I bid the people readers a welcoming statement!

My Little Nikki and I spent the entire day playing in the field ... we were eventually found, just ten minutes before dinner would start and so when we had gotten back to the castle there was no time to change, so My Little Nikki and I just sat down and started eating our food ... after dinner, Keld said a few words of thanks for all our relatives and friends showing up for the ramshackle reunion, and I once again beat a hasty retreat with my darling daughter ... that night, My Little Nikki and I actually slept in her room with the doors to my room magically locked as had been done the night before, and all the relatives that came by assumed that we were in there again.

The night passed quickly and without trouble.

The next morning, My Little Nikki woke up first and even got dressed especially for the farewell ceremony for the visitors.

She was wearing a black silk dress that contrasted her moon-white hair. The dress was formal, and as such, you could not see her feet, which had been donned in matching shoes, and once again, her arms were draped with delicate sleeves that ended at her tiny knuckles. Once she had been dressed, My Little Nikki then put the amulet half around her neck.

No matter what outfit she is wearing, My Little Nikki always wears the amulet half I gave her. Even if it looks bad with the outfit, even if some complains and tells her to take it off, My Little Nikki always wears it, and she wears it over her clothes, so that everyone may see it. I asked her a while ago why, and she said it was because she wanted everyone to know that she was my daughter ... I then realised that I am always wearing my amulet half over my clothes as well ... My Little Nikki was just copying what I was already doing ... Is she beyond adorable or what?

When I finally woke up, My Little Nikki was trying to decide what to do with her hair; tie it up or leave it out, and when she realises that I'm awake, she asks my opinion.

We end up tying her hair loosely in a clasp that is black, but decorated with a single, gleaming silver crescent moon, and clip matching earrings to her ears ... My Little Nikki then expressed an interest in getting her ears pierced and I told her I would think about it.

We then, using the ultimate sneaking around skills passed down to me from my mother, sneak into my room, get some clothes, and sneak back into My Little Nikki's room.

I had already decided what I was going to wear for the farewell ceremony that would take place after breakfast today, and my darling daughter loved my choice

I wore a skin tight black suit that had all necessary extras (buttons and linings) in silver. I wore my amulet half where all could see it, and I realised that I didn't care that it didn't go with the outfit, but I kinda wanted to keep my luck closer to my heart ... when I told My Little Nikki this, she though on it for a moment and then suggested, that for this one occasion seeing as we were likely to be mobbed again, we should wear our amulets under our finery. So we did.

I pulled out the present from my father for my 11th birthday ... one of the only times he put a huge amount of thought into what to get me... the only time other than that was when I was seven and wanted to learn how to ride a horse... father spent a whole week teaching me before I got it down, and then spent the week next making sure I was alright with it...

But this present means just a little bit more to me than that...

Father knew about my being The Vampire Kings reincarnation, mother told him the day after I died the last time ... but he still loved me as his son ... I really am appreciative of that ...

Father, for my 11th, went out two months before to find something ... and that something is in my hands now and I can't help but smile at it...

Father found a rare stone, called kornoom (Cor-num) and made it into a special hair clasp for me, since I had been growing my hair for as long as I could remember ... Kornoom had special meaning to vampires ... it meant the passing of honour... my father was giving me the honour he had earned, and he was giving it to my very soul.

The clasp isn't very large, but it has beauty throughout its entirety... a small, silver full moon, surrounded by a black and gold dragon, about to claim it within its jaws... I wear it only when I can feel something extra special coming up ... and I felt it deep in my bones as soon as the guests started arriving...

Something big was on its way, and I couldn't tell if it were friend or foe.

Cliffy times : )

As we entered the dining hall, I regretted the last decision I made with my outfit ... I had added a cape... I like capes and rarely wear 'em so I thought what the hell and put one on ... now I have made my stalker relatives very happy and all my murdering relatives plot... luckily the two cancel the other out so I am not dead yet, by love or murder.

We finished the meal relatively intact ... sir Lejuuy had been drinking heavily and was severely hung-over and Sir Ashley and Lady Leene were trying to explain it away that he was just tired, not related to his over consumption of alcohol in the slightest... no one was convinced but they kept that to themselves.

