Friday I'm in Love Chapter 5

Marie rested expectantly against the pillows. The initial fear she felt when she saw Logan naked for the first time vanished like mist in the air. Her body hummed with anticipation.

Logan, unashamed of his nakedness, got on top of her.

"Oh, wait." Marie remembered the latex gloves and reached for them. "So you can feel me better when you touch me," she explained as he dutifully put them on.

"You mean here?" He touched her face lovingly.

"Mmmm," she sighed and closed her eyes.


She opened her eyes just in time to feel Logan spread her legs and carefully cut a small opening just above her mound.

"And here?" Logan asked as his fingers finally had access to her wet warmth.

She arched off the bed in pleasure. She moved her hips, seeking more contact from his fingers. He didn't disappoint her. He stroked the sensitive nub of her sex and rimmed her entrance.

"Logan, please," she moaned.

But he moved up until they were face to face. "Let me kiss you first, darlin'." He reached for the scarf and placed it over her face. He looked deeply into her bright brown eyes. "I love you. You know that, don't you?"

"Yes, but now I want you to show me how much."

He lowered his mouth to hers and so began the mating of their bodies. He nipped her lower lip, causing her to gasp. He took advantage of her open mouth and thrust his tongue inside. Their mouths fused together in a wild, sensual battle.

She moaned against his mouth, overcome with the excitement of his hungry kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck, trapping him in a fierce embrace. His mouth left hers to move down her neck. The scarf in place, he nipped and sucked at the warm inviting skin. His hands cupped her breasts and rubbed his palms against her hard nipples.

"Touch me," Logan whispered, dying to feel her hands on him.

She placed her hands on his hard chest, feeling the warmth of his skin. She stroked his chest, his shoulders and the muscles of his arms.

Groaning, Logan moved to straddle her, giving them space to touch each other freely. She played with his nipples, pinching them until he arched his back and hissed with pleasure. In retaliation, he bunched the milky globes of her breasts and lavished them with moist, hungry lashings of his tongue. He teased her nipple with small nips until she cried out because pain had turned into pleasure. He sucked long and hard on the other one until a warm tingling started between her legs. He pulled at her nipple even harder, not yet having his fill. Her loud moan and the frantic undulation of her hips made him realize she was about to come. Lust hit him hard at the thought of her coming with just his mouth on her breast.

"Oh, Logan...I think I'm...Logan...Logan," Marie cried out as her climax hit her, hurtling her into bliss.

Logan stared unbelievingly at the passionate woman writhing beneath him. A very male smile appeared on his lips as he realized her capacity for lovemaking. He was one lucky bastard to deserve such a response from this beautiful, passionate woman.

"You okay, Marie?" he asked tenderly.

"Yes," she replied, still gasping from her peak. "Though I didn't know that was possible."

"That's my sexy baby."

She blushed at his words.

Before she could react, he grabbed the scarf from her neck and moved down the bed until he was lying between her thighs.

"Logan, what--"

"There's more," he promised darkly as he parted her thighs wide. "I want to make you come again and again. I want to taste you."

She could only close her eyes and cry out when he covered her exposed mound with the scarf and kissed her moist nether lips as if it were her mouth. "Hmm, sweet. Delicious." His agile tongue teased her wet folds, sucking the plump lips. He held her thighs down when she began to pitch wildly. He slipped his hands beneath her soft bottom, securing her against his eager mouth. She held on to his head with both hands, urging him to do what it was that was driving her out of her mind. He plunged his tongue as far as it would go into her hot passage, thrusting in and out. She stuffed her fist in her mouth to keep from crying out. The sensation was too much, too keen, and it escalated even more when his mouth found her clit and sucked hard. She screamed and for the second time that night, she came.

Marie had not even come down from her high when Logan removed the scarf and spread her juices along her slit. Without warning, he pushed his finger inside her sheath. "No, please. Not yet, I..." she begged. She did not think her body could take any more pleasure, but she was wrong. It seemed that Logan knew her body more than she did because it was not long before it responded once again. He plunged his finger deep, stretching her, preparing her for the deeper penetration later on. He moved his finger in and out slowly, the thumb of his other hand stroking the sensitive nubbin at the top of her sex. He moved his hand faster until the heat in her loins exploded.

"Oh, yes, Marie...That's it...You're so good...So good, darlin'..." he whispered, calming her with his voice.

Marie took a shaky deep breath, her body tingling all over. She reached up and caressed his face. "That was...Oh, Logan, that was..."

He smiled down indulgently at her. "I know, darlin', I know."

