Gwen stepped angrily in front of the Doctor and Jack, ignoring the sniggers from Toshiko and Owen

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Gwen stepped angrily in front of the Doctor and Jack, ignoring the sniggers from Toshiko and Owen. Jack quietly bounced the sleeping infant up and down, hoping that Gwen wouldn't wake Ianto. The Doctor was staring curiously at Gwen, noting that she was shaking in apparent rage.

"What's wrong, Gwen?" Jack asked finally, tired of waiting for her to form what she was going to say.

"Your ship!" She started shrilly, pointing accusingly at the Doctor. "It wouldn't let me in! I tried and tried until Toshiko touched the door and it swung open! Why wouldn't it let me in?!" She screamed the last part in anger and Ianto woke with a cry.

Jack glared at her as he rocked Ianto gently, trying to calm down the bawling infant, saying coldly;

"Maybe she didn't want to let you in because she knew you were going to react like this! Look what you've done!"

Owen and Tosh weren't laughing now as they watched Jack lift Ianto out of the baby pouch and place him on his chest, the babes little head nestled in the crook between his neck and shoulders.

"Shh. Shh. It's alright, Yan. It's okay. Hush baby, hush." Jack was whispering quietly, every so often kissing the sobbing tot's head as he slowly started to calm down. As Gwen turned to Owen angrily, about to yell at him; she brushed against the consol and got zapped again. She shrieked but Jack had foreseen it and covered Ianto's ears.

Owen pulled her back and she clawed at him, intent to get to the consol and start destroying it in revenge but Tosh stood in quickly and slapped her in the face. Gwen's head rocked to the side and she stared at Tosh in shock. "You slapped me!"

"You were acting like a savage. Calm down!" Tosh spoke coldly as she stared disdainfully at her colleague. Owen gave her a look and Tosh stopped, instead looking towards the Doctor and Jack, who were both checking over Ianto, who was refusing to lift his head from between Jack's neck and shoulder.

"Is Yan alright?" She asked hesitantly, uncertain of the expression on Jack's face, shuddering slightly inside at the look of coldness that he was giving Gwen.

The Doctor flashed a quick look over at her with a large grin. "He's fine, Tosh. Just had a bit of shock, didn't you?" He prised Ianto carefully of Jack, rubbing his back soothingly while Jack gave the little boy an Eskimo kiss.

"Bwehifiguusududkoll!" Ianto babbled happily, stretching his arms out at Jack. The Doctor smiled and handed him back to the grinning Captain before turning to glare at Gwen. He pointed accusingly at her.

"What you were doing is not the way an adult should behave. If you're going to behave like a child, I'm going to treat you like one! Please get out of my TARDIS right now until you are willing to behave like an adult.

Gwen stared open mouthed at him and just as she was about to argue Jack stepped forwards, fiddling with his wristband. When he was done he looked over to her and spoke formally;

"Gwen Cooper. All your passwords are locked and you are temporarily suspended for two days. Think about your actions and change your attitude when you come back." He made a shooing motion with his fingers and she hurried out, her hands covering her face.

Once she was out the Doctor looked over to Jack, giving him a look as if to say 'Why on Earth did you choose her?' He faced Tosh and addressed her.

"Now then, that dramas over and on to more pressing issues. Toshiko, were you able to get the device?" She nodded and carefully handed it to him and he took it gingerly between his fingers, examining it with interest, running a hand through his hair. He then took out his glasses and perched them on his nose, while running his fingertips deftly over the device, muttering in Gallifreyan.

Jack turned to the others, indicating the side door because he knew the Doctor would be a while and he marched through after them.

Ianto looked uncomfortable, so the first room he led them to was one of the many bathrooms. While the other two explored the cavernous bathroom, he laughed silently and with the TARDIS' help, he quickly changed Ianto's nappy and handed him a toy; glad that his lover was happy; no matter what age he was.

Ianto giggled at the faces Jack was pulling and Jack felt some of the frustration and worry that had been pent up inside of him evaporate at the baby smile on the young Time Lords face.

He cuddled him gently and kissed the fluffy hair before smoothing it down, chuckling as Ianto scrunched his face up in annoyance; rubbing his hands up his face while Jack smirked.

Jack smoothed his hair down again and smiled in satisfaction as Ianto didn't shy away, but instead gave him a happy baby grin, his little hands squishing Jack's cheeks together. Jack laughed heartily, not remembering the last time he had laughed this much and Owen stepped up next to him, gently tickling the mini Time Lords feet.

