his head to face Tohru and look her in the eyes.

"Tohru…." Yuki's face looked somewhat pained as he spoke.

"I'm sorry… I need to go. I have to find Kyo… I don't care if it takes me the rest of my life, but I will find him. I can't lose the only person who ever made me feel so complete. I can't let him go just like that… He's more valuable than that." Yuki's hand finally slid off the wall, and he turned to leave until he heard Tohru speak.

"I'm sorry too… But Shigure said that no one would ever find him… Not even you, if you did spend your life searching… He said… He said Kyo was gone…. Forever." Tohru's voice shook quite hard, but somehow the words still escaped her lips. Immediately Yuki knew where Kyo was. And if legends were true, only God's most trusted would know where the Cat's Cage was located. Rumors about it circulated through the main house. Supposedly it was somewhere along the perimeter of the main house, but the landscapers would always deny seeing it. And every maid who went to look would always tire before getting even halfway around the estate. Despite this, Yuki knew there was only one maid who could possibly know where it was. He just didn't have the slightest clue as to which one…

Knowing that he wouldn't be able to track down anyone who knew where Kyo may be, Yuki was forced to accept the fact that the only possibility was to face Akito.

"Welcome home, Master Yuki." One of the younger maids greeted him upon his arrival at the main house awhile after leaving Shigure's. Yuki, however, ignored the young woman and bolted towards Akito's private rooms. All the while he tried to push back the feeling of not being able to take in enough air. When he arrived at the large double doors leading to Akito's rooms, he hesitated, fearing the God more than ever in this moment. When Yuki pushed the door open, he saw the silhouette of an almost sickly thin person sitting in a large window. This person turned at the sound of the door opening.

"Yuki. I know why you're here. But you won't find answers here."

Yuki's fear of facing Akito then ebbed away. "I will find Kyo! You're the only one who can tell me where he is." Akito laughed, slowly rising from the window sill. And then he was racing towards Yuki, and there was no escape from the physical abuse that followed. Soon, everything went black.

Yuki's Recovery

It took about 10 minutes for Kyo to come to again, and when he still saw Yuki's face, he was willing to admit that maybe this was real. Never before had his hallucinations survived him passing out. "So, you're really here, Yuki?" Yuki smiled, and nodded. Kyo lifted his hand to feel the other's hair, and when he noticed the coarseness of it he squinted slightly and took a closer look at the man. "You look terrible. Have you been taking care of yourself?"

"How could I when they've been doing this to you?" Kyo sighed heavily, but was quickly thrown into a fit of bloody coughing. Yuki panicked, but was silenced when Kyo stopped and glared at him.

"Don't you dare worry about me. Worry about yourself because I'm gonna die soon Yuki. Hatori checked me out last week with Akito's permission, and he said I'm so malnourished and my immune system is so weak that I'll be lucky to live to the end of the month. Even if you take me away there's nothing anyone can do." Tears streamed down Yuki's pale and thinning face as he listened. How could anyone, even Akito, live with themselves knowing they did this to someone? Kyo deserved a full life just like everyone else. And then kyo went into another fit of coughing, but this time he started to wheeze. Yuki didn't panic this time.

Kyo then stopped breathing, and his coughing subsided. Seconds later his head fell to the side, and Yuki knew he was gone. Still silently crying, he lowered his head so that their foreheads were touching.

"We were doomed from the start, weren't we?"

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