After breakfast we received news of some hooligans on the road, so departure was delayed (remember that feeling I had?) and so everyone was to stay until the palace guards got it sorted out.

Phelios was willing to let everyone split up for a while but Keld said that would cause trouble once the issue was resolved so we all went to the Ballroom (its huge) where some music was played and everyone just started chatting to one another.

I was actually catching up with Aunt Falan when My Little Nikki asked me if I could sing for her ... Roxanne stared at me in disbelief, mainly because only Mother, Father, and My Little Nikki have ever heard me sing ... not even Phelios has heard my singing voice (which I know to be a good thing because I don't think I'm a particularly good singer)

I normally would have said no, but a storm had been brewing, and my precious daughter was feeling anxious and I wanted to soothe her fears ... I end up walking to the musicians and tell them what I am about to do ... songs always sound better when they have music with them

The musicians don't let me down and I can feel the melody enter into my soul and capture my heart ... the words flow from my mouth without any memory to the lyrics

If I never knew you
If I never felt this love
I would have no inkling of
How precious life can be

And if I never held you
I would never have a clue
how at last I'd find in you
the missing part of me

As I'm singing everyone is watching me and I know that Phelios will never let me live this down, but I don't care ... The entire point of my singing is to make My Little Nikki, my darling daughter, feel safe, as the rain starts to fall.

In this world so full of fear
Full of rage and lies
I can see the truth so clear
in your eyes
so dry your eyes

And I'm so grateful to you
I'd have lived my whole life through
Lost forever
If I never knew you

I can feel that everyone is watching me, and I don't care ... whenever I sing, my eyes are always closed so that I don't watch people watching me ... I know that I'm being watched but if I can't see it, then all that matters is the song

If I never knew you
I'd be safe but half as real
Never knowing I could feel
A love so strong and true

I'm so grateful to you
I'd have lived my whole life through
Lost forever
If I never knew you

I can feel my voice being carried into the farthest reaches of the ballroom ... I can feel the vibrations of the instruments behind me as they play the melody I know so well ... as they play the song that I sing with my heart

If I never knew you
If I never knew this love
I would have no inkling of
How precious life can be

There's no moment I regret
since the moment that we met
if our time has gone too fast
I've lived at last...

The rain falls hard to the earth, but I cannot hear it from the music or the song. All I can hear is the melody, and the words that represent my soul

And still my heart is singing
we were right
And If I never knew you
I'd have lived my whole life through

Empty as the sky

Never knowing why
lost forever
if I never knew you

As I finish the song, the melody slowly fades away, disappearing slowly and gently back into the instruments from where it came, until the only sound left in the ballroom, is from the heavy falling of rain

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I open my eyes after what seems like an eternity since I ended the song and find that every single one of my relatives is staring at me ... crap ... I can feel myself flushing and cover my face with one of my hands in embarrassment... why did I think that I wouldn't be embarrassed? Almost no one in the family has heard me sing and yet I briefly thought that this would all end okay?


"That was beautiful ..."

I look in surprise at the voice and find it to be Lady Leene

"That was more than beautiful Lady Leene ... that was divine ..."

Aunt Falan was complimenting me as well but I was just getting more embarrassed ... as more and more of my relatives began talking about how nicely I sounded and such, I felt a little tug at my sleeve and found My Little Nikki looking up at me smiling I crouched next to her with a smile on my lips and she gave me a cuddle

"That was really pretty Daddy ... even prettier than the time you sang me happy birthday ... I love you too"

I cuddled My Little Nikki back and suddenly realised that everyone was looking at us ... most of them with goo-goo eyes, and several envious ones ... I have told you that my relatives are freaky ... right?

Just as I was about to tell them off for doing nothing but staring, the main doors to the room burst open.

As I covered her, I felt My Little Nikki shiver from the sudden cold. I looked to the door and see a man in blood stained clothes enter, a malicious smile across his face and a group of followers behind him.

As soon as I saw him, dread set stone within my gut, and I could feel the power of darkness emanating from this man in levels that would have killed a human ... I may have been only one of a few, but I could tell that this man and his followers, were vampires.

Cliffy-bot screws wit chore mind!

"Who are you? State yourself!"

