Title: Friday I'm In Love (Sequel to Time of the Month)

Author: Leah

Pairing: Logan/Marie

Category: Romance

Summary: Sequel to Time of the Month. Friday turns into something more than movie night for Logan and Marie.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I don't own them so please don't sue.

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Notes: This is an old fic that I have rehashed. Those in italics depict thoughts.

More notes: I'd like to thank everyone who read and enjoyed Time of the Month. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. It's wonderful to see my story through your eyes. Here's the sequel I promised. I'm actually nervous about posting this five-chapter story becauseā€¦ well, just because. ;p I just hope you guys will enjoy Friday I'm In Love as much as Time of the Month. Thank you so much!

Chapter 1

He could not take his eyes off her.

From his vantage point, he could see every flicker of emotion that passed through her face. He loved watching her. If he ever had one favorite pastime, it was that. Her eyes would widen one moment then narrow the next. He loved the way her lips would part on a gasp. What made him hot though was when her little pink tongue would peek through the corner of her delectable mouth. I'd like to take your mouth, baby.

Logan was alone in the rec room with Marie. The majority of the household was out, as was the pattern every Friday night. And Friday nights were movie nights for Logan and Marie. It had become an unspoken habit for the two of them. Sometimes the others would watch with them but most of the time it was just them. They were seated on the opposite ends of the short couch in front of the TV. Marie was stuffing popcorn into her mouth without taking her eyes off the movie. She looked cute in her blue, cloud-print pajamas like a child all fresh and gussied up for bed. However, he knew that beneath the fresh-faced, innocent look was a passionate woman. He had first felt that passion two months ago on the night he disgraced himself by getting so horny that he took advantage of Marie's sleeping and indisposed state by humping her. The next time Marie got her period, he took care of her again--only he behaved himself. He promised he would take it slow with her, and by God, he would do it even if it killed him.

Marie jumped as the female lead in the movie they were watching gave a terrifying scream. "Oh, my goodness," she whispered. In reaction, her left hand shot out to grip his knee, her gaze locked on the screen.

Logan gave the expected grunt but continued staring at her with a half-smile on his face. When the tension passed, Marie settled back down again, her hand returning to the bowl of popcorn on her lap.

So far, his plan was working. They had been spending a lot of time together and that was more than he could ask for. Marie rarely went out during weekends despite Kitty and Jubilee's incessant urgings. She preferred to be cooped up in her room reading or sketching. Logan made sure he would pop in once in a while just to talk. What made him smile with satisfaction these days was the fact that Marie was more accustomed to his touch now. Light, random touches on her body. His hand rubbing the small of her back, ruffling her hair when she was being an imp, or stroking her shoulders when she was tired. She was not as skittish as before. Through his encouragement, she had learned to be comfortable in touching him and letting him touch her. But only him, as she was still careful whenever she was around other people.

He snapped out of his thoughts when Marie laughed at something from the movie. It was a full-bodied laugh--passionate and natural. Her eyes were closed, mouth open, and head tilted back. You're so beautiful. Seeing her like that, responding with such abandon to just a simple stimulus made him think how she would react to the complex stimuli of his hands, his tongue, his...

On cue, he became instantly hard. He was used to it already--his body responding to some unconscious Marie gesture. It had never been like this for him before. A thought or a vision of some woman had never made him aroused that easily. With Marie, it took only a little for him to get primed for sex. To distract himself, he went back to watching the movie, grimacing as he adjusted the front of his jeans.

Marie, still with traces of mirth lifting the corners of her mouth, glanced at him and saw his furrowed brow. He looked uncomfortable and uneasy. Her smile faded. She knew it would come to this.

"You're not enjoying yourself, are you, Logan?" she asked quietly.

Logan was just starting to get caught up in the movie. "What?" he asked absently.

She scooted closer to him and willed him to look at her. "You know I never asked you to do this. You didn't have to stay with me every Friday night. I'm perfectly content being by myself while you guys go out and have a good time."

"What are you talking about?" Logan reached for the remote and turned down the volume. What had gotten into her now?

She could not keep the distress from her voice. "You. It's Friday night and you should be out at some bar picking up a girl or something. I can tell that this has become an obligation to you. I don't want you spending time with me just because you promised to take care of me."

Logan lifted an eyebrow at her. He deliberately switched off the TV and turned to look at her. "Okay, tell me what brought this on."

Feeling the tension in the air, she backed down. She wrung her gloved hands together and lowered her head. "I saw you looking uneasy a while ago. I knew it wouldn't be long before you became bored and tired of our Friday night movie thing. But remember I didn't ask you to do this."

