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Batman's Ultimate Villain: Suzuka: Ultimate Clown

Suzuka glared at the crowd, and they gave him at least a slight berth. He didn't look very odd at the moment; he had disguised himself to look like a teenage delinquent; subsequently, he rather resembled Yusuke at the moment. Of all things, Reikai was demanding he, beautiful Suzuka, look into strange incidents for them? He was a youkai, not a member of their Reikai Tantei. Certainly, he had been in the Ningenkai illegally, but he had returned to the Makai. They hadn't pressed charges when he was in the Ningenkai, so why now?

He already knew the answer to that. The Reikai Tantei (Hiei, Kurama, and Yusuke) had insisted that there was nothing that needed to be done in this town, and that they wouldn't go back. But Koenma still felt that these strange villains possessed some sort of youki, or whatnot, and thus, had called in anyone he could get a hold on to deal with the incidents as they came.

Suzuka let out a low growl. It was disgusting. He might as well be a Reikai Tantei if he could be manipulated this easily. That was another reason he was disguised. He did not especially care to be recognized, if there were any youkai in this town; not while he was on a mission for Reikai.

His target had been described as unusually colored, with red eyes and green hair, very agile, and insane. Apparently, he had an obsession with the protector of this town, the Batman. Suzuka paused. Perhaps he could use this obsession to his advantage, if he needed the edge.

Batman's POV

Bruce Wayne was walking about Gotham, blending in somewhat with his sunglasses. Sometimes, even he needed a break from everything, and seeing the city at peace was one thing that helped immensely. Even if Joker was back on the loose….

Joker hadn't made a move, not yet, and that worried Batman. It only meant that Joker's plan was that much more involved, or he would have enacted it already.

Bruce scanned the crowd, and spotted a familiar face. A black haired boy with reddish brown eyes, gelled hair…that Yusuke boy again. Bruce noted that the crowd was giving him a small berth, and assumed the boy must be glaring. Why, he wasn't quite sure; but then, the boy had said that he didn't want to be in Gotham. What was he doing back again?

Bruce moved forward, beginning to follow the boy. Yusuke didn't know Bruce; he knew the Batman. But that didn't mean Bruce couldn't follow him.

It didn't take more than five minutes of following the boy for him to turn around, glaring. Bruce tensed instinctively. This boy looked almost exactly alike Yusuke…but he had none of the warmth in his eyes.

"What're you following me for?"

The voice also was similar, though with a cold edge. Bruce held his hands up peaceably. "Hey, I'm just going the same way as you," he plead.

The boy gave a small snort. "Heh. Like I believe that. Anyway, stop it or I trash you."

The boy turned around again, walking away, and Bruce made no move to follow. Yusuke was very mad; much worse than he had ever seen the boy. Hopefully, he didn't go and threaten any other civilians…Bruce wasn't quite sure if the Batman could actually bring him down.

Suzuka's POV

Suzuka glanced upwards as he heard an insane cackle. He blinked twice as he saw a strange clown on stilts. It didn't take him long at all to come to the realization that this was the youkai he had been sent to Gotham to take down…but, he couldn't feel even a trace of youki around. His eyes narrowed. It seemed that Yusuke and the other Tantei were correct; there was absolutely nothing that needed to be done in this town. And that meant that Koenma had manipulated him for absolutely no reason.

Suzuka considered simply walking away. He had, after all, found the Joker, and he had discovered that he wasn't a youkai. So, when he thought about it, it was perfectly reasonable to leave the insane villain to whoever wanted to take him down. After all, youkai weren't permitted to kill or maim humans ever since that edict had been put down by King Enki.

Suzuka turned, noting that the tide of the crowd had done the same; they were pushing to get away from the villain, and in consequence, several collided with him, a fact that irritated him greatly. He glared at them, but they paid him no heed. Then, Joker sprayed a green gas over them. The people screamed, before doubling over and collapsing in laughter. Suzuka, being the youkai that he was, had immediately held his breath when the gas was sprayed.

As he had not breathed in the green gas, the crazy clown had now noted him, and bent to his level. "What? There's a civilian still up? No way! You should be rolling on the floors! Come on, smile, Mr. Gloomy!"

Suzuka glared back, facing the Joker without any fear. He was still disguised as Yusuke, and so his overall appearance was very dark.

Joker gave a grimace-like-frown. "Can't have that!" He grabbed the small flower pinned on his jacket, and it released a puff of green gas into Suzuka's face. Suzuka hadn't inhaled in surprise, and found it easy enough to hold his breath and wait for the gas to disperse. Joker was angry now. "Just who are you? No one can hold their breath that long!"

