After a while Gaara decides to see if there is anything other then the room he was in. So he gets up to look around, but gets sop by a little naked male angel. The angel stares at Gaara. In what seem like forever the nude angel spoke. "So you're the god of love." The naked one circles around Gaara. Then he stops I front of Gaara looking like he was thinking about something. Then out of no where the naked angel pulls off Gaara's pants. "WOW! You're small," he said. "What the hell!" yelled Gaara as he quickly pulled his pants back up. The angel just laughs. "I'm just joking your not that small, don't worry you can make it bigger if you wanted," laughs the angel. Gaara was ravening mad. "Who the hell are you and why are you here?" asks Gaara through grinned teeth. "My name not important cause after this you will never see me again, as for why I'm here will I'm here to tell you what you are to do as the god of love." Gaara anger leaves. "What am I to do?"

The naked rude angel gives a scroll to Gaara. "Read this if you have any questions asks the goddesses of love." Gaara looks at the scroll and opens it. "Who is the goddess of love?" asks Gaara. He looks up to see that the angel is gone. Gaara scratches his head. He then sits back down on his throne to read the scroll.

After he reads the scroll it disappears. Gaara jumps up. "What the!? Where did the scroll go?" As soon as those words left his mouth the scroll appeared in his hands. Gaara looks at it confused. "Odd." Was all he has to say. Gaara went to look around again and this time he hopes no naked angels will come and pull his pants down. Gaara stops after a few steps and looks into his pants at his penis. "I'm not small but I could be bigger just a little." He thinks to himself. Then he remembers that the naked one said Gaara could make his penis bigger. Gaara smiled at the thought. "How do I make my penis bigger?" As he was thinking that his manhood got bigger. Gaara felt it at first he thought he was getting an erection. When he look at it he saw it getting bigger. When it was big enough for him Gaara said, "That's big enough." Gaara had an evil grin on his face as he was saying that.

"What are you doing?" Some one asks behind Gaara

Gaara quickly let go of his pants and turns around. He sees the female with long blond hair tied up in a high ponytail. She is wearing a long white sleeveless dress with the side of her legs showing. She is wearing golden sandals on her feet. Golden jewelry on. She was wearing make up. He Gaara look at her he did get an erection. She notice that and giggled. Gaara looks down and covers it the best he could. "Don't worry that happens to every male that sees me." Gaara nodes. The beautiful women bows. "I'm the goddess of love, you must be the god of love." "Name is Gaara." "There is no need for names here unless you are an angel of death." Gaara titles his head. "You must have just died not that long ago, I'll explain all." She motions for Gaara to come with her. He does as soon as his erection goes down. She stands at the bottom of the stairs that leads to Gaara's throne.

Gaara walks pass her and sits on his throne. She then walks up to him and waves her hand and a golden throne shape like a rose and covered in different kinds of stones appears behind her as she stares to sit down. Gaara is amazed by the way her throne looks. He looks at his. "You can change the way your throne looks if you want," she says. Gaara looks back at her. She just smiles sweetly. "Now let me explain things around here." Gaara nodes and sits back on his throne. "Like I said before there is no need for names here unless you are an angel of death, I'm sure you are wondering that," she said. Gaara nodes his head. "Cause when you die everything you had when you were alive are gone even your memories." Gaara jumps up mad and shock at the same time. "WHAT!? I'm going to lose my memories?" "Calm down its all right if you want you keep your memories talk to the angel of death that drought you here." Gaara sits back down. "I'll have to talk to Hotaru as soon as I can." The goddess of love head shoot up. "The angel of death that brought you here is Hotaru?" Gaara looks at her. "Yes, is there something wrong with Hotaru?" he asks.

"You do know how a person becomes an angel of death right?" Gaara nodes. "If a person kills themselves they become an angel of death," said Gaara. The goddess of love nodes her head. "Hotaru was the first angel of death, she killed herself over 6oo years ago." Gaara closes his eyes. "I know all about Hotaru," he said calmly. "Do you know why she killed herself?" asks the goddess of love with a sly look on her face. Gaara's eyes opened half way. "No," he said. The goddess of love leans forward a bit. "No one knows why she did it only God and Hotaru does, and you can't talk to God only angels of death can." Gaara opens his eyes the rest of the way. "Now we shall no more talk about Hotaru," said the goddess of love as she leans back on her throne. "If no one has names then how do you address someone if you want to talk to them?" asks Gaara. "To tell the truth I forgot my name and soon you will but if you want to address someone you just call them what they are another words you will call me goddess of love and I'll call you god of love." "Please don't I would like you and everyone call me Gaara." The goddess of love smiles and laughs.

"I'll tell you what I'll come back in a week and if you remember your name I'll tell everyone to call the god of love Gaara," she said holding out her hand. Gaara smiles and grabs her hand. "Deal," he said as they shake hands. "Let's hope you can talk to Hotaru by then with only three angels of death here," said the goddess of love. They let go of hands and she with her throne disappears. "I need to talk to Hotaru before it's too late," said Gaara. He gets up from his throne and walks to the door that is still there. He grabs the door handle. He stops and thinks. "Where is Hotaru, how can I visit her." He shrugs and opens the door. He fines himself in a dark black and white with a little red room. There is only one desk and chair in the room. Gaara walks up to the desk. He looks around. No one was here. "Hotaru!" he yells. He hears her voice. "Sorry I'm busy right now please come back later thank you." Then Gaara with out warning or noticing was back at his house and is sitting on his throne. "I guess I have to wait, but I hope not for long." Gaara just realize that he is already forgetting things.