Then she remembered he had not come to his release yet. Her hand moved down and tentatively grasped his erection, stroking him gently. She was amazed at his size, his feel, his heat. He was like steel encased in silk.

Logan groaned at the motion of her hand. "Oh, Marie."

"Teach me how, Logan," she whispered boldly.

He closed his hand over hers and taught her the rhythm and the touches he liked. He watched her do it on her own, getting more and more turned on at the sight of her small hand touching his cock. He pulled away when he felt himself nearing the edge.

"I want to be inside you," he explained when she gave him a confused look.

He spied the condoms on the side table and reached for one. He put it on and settled himself between her legs. "This is going to hurt a bit," he warned.

But Marie felt no fear. She just wanted to be complete with him. "I don't care. Please, Logan. Make love to me."

He gently pushed the bulbous head of his cock into her entrance. She gasped at the feeling of fullness.

"You okay?" he asked.


He pushed more until he encountered the veil of her innocence. Primitive pride filled him at the knowledge that he was the first to claim this beautiful woman. "Hang on, Marie." Then he speared through her barrier.

She groaned at the slight pain and bucked her hips, trying to throw him off.

"I'm sorry, darlin'," he murmured as he held himself still, giving her time to adjust to his invasion.

She felt the pain begin to recede, replaced by the promise of pleasure.

He moved again, restraining his thrusts to a slow pace even if what he really wanted to do was drive into her mindlessly. "You're so tight," he groaned.

Marie met his thrusts, feeling the pleasure now. "It's all right, Logan. Let go."

With a feral growl, he let his control slip and thrust repeatedly into her hot core. He surged against her, feeling her hot, wet sheath ripple around him, clinging and grasping at his driving cock. Marie loved the way he moved on her and in her, the way he filled her up. She clung to his shoulders, feeling the familiar pressure gather in her loins. She wrapped her legs tightly around his hips and absorbed his powerful thrusts. She was close. She gave a long, lusty groan low in her throat as her body convulsed.

Logan wanted that sweet tension for himself and watching Marie in her ecstasy did him in. He rode her hard and fast until he howled in almost painful pleasure as he came.

He collapsed after a long moment, nearly crushing her with his weight, his head resting on her chest. Gasping for breath, he rolled onto his back beside her. He pulled the sheet over his chest and shifted Marie until she was lying on top of him. He caressed her back, her buttocks, her thighs, all the while murmuring, "Oh, darlin'..."

Delighting in the feeling of finally being one with Logan, Marie closed her eyes and basked in the afterglow. It was the most profound, most beautiful experience of her life. Because of her mutation, she never dreamed she would get to experience this kind of intimacy.

"I love you, Marie."

Emotion swelled in her chest. "And I love you," she whispered.

It was not long before their heartbeats slowed and sleep claimed them.

It was almost morning and Logan was awake; hard and aching. Marie moaned in her sleep and snuggled her bottom against his erection. He grunted in response and instinctively rubbed against her. They were in their sleeping position, lying against each other spoon fashion. He did not want to work her body too much knowing how sore she would be, but his body needed hers. He had taken her again not too long ago. That time he had taught her how to ride him. He had her straddle him and take him at her own pace. He remembered the ecstatic smile on her face as she took him inside her body, clenching her feminine muscles as she went up and down his cock. Her breasts had mesmerized him. He was not able to resist cupping their fullness and teasing her nipples as she rode him. As they neared towards the peak, his hands had gripped her hips, grinding her down and guiding her rhythm. At the crucial point, he had held her hips down and thrust hard and fast until they cried out in shared bliss. They had kissed afterwards; soothing, nipping little kisses until they calmed. He spoke to her softly of words of love and lust reassuring and comforting her until she slept.

Now, two hours later, he wanted her again. He did not think his desire for her would ever let up. He needed to be inside her, loving her, and pleasuring her. For the first time in his life, he had truly made love. His heart had been with his body every step of the way, and it had felt so damn good. Marie's body had fit him so perfectly there was no doubt she was made for him.

His cock twitched insistently and he groaned her name. He flexed the hand that was cupping her breast. He stroked it, warming it and making her nipple jut against his palm. He took a deep breath and smiled wickedly at the smell of her arousal. His hand went down her body to cup her mound. Marie, waking up to the exciting sensations flowing through her body, unconsciously raised her right leg over his thigh, granting him access.

His ardor rose when he felt her wetness, her body readying itself for him. He slipped two fingers inside her wet warmth, twisting and thrusting. She cried out at the delicious ache between her thighs.


"Can you take me again, darlin'? I need you," he whispered gruffly against her ear.