"He really was a lot happier when he was a kid, wasn't he?" Owen said contemplatively as he let Ianto gently kick at his hands. "I guess it's because he hasn't had to face some of the hardships he's had to as an adult."

Jack nodded, saying; "I just wish sometimes that we didn't have to have done some of the things we have done to keep Earth safe."

They looked down thoughtfully at the little being below them as Tosh waked back towards them with another bottle in her hands.

"I think the TARDIS' set of spoiling Ianto. I turned around a minute ago and this was on the table alongside with this." Toshiko produced a small orange bread looking object to which Ianto immediately made grabby motions towards. Tosh smiled and handed the smiling child the food, despite Owens protests.

Jack asked, "Owen. Do you really think the TARDIS would give Ianto something that would harm him?" At Owen's shake of head he nodded. "Besides. It's a rusk….I think."

Ianto giggled up at them and Jack smiled, happy that Ianto was enjoying Owen's protectiveness.

"Now. I know that the Doctor will be a while, so how about we go to the pool?" Owen looked incredulously at Jack.

"There is a pool?"

Tosh waved her arms happily, "This just keeps getting better and better!"

Jack grinned mischievously at them and started walking, handing Ianto over to Owen as he requested and led them around, feeling the TARDIS' amusement. He opened a door, stepping through the mini cinema and opening the door to the sight of the heated pool.

He redirected Tosh to a change room with women's bathers while he and Owen quickly changed into some bathers before putting Ianto into an alien sort of bather suit that the TARDIS provided.

Stepping out, Jack grinned at eh sight of Tosh in bathers before smirking at Owen's wolf whistle. He held Ianto securely in his arms and slowly went down the steps, closing his eyes in exasperation as Owen bombed off the diving board. He opened them as Ianto kicked against his hip; impatient to get into the water and the Captain obliged, stepping in until the water was up to Ianto's armpits.

He gently splashed the infant in his arms and pulled the squealing Toshiko into the warm water. Because of that; they started to have a water fight, Jack taking advantage of the fact that neither Owen nor Tosh could splash him totally because Ianto was in his arms.

While they all mucked about in the water, each one taking turns to play with Ianto; they didn't notice the Doctor entering the room; until he bombed in right behind Jack who shrieked.

Laughing manically he grinned cheekily at Jack and waggled his eyebrows at Toshiko before stealing his son off her.

Owen spoke up, laughing himself silly while trying to speak. "Jack. You sounded …just like a ha a girl!"

This caused the Doctor and Toshiko to burst out laughing and Jack to pout grumpily; before tackling Owen into the water. A short struggle ensued before Jack ended victorious, after dunking Owen.

While the three Torchwood members continued to muck around, the Doctor started floating on his back with Ianto resting comfortably on his chest. He quietly played with his fathers hair before the Doctor started speaking and his son listened with interest.

"It's been a while, hasn't it baby? Since you and I used to swim around here, free of all our worries and memories of the Time War. It may not be totally the same, but I hope that when I'm able to return you to his proper age that you'll remember this. I know people are always judging you in your life, questioning every single decision you make; but no matter what happens, I trust you and I'll always be there for you and always forgive you."

They floated for awhile, placidly making their way over to where the TARDIS had produced some water guns for the other three, to their joy; before the Doctor again kicked away and headed towards the other edge of the pool.

"Dwanahbwa glasni." Ianto babbled in the midst of the Doctors story about his time on Mars recently, stopping the Doctor short.

"Can you say that again, Ianto?" Ianto grinned as mischievously as well as a baby could before stubbornly staying silent. Jack swam over to where the Doctor was, noticing his friend was seemingly trying to coax Ianto into doing something.

"What's up doc?" The Doctor sighed in annoyance.

"For the last time, my name is not doc. And what's up is I heard Ianto say something but he won't repeat it." Jack picked Ianto off the Doctors stomach before cuddling and kissing him on the nose.

"What did you say, Yan?" He said in his best babies voice and smirked triumphantly at the Doctor as Ianto responded straight away.

"Glashni! Hugdemmen." He giggled happily and dissolved into baby babble.

"Show off," the Doctor muttered at Jack before picking up Ianto, despite Jack's protests and spinning him around. "Oh you clever boy!" He kissed his forehead and hugged him close to him, his eyes sparkling happily.