Suzuka didn't reply, his gaze drifting to focus behind Joker. Joker turned as well, surprisingly limber on the stilts, and saw what Suzuka had already seen; the Batman.

Joker glared. "What are you doing here? Gonna spoil all my fun again?"

Batman didn't show any expression in his face or in his voice. "It's what I do."

He rushed forward, and Joker hopped down from the stilts, avoiding the attack. Batman turned slightly to look at Suzuka, who still stood where he was, arms crossed.

"Either help out or leave, Yusuke," Batman called. He didn't expect Suzuka to suddenly begin laughing.

Joker blinked, then smiled. "So what do you know! It looks like my gas did have an affect!"

Batman's eyes narrowed as Suzuka straightened. "I'm afraid you're wrong—the both of you!" His voice had begun as Yusuke's, but by the end, it had warped into his own. Suzuka pulled the disguise off with a flourish, revealing his true form for the first time. His yellow hair still stood straight in the air, and his face was decorated like a clown's. His outfit also followed the clown theme.

Joker scratched his head. "Are you some sort of admirer or something?"

Batman frowned as well. How had someone known to disguise himself as Yusuke? Only Yin had been there to see the fight.

Suzuka scoffed at Joker's suggestion. "As if I would ever copy a ningen like you! I am the Beautiful Suzuka!"

Joker looked puzzled still. "I thought I was batty, but you take the cake. What kind of villainous name is that? Beautiful hardly strikes fear in the heart of anyone."

Suzuka ignored him, turning toward the Batman. "You fell for as pathetic a disguise as that? Your prowess is greatly exaggerated. Though, it would seem you have fought side by side with the Tantei."

Batman tensed. This person obviously knew Yusuke, but whether he was a villain or ally was undetermined. "What do you want here?"

Suzuka seemed very uncaring for Batman's veiled threat. "Nothing at all. Though, since I had to go through the trouble of being forced to be here, I might as well enjoy myself!"

With that stated, he lunged towards where Joker still stood. Joker dodged agilely, and the Batman looked on, waiting for an opening and learning Suzuka's fighting style.

Suzuka pulled back from Joker, and Batman took the offensive. Suzuka observed him for a few minutes, then frowned.

"What kind of fighting style is that? You must be old, Batman."

Joker froze in confusion long enough to be hit on the jaw by one of Batman's punches. Neither fighter gave up, even as Batman spoke with Suzuka.

"What do you mean, old?"

Suzuka joined the fray, and occasionally, when Batman struck and Joker dodged, Suzuka was forced to dodge as well, and vice versa.

"I mean, your fighting style is worse than the baka tantei. And he's a street thug! Forget that! You're worse then Genkai! You must be absolutely ancient!"

Joker jumped away from both of them, and stood, scratching his head. "I just don't get how you figure Bats here is ancient. Why, he can't be over 30!"

Suzuka sighed. "So, the baby fights like an old man."

He shot forward again, unfortunately in the same second that Batman did. Joker dodged both their hits, and Suzuka reeled from the Batman's blow, and Batman from Suzuka's.

Also at this same time, Robin jumped from above. "Great. So now they're two clowns. Who are you supposed to be? Joker 3.0?"

Suzuka growled. "For someone so well dressed, you certainly aren't all that intelligent."

Robin blinked, glancing down at the once semi-resented costume his mother had made. "Well-dressed?"

Robin was so lost in thought, he almost didn't dodge Joker's punch in time. Batman addressed him a moment later. "Robin. His name's Suzuka, and he's not really on one side or the other."

Suzuka gave a laugh. "At last! Someone comprehends that much! I don't care what happens here."

Joker paused in the midst of his dodging. "Now that's a new one. If you don't care what happens, then why do you have to harass poor, little old me? I didn't do anything to you or your family, now did I?"

Suzuka grinned maniacally. "Oh, no. The only one I really have any gripe against at the moment is the fool who sent me here, despite the tantei's advice."

Batman paused. So, if whoever sent him here was advised by the Tantei, then maybe he was an ally of Yusuke.

"Suzuka," Batman addressed him even as he continued his assault. "Who are you? Some sort of thief or what?"

Suzuka looked offended. "I am an inventor, an actor, a fighter and-"

A deep voice cut him off before he could finish his sentence. "A gerascophobic."