Logan was silent. A few seconds passed before he ordered, "Come here, Marie."

She shook her head stubbornly.

He released a deep breath before wrapping his arm around her shoulder and drawing her none too gently to his side. He was tempted to give her the real reason for that "uneasy" look just to make her understand. He pressed his mouth to the top of her head and breathed in the smell of her hair. "I'm here with you because I want to. I enjoy being with you, doing things with you, talking with you. This is not an obligation."

Marie burrowed her head against his shoulder. She had been selfish, wanting his attention all to herself. And even if she did not verbally ask that he spend his free time with her, she did not discourage him from doing so either. She knew that Logan had a life apart from her, but for the past couple of months ever since the night he took care of her when she had her period, it seemed that his life had become inextricably tangled with her own. She did not question his motives because there were none. It was all because of that promise--and Logan never went back on his word. For a while she just let it happen. Let herself bask in his attentions, his care. She did not delude herself into thinking that it was because he had any romantic intention toward her. She knew Logan thought of her as a kid, someone to indulge and take care of. She was in love with him so if that was all she could have, then so be it. Beggars, after all, could not be choosers.

She curved an arm across his chest, pressing her face closer to his body. She had to let him go now. She had to share him with the rest of the world. As far as she knew, Logan never went out to enjoy himself anymore. Aside from going to missions with the rest of the X-Men, he never left the mansion at all. She realized it did not make her happy being selfish--not when she was costing him his social life. Making Logan happy would, however.

"I release you of your promise, Logan."

Logan instinctively knew where she was going with this. "No, Marie," he said firmly.

"You hardly go out anymore. I know you. I have you in my head, remember? You get restless. You need to prowl. You can't bear to be tied down."

Oh, Marie, darlin', everything's changed. "Look at me," he said, cupping her face in his gloved hands and forcing her to look at him. "No one and nothing is forcing me to be with you, kid. I'm here because I choose to do so. I happen to like watching movies with you and watching you sketch in your room. Yes, I've been restless before, but for now, I'm home. Everyone here has made me feel welcome--especially you. I don't have any reason to be wandering around--at least not for a while." The year he spent in Canada searching for his past had yielded nothing. When he came back, the Professor had advised him to be patient and wait. "Get it into that lovely head of yours that I like being with you. I'm not some teenager who needs to party every weekend. I'm an old man and I need to conserve my energy."

Marie could not help but smile at that last bit. She slapped his chest and hid her face against his chest. "Right. And I'm not in love with you," she muttered to herself.

"What was that?"

She ignored his question and instead laid down on the couch on her side using his thighs as a pillow. Blood gathered once again in his loins. He moved her head away from his vulnerable body part. Unaware of her effect on him, she snuggled closer in his lap.

"Just don't think that you have to be with me all time. You know I won't keep you from going out and...meeting women. I mean, you're a man after all and I'm sure you need to...ah..."

Logan chuckled. He slowly stroked her silky brown and platinum locks away from her forehead. "Don't worry about my love life, kid. I think I have that covered."

Marie could not help the resentment growing in her chest. "Oh. So you're going out with someone? Do I know her?"

He sensed the change in her tone and he grinned. Thank God she could not see his face. "You'll meet her soon, kid. She's beautiful and sexy as hell. She's got the most fantastic breasts--"

Marie cut him short. "You were never particular about breasts before."

"Well, I am now. I'm sure you'll like her when you meet her." Teasing Marie was his second favorite pastime.

She closed her eyes against the tears that threatened to escape. Oh, God, he has someone else. No wonder he's been in a good mood lately. And here I thought I was keeping him from his social life. The unexpected pain of his revelation rendered her speechless for a moment. "It must be serious considering how you want me to meet her. You've always been discreet about your past relationships," she managed to whisper.

He tangled his hands in her hair and closed his eyes. He loved the feel of her hair even with his gloves to dampen the sensation. "You're damn right it's serious." She's jealous!

Marie's brow furrowed in pain. "And here I was worrying about your social life when it's just been dandy all this time," she exclaimed, trying to sound angry instead of hurt.

"That's why I told you not to worry about it."

"You can bet your ass from now on I won't," she grumbled. You're such a fool, Marie. You're just his responsibility. Get that through your head. She reached for the remote and turned the TV on again.

Logan pretended not to notice her hostility and kept right on stroking her hair. Everything was going to be just fine. He grinned wickedly at the thought.