"What?" Jack said looking confused, but the Doctor understood.

"I know you think that was just all baby babble, but the first word was actually a word, a Gallifreyan word in fact; the Gallifreyan word for Daddy! He just said his first word!" The Doctor said, a big stupid grin on his face, "Oh I know he's done that before, in the past but he's a kid again and he spoke for the first time!" He beamed and jumped around a bit in the water.

"Let's go somewhere to celebrate! Oi! You two, what would you say about a trip to a different planet? Ianto just said his first word!" Owen grinned and pulled an ecstatic Tosh out of the pool, before being directed to two different bathrooms.

"Don't be over two hours please!" The Doctor shouted after them, following Jack out of the room. They separated in another corridor, Jack going into his room to his ensuit and the Doctor doing the same with Ianto in his arms.

About an hour later they all met up in the consol room; Owen had got lost until the TARDIS had shown him where to go.

Stepping up to the consol the Doctor started what Jack called, 'the smoothest ride in the TARDIS I've ever had'; while Jack calmly fed Ianto a bottle, laughing at the nervous expressions on his employees faces,

"Relax guys, I know the Doctor's notorious for getting into trouble but he is capable of having a quiet day without getting into trouble." He grinned at the Doctor's pout.

"Is that what the universe thinks?" He glared briefly at Jack. "No thanks to you, no doubt." His face cleared up again and he smirked. "At least I haven't been banned from several planets BEFORE I've even been there because they'd heard about me!"

Jack growled playfully and looked down at Ianto who had stopped drinking the bottle. He moved the bottle away and Ianto immediately tried to grab it before Jack put it back in his mouth and he sucked on it greedily.

Tosh walked up to the consol, pointing at the picture forming on one of the screens. "So that's where we're going, yeah?" The Doctor nodded.

"You catch on quick." He turned a dial quickly and they felt the TARDIS come to a stop. The Doctor pulled on his greatcoat and put his hands in his pockets, gesturing with his shoulders to the door. Owen stepped forwards and made a gesture towards the door as if to ask 'can I open it?' the Doctor nodded before he watched as one by one the different humans stepped gingerly out onto the new world.

The Time Lord walked through the doors, whistling at the view and immediately rushed back in to grab the picnic basket. The sky was a cheerful bubblegum pink and the 'trees' in the surrounding forest were bright orange while the blue grass sparkled vibrantly, as though it had just rained.

"Welcome to Skyfalence three, the only planet in this galaxy which is actually unable to conduct a war. And I mean literally unable, the people on this planet don't possess it in their DNA to fight. Now…do you want to explore first or have a picnic first?"

Toshiko and Owens faces held the expression of shocked awe as they looked around, before snapping back to reality at the words 'explore' and 'picnic'.

"Can we have the picnic fist, Doctor?" Tosh asked timidly, a shy expression on her face and the Doctor couldn't help but smile sweetly back at her.

"Of course, Toshiko. Now, the trees over there look rather nice, don't they?" He pointed to the right, grabbing onto Tosh's hand which was firmly attached to Owens. He pulled them and Jack along merrily, the basket bouncing on his arm as he flopped to the ground with an appreciative sigh. "Nothing like a nice jog to get the hearts beating!"

He opened the basket and produced a thermos and some mugs and then pulled out some sandwiches. He passed them around and dug into his own, spreading his coat on the ground and staring at the sky thoughtfully.

Tosh leaned against a tree, looking over around at all the different types of flora, loving the fact that she was on a different planet. She leaned into Owen and felt his arm wrap comfortably around her waist and smiled as she munched on her food, loving the alien tang.

Owen smiled gently as he felt Tosh relax against him, glad to a happy peaceful moment, not having to run and save the world. Owen drank whatever the Doctor had given him and again marvelled at how he was on an alien planet, sharing a picnic with an alien who was the father of one of his co-workers who was his friend.

Jack smiled as he looked around at his friends, each of them enjoying being able to have a peaceful moment. He looked down at Ianto sitting on the ground, staring around at the surrounding forest curiously, sucking on a breadstick. He moved his head back to stare up at Jack, his big blue eyes holding total trust for him and Jack smiled serenely down at him, smoothing down the fluffy hair and stoking the infants downy cheek softly while Ianto's tiny hands played with his.

Ianto grinned and tapped a random beat against Jacks strong fingers, everyone unaware of anything that was about to go wrong.

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