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"I can't believe you did that!"

"Did what?"

"You know what."

"Oh, yeh, that. Well it was just so tempting. I mean, I was awake before you, for once, and you were just lying there, on your front without a shirt on. How could I pass it down." Zack made an innocent face, using every effort of will not to break down with laughter.

Cody just glared at him.

"Oh, c'mon Cody don't be like that. No-one can see it. Besides, you said my handwriting should be neater."

Still looking like he was facing Adolf Hitler rather than his twin brother, Cody walked past Zack to the fridge. This clearly displayed the words "Kick Me" with an appropriately pointing arrow, written in capitals and in permanent ink between his shoulder blades.

Zack, on the couch, erupted with laughter.


"Sorry... buddy," Zack managed to stagger between giggles. "that's has got to be one of the best yet."

Cody frowned, looking deeply unhappy. Trying desperately to distract himself and Zack, he said "Did you get in the newspaper."

"No 'Course not. I haven't done anything famous or impressive."

"No you..." Cody had long ago ran out of appropriate adjectives "I mean, have you picked it up from outside."

"Oh no, sorry Cody," Zack muttered apologetically, "I don't suppose you could just nip out and get it for me could you?"

"Oh no you don't, I am not falling for that a third time, no way." Cody's pride seemed to be returning.

"Oh fine, I'll get it then."

Onto plan two then, Zack thought, opening the door.

"Oh look," he said into the suite, "Mom's left us a note. Hang on, the writing's quite small, I can't quite read it from here."

"Let me see," Cody demanded, his curiosity immediately grabbed.

Cody walked over to the door and leaned past his brother to try and read the yellow sticker. He should have guessed from the handwriting that Zack had written it, bu his wits were clearly not as sharp as his brain.

He was halfway through when Zack suddenly cried "Third time's the charm!" In an instant, his hands flashed out, the first pushing Cody out into the corridor, the second grabbing the back of his towel.

Cody spun around blindly, but Zack had already locked the door. Immediately realising from the draft that his towel was gone, he desperately beat on the door.

"C'mon Zack! Open the door!"

"Gee," came the reply "I sure do hope no-one hears that banging and comes to see what's happening."

Cody immediately put his hands down and whispered instead of shouting, "Ok Zack, you've had your fun. Now open the door."

"Sure bro." The lock turned halfway, then fell back into place again. Cody felt like his heart had repeated the same motion.

"Actually," came Zack's bored tone. "I'm feeling a little hungry, and Mom won't be back for dinner for three hours. Could you get me something.


"Oh go on, Cody, It's the least you could do for your brother." Zack said matter-of-factly, "I would go down myself, but my hairs a bit messed up and I wouldn't want Maddie to see me like that."

"What," Cody repeated dumbly, still looking continually left, then right, "But I'm... I... I don't even have any money on me."

"I'm sure if you ask real nice she'll just give it to you. Maddie's like that."

"If I begged, would you open the door?" Said Cody despairingly.

"No." said Zack decisively.

Cody still couldn't quite believe his predicament, when he heard footsteps. He jumped just out of panic. The footsteps grew closer...

Esteban passed the Martin suite, pushing a luggage cart and humming a tune in his own language, if he remembered it properly. On the third line he paused, his mind going blank, and started from scratch as he turned the corner.

Poor Cody peeked out from behind a decorative bush plant, thanking God it was there. Now what would he do? Clearly he would have to get the candy for Zack. Then Zack would have to open the door part way and he could try and force himself in if he had to.

He was fairly sure he could overpower Zack if he tried, despite being several pounds lighter. Well, probably, anyway.

Finally, he decided the ventilation system would be safest. It was lucky he was quite small, and the vents were so big, or he'd have no chance.

Stepping out from the bush plant, where he'd curled himself up, he walked bravely down the corridor towards the nearest vent. Both twins knew the vents very well by now, but Cody was also trying to avoid being seen and was afraid he might miss it.

He kept bending over, instinctively trying to cover his personal areas, but then he would remember what was scrawled on his back and that he would just be asking for compliance by walking like that. The whole thing was just one big appalling position. This cannot be happening, his mind kept screaming at him.

End of part 1

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