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"Okay! So that's 2000." Kakashi said counting the money on the silver chest before locking it.

"Why are we doing this?" Sakura asked.

"It's for our sake!" Naruto butted in.

Team Kakashi was on the bridge where Team Seven always meet. Kakashi was sitting on the railings of the bridge. Naruto sat at a bench while Sakura sat under a tree.

Apparently, the three were betting on something.

"Alrght. So whoever wins gets the 2000 right?" Sakura asked.

"Yup." Kakashi nodded.

"But sensei, how will we know that no one is breaking the rules?" Naruto asked.

"Wow. Just wow." Sakura said in amazement.

Naruto raised his eyebrows. "What's 'wow'?" Naruto asked.

"That is the most sensible question you have asked all day!" Sakura said.

Naruto and Kakashi fell anime style. "Uh...how about we sleep in one house?" Kakashi suggested.

"Yeah...yeah we can stay at Sakura-chan's!" Naruto said.

"What?! My house?! Why does it have to be mine?" Sakura stood up and pointed at herself.

"Well because next to Sasuke, you have the largest house. Next is mine then Naruto's" Kakashi said.

Sakura sighed and bowed her head in defeat. "All right, all right. We'll stay at my house." Sakura sighed again.

"So...let's get over this again." Kakashi said.

"I'll stop thinking about the Uchiha..." Sakura rolled her eyes. "If..." She looked at Kakashi.

"I'll stop reading my books..." Kakashi was in tears. "If..." Kakashi then looked at Naruto.

"I'll stop eating Ramen." Naruto said.

"IT'S A DEAL!!!" The three said in unison.

The three headed for Kakashi's house first to help Kakashi pack.

On their way, Naruto couldn't help but drool over the Ramen stands. "Ramen...sweet, sweet Ramen..." Naruto's eyes were wandering off and his hands on his stomach.


"Naruto!" Sakura hit his head.

"S-sorry!" Naruto chuckled.

But Naruto wasn't the only one having problems with his'addiction'. Every bookstore in town has the latest volumes of Icha Icha Paradise. And the best thing about it was...ON SALE!!!

Kakashi was in anime tears as he walked pass every bookstore. When they reached Kakashi's house...

"No fair!" Naruto crossed his arms.

"Why?" Sakura asked.

"Well...Kakashi-sensei and I have a lot of distractions! You don't have any sakura-chan! And besides! We don't even know when you;re thinking about him or not!" Naruto said.

"Uh..well..."Sakura chuckled.

"Not to worry Naruto. Tsunade-sama invented a new thing that will help me know her thoughts." Kakashi took out something from his pocket.

"What is it?" His two students asked as they tried to peek inside his hands.

Kakashi grabbed Sakura's hand and placed a black ring on her ring finger.

"What is it?" Sakura asked as she eyed the ring. It was deep black. Like Sasuke's eyes. Onyx.

"When it turns blue, you're thinking about him." Kakashi said.

Sakura raised her right hand and eyed the ring. Suddenly, it was slowly turning to a dark shade of blue.

"Wha-" Sakura gasped.

"Tsk...Sakura...You will have a one point in don'ts if you don't stop. The one who has the most points in the don'ts area loses." Kakashi reminded them.

Sakura covered her finger with her other hand and chuckled.

"Still no fair! We have a lot of distractions!" Naruto pouted before going inside Kakashi's house.

"Hey you!" A guard on patrol said.

"Who are you?" He asked.

The person jumped from the shadows, kept his hands on his pockets then stood straight.


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