It has always amazed me at just how calm Keld can remain in the worst situations; this man was reeking of pure death and destruction, but Keld stood tall and was demanding answers the man at the door started laughing and threw something towards Keld ... at Keld's feet lay the body of the captain who went to get rid of the hooligans on the road out to the Phelostian capital... the captain was severely injured and even if he was still alive, there was no way we would be able to save his life ... an arm was missing and he was bleeding deeply from his left side where a sword had been run through him. I knew it to be a sword wound by the fact that the sword was still in the captain's body.

I kept My Little Nikki's eyes sheltered ... as much as I want her to experience the world we live in, I have no desire to let her be witness to such carnage, as is all this can be called. She keeps asking me to let her see, to see what is making all the adults scream and panic ... what has made me fear for my precious daughter ... but no matter how she cries, this is the one time that I shall not let her be indulged, the one time, that I shall say no to the angel who gave my world light. I dare not even loosen my grip upon her as she starts to struggle, trying to free herself so that she may understand what is going to happen, but no matter what, I will not allow this image to be set into her memory

As the relatives are panicking, the stranger has started laughing, and so I use the opportunity to whisk my daughter into the secret passageway in the ballroom ... it is a tunnel formed behind a pillar. It is a dead end, so when we have entered, I cast a sleep spell on My Little Nikki, and she falls into a deep slumber. I didn't want to use magic on her, but even more than that, I don't want her to see what I am about to do... even I wish that what is about to happen didn't have to, but seeing as a vampire of such a level is here, and with so much of my family here, the only course of action is down the path that stretches before me, like a hallway in the castle during the darkest hours of night, only a smattering of light is there to see but no light is strong enough to illuminate the path, so I most certain that at one point I shall stray, and hurt something, or worse, someone. As I leave the passageway, I cast the spell Sedo Obscurum (it's Latin, look it up) and all the screaming stopped. The vampiric intruder looked at me through the spell and started laughing again.

"To think that a mere human would have the necessary skills to cast the spell of darkness with barely an incantation ... who are you lad? I can tell by your regal splendour that you are one of the higher classed among the Phelostian line"

"From the house of Phelios, I hold the position of second in line for the throne. Second born of the Late Queen Ishtar and her partner General Darres of Pheliosta, I bear the name opposite my brother and this kingdom. I am Phelostia's Prince Duzell."

I have no idea why I gave such a fancy intro, but I did, and it really impressed the crazed visitors in front of me ... it impressed the vampires too.

"So here I find the one who claimed our lords' title ... well to be fair, you yourself did not claim it, but you shall receive the same fate as the one who bestowed it to you should have ... you shall either be crushed until not even your bone marrow remains, or you shall be, and believe me when I tell you that this is a great honour for a dismal mortal such as yourself, turned into one of us."

Wasn't expecting to hear that one frankly...

The other vamps began to slowly come near me, which forced the spell of darkness to fade, one of the females was actually at my side and was urging me to go along with the whole vampirism thing, and then the others joined in ... so I cast Adepto abyssus a mihi and the spell forced them away with screams of anguish ... I don't know why they weren't expecting that but hey, and what have you ...

When the leading vamp saw my attack all formalities were dropped and he lunged for my throat. I dodged and then cast a very powerful spell that actually is vampiric in nature. It was made by the vampire king (me two lifetimes ago) for Phelios but it is nothing like La Gamme or Sidia. It is the spell Cado Cruor, Succurro Mihi percello is Regius Poena in Solum which summons the soul taker blade, named Fallen Blood.

The lead vamp promptly shat himself, and all the minion vamps ran off in terror and left the castle.

"Very few men, mortal, immortal or otherwise, have felt the blade of this sword and lived to tell its tale of terror and might ... and only one with the blood of the creator is able to wield it did you know? Most identical to Sidia in that regard"

As I said that, Phelios appeared by my side with Sidia in hand and eliminated one of the remaining minions. He then looked at me resolutely

"Will the Vampire King fight alongside the Warrior Saint?"

I felt myself smile as Phelios spoke those words ... normally we are fighting each other, but he is proposing a truce of sorts, until the common enemy is disposed of

"I believe I shall, but do not forget, Phelios my brother, that I started this fight, and as such bear rights to finish it!"

I swung Fallen Blood and removed the Lead vamps legs

"That isn't fair Duzell! Why do you get all the fun? Yeah you can cut him up to bits but I should be allowed to end his miserable existence!"

