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For this chapter:


Summary: On the other side of the portal.

Theme: #063. Pictures

Stained Pages

The small girl clutched her sketchbook to herself tightly as the man in black told them to leave. Axel thrust his arm to his side and summoned up a portal of darkness.

She clutched her sketchbook to herself and ran through the portal, Axel lingered for a moment looking at Riku before turning and entering himself.

She crouched down in the Betwix and Between holding her sketchbook to herself, crying on it. It was no longer opened to the page featuring Sora and Roxas side by side with their backs to the viewer, no now it was on another page, though Axel couldn't see what was on it.

"Where do you want to go?" he asked, deciding he'd make a portal for her.

"Home," she whispered.

His non-existent heart broke, "Home is where the heart is, to bad we don't know where that is...well, you do."