In reply, she started to turn in his arms but he held her still. "No. Let's try it this way."

"All right."

He continued to play at her entrance, his thumb teasing her clit until she moaned.

"Not fair. I want to play, too." She reached behind her and grasped his engorged cock.

He growled at the feel of her hand on him. "That's it. Grip me tighter. Oh, fuck, Marieā€¦"

She followed his instructions, loving his response to her touch. She loved touching him this way. Maybe some other time she could ask him to teach her how to pleasure him with her mouth.

Logan reached for another condom, knowing he would not last without being inside her. He gently removed Marie's hand and put it on. His hand returned to her wet folds, slipping his fingers inside.

"Not too sore?"

"No." She clenched her inner muscles against his invading fingers. Suddenly a feeling of deja vu came over her. Her mind recognized this particular scene from before--like she had done it with him already.

"Logan, why do I get the feeling we've done this before?"

He smiled at the memory of that night. It was time to fess up. "We have, darlin'."

She struggled to recall amidst the pleasure singing through her veins. "I think I dreamed about it when you slept with me that night I had cramps."

"It was real, Marie. I don't know how you managed to sleep through it all but I made you come."

"What? B-but..."

He rubbed her clit harder. "Don't you remember how my fingers felt? Don't you remember how I had this little baby between my fingers, stroking it until you came?"

Her hips jerked uncontrollably. Memories of that night came flooding back. "Yes! Yes, I remember...ooh, Logan, please..."

"Tell me what you want. I want to hear you say it." He clenched his teeth, trying to control himself. He was ready to burst.

She was going crazy with wanting. She needed him now. "Give it to me, Logan, please."

He grasped her raised thigh and pushed into her in one swift motion that took him deep inside her. Her flesh was so sensitized that he had not even moved before she came apart in his arms. She screamed his name while he growled hers. The feel of her frantic muscles milking him triggered his own response. He pounded into her before ecstasy claimed him.

Marie was the first to wake up come midmorning. She was sitting up against the headboard with a silly smile on her face, stroking Logan's hair as he slept beside her. He was lying on his stomach, the sheet only covering his legs. She traced his muscle-laden back and buttocks with loving eyes. Making love with him had been wonderful, beautiful, and intense. As lover, Logan was both gentle and rough, and all hot and consuming passion. Her sore woman's place tingled at the thought. She never thought she had that much passion in her, and she blushed hotly as she remembered the things she had done and said to him. He had the power to make her lose her inhibitions and that thrilled and scared her at the same time.

With a rumbling groan, Logan awoke and turned to his side, facing Marie.

"Good morning," she said with a shy smile.

He propped his head on his hand and gazed at her with amused eyes. "No need to be shy, darlin'. How are you feeling?"

"I feel wonderful, only I'm a bit sore."

His eyes clouded with concern. "I'm sorry, darlin'. I didn't mean to be rough."

She stroked his face. "You weren't. And I wasn't complaining--just stating a fact. And it's not like I wasn't a willing participant."

A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. "Now that you weren't. But seriously, Marie, let me help you to a bath. It will help ease the soreness."

"In a bit because there's one thing I need to discuss with you."

He tensed. "What is it?"

Marie assumed a pissed-off look. "I can't believe you let me sleep through some...some foreplay that night! You should've woken me up. You practically took advantage of me!"

Logan grimaced. "I'm sorry, Marie. I thought it best to let you think it was a dream. You weren't ready to deal with it then," he said reasonably.

"Hmp. But I'm not letting you off the hook that easily."

With a seductive smile, he pulled the sheet up to his chest and hauled her into his arms. "Oh, I promise to make it up to you in the sweetest way possible."

She chuckled into his chest. "Maybe next Friday I'll let you do just that."

A thought occurred to him. "Did you ever notice how something always happens to us on Friday nights?"

She recalled all the Friday nights in question. "You're right. But one thing's for certain now, Friday nights won't be movie nights alone."

"What else, then?"

"Friday Night Sex-a-thon," she said with an impish grin.

"Wicked woman," he teased as he kissed the top of her head.

"Wicked man," she teased back.



"Tomorrow's the 24th."

She lifted her head to look at him. "So?"

He raised his eyebrow suggestively. "Your period should start tomorrow. Since you're not capable of any more loving within the next few days, and I heard that orgasms actually help reduce menstrual cramps, maybe we could replay that night..."

She blushed and swatted at his arm. "You're insatiable!"

He pulled her closer to him, his eyes glittering. "I know," he whispered. "That's why you love me."