The Jade Amulet is my first fan fiction so just tell me what you think of it.

Why? Why can't I find her? Why is she not here? Mother, why wouldn't you let me use my magic to save you? Why did you except…no …embrace death?

Ishtar, the most respected queen of Pheliosta, because she followed her heart not her advisors heads (Keld mostly) and it seems like I am the only one who notices she is gone, even though the whole kingdom grieved for weeks.

I am Duzell, heir to the throne and the youngest child of her majesty Queen Ishtar.

Her other son Phelios (my big brother who is so damn full of himself he wouldn't grieve) has inherited the kingdom only because of his age, which is two minutes older than me, his twin!

On her deathbed, mother was asked by Keld for her will, but he was told 'within the mind, locked away, lies the key, and it's there to stay. When he is acknowledged, all will be revealed, all my minds secrets, will no longer be sealed.' Keld was about to hit her except for the fact that she was dying.

Everyone took it to mean that when everyone fully acknowledges Phelios, somewhere in the back of his mind, mother told him where her will is.

I think I am going to hurl! Phelios doesn't need any more damn praise! His already receiving too much of it. All it means is when we are ready to hear the truth about everything we will remember where her will is, we each know half of where it is, and Phelios just needs to become mature enough to remember 'cause I already remember my half!

I don't know why I put up with him! I could just run away and then he'd never know where her will is.

But I will wait because she asked me to.

And if she asks, I will do all in my power to oblige.

So what do you think? I may write another chapter if I am bored.

See ya later.