I scoffed in a contemptuous manner and after eliminating more of the remaining minions turned to face my twin

"Excuse me? Seeing as I did not invite you into this battle you have no right to claim his life! If I had asked for you to participate then fair dose to call dibbs, but you came in on your own, which can be classified as interrupting!"

Phelios turned to look at me and was about to start arguing when at least five vampirian flocks appeared out of nowhere and tried to attack us. Phelios turned to the problem and swung sidia while casting Abolesco, a powerful holy spell

"Yes my joining in was not premeditated in any way, but as I have joined the battle with the express desire of removing the intruder, I feel that calling my actions interruptions is unwarranted and must therefore be deemed null and void, thereby allowing me the right to finish the battle by ending his life!"

More vamps joined the ranks and actually formed almost a tornado surrounding us while they were flying in circles and I cast the holy spell Decolor (still Latin, I am not just making up the spell names!) to thin the vampiric forces

"Phelios, I do appreciate the gesture of trying to protect our home from unwanted scumbags trying to eat us, I do, honestly. But the fact remains that I am the one that caused the trouble to escalate to this level, so I should therefore be the one responsible for remedying the situation, and as you have already stated, in as many and as few words, that can only happen if I kill the damn intruding bastard myself!"

Phelios obliterated several vamps with Sidia while I terminated several more with Fallen Blood

"Look Duzell, you got to party with the last vampire flock and I didn't so why can't I have some fun too?"


Phelios' statement had me surprised and kinda angry so I wasted about thirty vamps before talking to him again

"The Flammeus Nocturna, were hiding out in the secret passage, you can have Zadora verify that, and came out trying to cause havoc! My Little Nikki and I would have been teleported out with the rest of you but the stupid newbie mage freaked out and we ended up being left behind idiot! If I could have that redone, I would've made damn sure I was teleported out with the rest of you, but it didn't happen that way! More than anything I'm grateful that those bastard bats didn't manage to harm My Little Nikki!"

More bats bit the belfry

"I've been meaning to tell you, but it's really creepy the way you call her 'Your Little Nikki', I mean, I can understand giving someone you care about a pet name, but you make it sound as though you claimed her or something, and frankly that just sounds weird, brother"

I waste ten or so vamps before smacking Phelios on the back of his head

"Like I care moron! She is my daughter, and she has no problem being called My Little Nikki! Seriously, what is up with you? Ever since you first met her you've been trying to get rid of her ... are you jealous of her or something? 'Cause if you are that is some seriously messed up s#!% right there man!"

Phelios stares at me in shock before completely obliterating some more vamps

"I'm not jealous stupid! It's just that she has no royal blood in her at all and she looks absolutely nothing like you so we can't hide the fact that she isn't your biological daughter! After she has grown up some more, people will realise that it was stupid of you to adopt her and they will most likely riot until you disown her! I know you said that you would rather renounce your claim to the throne but there is no way you would actually be able to! You forget how well I know you Duzell!"

I dispose of thirty or so vamps before speaking again

"You say you know me well, Phelios, but you were in beyond shock that I would risk my life for yours, and indeed that I would willingly trade my safety and life for the sake of a ten year old girl! You don't know me as well as you think dimwit!"

It was at that point that there was only the lead vampire left, the rest having been destroyed by Phelios and myself ... unfortunately as we were still arguing over who got to kill him, Uncle Laphiji cast a spell that didn't leave even any dust of the vamp that I had mutilated

A lot of our relatives just stared at Phelios and I ... I found out later from Keld that it was because they could actually hear what we were saying perfectly ... and they found it nearly impossible to believe that we had been talking about all that while fighting several flocks of vampires ... they could only believe it because they had seen us fight.

MESSING! With your mind!

As I was retrieving My Little Nikki, I saw Roxanne watching me again ... it is very disturbing when you have a relative stalking you ... she then ran off, and started jabbering away to Uncle Vord and Aunt Falan.