A small chuckle escaped Batman even as Suzuka's eyes grew angry. Joker erupted into full blown laughter, while Robin simply looked puzzled. Batman studied the new visitor. He wasn't very handsome, and, in fact, compared to most of the people he had met who were involved in this 'Reikai Tantei' thing, he was almost ugly. His eyes were small, and his red hair overly curly and styled similarly to Elvis. However, he had a bearing of pride, and most of his ugliness seemed to come from having been in street fights, which gave him the appearance of toughness. His eyes burned with an inner fire, even as he stood, semi-passively observing them.

Suzuka hissed. "You'll pay for that, Kuwabara no baka. How dare you speak that way to me, Beautiful Suzuka? Have you forgotten the kindness I showed you, giving you that sword hilt?"

Kuwabara looked somewhat puzzled. "Well…I'm not exactly sure what that meant; Kurama mentioned you were that, though, so I thought it was true….But as for what you've done for me, I think you're forgetting sending me through that crazy veil thing that could have killed me!"

Suzuka looked Kuwabara up and down appraisingly. "Very well, I'll believe you didn't know what you said. You aren't smart enough."

Kuwabara let out a cry of rage, running toward Suzuka. Joker tried to sneak away, but Suzuka grabbed his arm and began using him as a shield against Kuwabara's blows. "Hey! Take that back, you clown! I'm the only one other than Kurama that's gone to college!"

Suzuka sighed, dodging with Joker almost lazily. "Maybe so, but who was foolish enough to challenge Urameshi over a hundred times, getting beaten each and every time?"

Kuwabara drew back, taking on a proud air. "But I'm the one who got stronger from that!"

Suzuka scoffed. "Really? After what Genkai put us through, I bet either Shishi or I could easily defeat you. Again."

Batman had been planning on rescuing the Joker from these two (the first hit had hit him in the head and knocked him out cold), but the Batman paused upon hearing that this boy had gone through college, and continually challenged Urameshi. The fact that Kurama had gone through college as well was surprising; it meant the boy was able to balance his life exceptionally well. But when he thought of it, he recalled Urameshi wondering how Kuwabara and Kurama had skipped school…so it did seem they were the most studious.

He finally interceded, pushing himself between the two, and preparing to be hit by Kuwabara's punch. Surprisingly, though, the boy had enough control to stop just before hitting him, which he was grateful for.

"First, I've a question for the two of you," Batman stated, keeping a careful eye on Suzuka.

"Fine, Old Man," Suzuka muttered insolently, tossing Joker away from him now that he did not need him for a shield.

Batman was basically numb to this by now, dismissing it as one of the strange quirks of this "Reikai Tantei" group. "What exactly were you doing here in the first place? And are you Reikai Tantei or not?"

Suzuka shrugged. "I was sent here to check out that green haired and red eyed monstrosity over there; Koenma refuses to leave your town alone, and is resorting to the most ridiculous techniques to get us here."

Batman frowned; Robin had moved over to handcuff the tossed aside Joker. "What do you mean, 'ridiculous techniques'?"

"I mean he's charging me with a 'crime' committed long ago that shouldn't even count anymore, as I'm no longer living in the ningenkai illegally."

Kuwabara shrugged. "Does it really matter? You were still illegal…"

Suzuka growled. "Then why aren't Chuu and Shishi and Rinku being charged as well?"

Kuwabara shrugged again. "Ah, you asked if we were Reikai Tantei, right Batman? Well, Suzuka definitely isn't; he's just working parole for a little…I'm technically an ex-reikai tantei, but then again Yusuke was too…but I think he's been reinstated and I haven't been since we were fired…but yeah, that's your answer."

Batman sighed. That was less comprehensible that what Suzuka said…which had been practically incomprehensible to begin with. "Why were you sent here…Kuwabara, right?"

Kuwabara nodded. "Ah, Koenma was just a little worried Suzuka might get carried away, that's all."

Batman nodded. "Well, we've got everything under control here, alright?"

Kuwabara nodded happily. "Alright! I need to go see Yukina-san and Genkai-san!"

Suzuka grimaced as Kuwabara began to usher him away. "I am not going with you, Baka!"

"What did you say, you clown?! I'll beat you anytime you want…!"

"Now boys, that's no way to act…" Batman heard the voice from that girl…Botan, wasn't it? But, they were too far away to be seen for now.

Robin sighed, looking down at Joker. It seemed he'd never get to be more than a sidekick if these people kept stealing the show.

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