Once I got to where My Little Nikki was sleeping and had gotten her out of the passageway, Keld called me over and informed me that due to the vampires presence, the family would be staying one more night and the holy knights would be called out. Fallen Blood was been put away but the side effects would hit hard tomorrow ... as I cradled My Little Nikki, I thought about the bad feeling I had ... and the next thing I knew I singing gently to my darling daughter

The second star to the right
Shines in the night for you
To tell you that the dreams you plan
Really can come true

I don't know why the castle was attacked, but I do know that I did what was needed to protect my daughter ... more than anything, I don't want My Little Nikki to get involved with battles that I start ... she is just like mother was, a peace maker, not a fighter

The second star to the right
Shines with a light that's rare
And if it's Never Land you need
It's light will lead you there

As always my eyes are closed and I can feel the vibrations of the rain falling on the roof above me, but I then realise that the musicians have started playing again, and are matching the tune to my words

Twinkle, twinkle little star
So I'll know where you are
Gleaming in the skies above
Lead me to the one who loves me

I can feel some relatives humming along as I stand over the captains body ... everyone knows that he loved this song

And when you bring them my way
Each time we say "Goodnight"
We'll thank the little star that shines
The second from the right

As the song ends, and the melody fades from the air I open my eyes and say a silent prayer for the captain ... when the melody has finally faded from the ballroom, the only sound anyone can hear, is the cold, hard pelting of rain

Thanks once again to Disney, only this one is from Peter Pan ... Yay!

I awoke within the deepest hours of the night to the sound of a violin ... everyone was exhausted because of everything that had happened and had just gone straight to bed. I had placed My Little Nikki into her bed before going to my own ... another of Fallen Bloods side effects is that for the night after it has been used, my dreams are haunted by the lives it has taken ... when you're a vampire this is actually a lot of fun, and I actually think that I designed it to do that, but when you're a human, it really creeps you out but any way ...

I got up and followed the sound ... it was clear and gentle ... I once heard mother say 'True genius and artistic ability lies, not in making someone able to see, but in making someone able to feel' ... just listening to the clean edge of the violins music, I can feel the soul of the person at the bow ... the person is kind and gentle, and very much at peace right now ... but they are also sad ... as though they have been placed under a binding curse and it threatens to drag them to the depths of the blackest night.

It is amazing how you can hear a person's soul through music.

Maybe all the guests heard mine when I sang today? Who knows, but the guests themselves as they heard what they wanted to hear

I find myself near the balcony and peer slightly out onto it to see who is playing, but I can barely see anything in the dark ... there is no moon out tonight

Many people think of the moon as a way for vamps to gain spiritual power, but that's a load of bull. The moon is a vampire's sun ... we get our power from the sun but direct sunlight is too strong for most vampires to be able to stand, they get to much power and actually explode. At midnight, the moon is reflecting the maximum amount of sunlight most vampires can stand without going boom

I could stand going out in the daylight in my second incarnation because I grew used to it in my feline form ... most other vamps just blew up

I sneak out further to see who it is and am surprised to see Sir Lejuuy ... I had no idea that he could play the violin so beautifully ... or that he could even play the violin at all for that matter...

He turned suddenly and saw me, but if I surprised him, he hid it well, in fact ... he asked me to stay and listen. Of course I would but I asked him why

"Mother once told me, that she fell in love with your mother when she was still a princess because she was so kind ... I always that that was funny because my mother picks fights at the drop of a hat and even if she is wrong she will stick by her decisions no matter what ... but when I heard you sing today ... I didn't see you singing ... I saw the kindness and wonderfulness of your mother that I'm always being told about ... I know that I'm a brat; I'm selfish, I'm spoiled, and I don't have a problem hurting or embarrassing other to prevent those exact things from happening to me ...no one in this family has ever heard you sing ... and you know that Phelios will torment you for ages over it ... but you still got up and sang ... I have been playing the violin for years, since I was five, but I have never played to anyone but mother and father ... I refused to play for anyone else ... you showed a lot of courage to just get up and sing for your daughter ... despite what Phelios says ... everyone knows that she could only ever really be your daughter, I mean, just think about the way she looks and smiles at you ... compared to you Duzell ... I am nothing."

Sir Lejuuy didn't say anything else, but began to play, I sat with him on the balcony and listened ... his music was pure and his technique strong ... a master violinist and a confident method was being used as he played ... he didn't play for others because he was afraid that they wouldn't hear the beauty of the music ... that they would only see him as the son of Sir Ashley and Lady Leene

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