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Author's Note: This is part one of a 2 shot for this pairing.

Rating: T

Drawing Flames

Normally she used colored pencils, if colored pencils didn't give the effect she needed, she'd switch to crayon, from crayon to pastels, from pastels to watercolor. She had never had the need to try watercolor, until that day.

The sketch with colored pencils had made them look to hard, more like crystals than what they were supposed to be. The crayons had made them look to soft, like sponges that were there to soak up the heat. The pastels had been close, but they made the picture look messy, and she wanted this one to be perfect.

Tossing her three tries on the floor, as she did with all the art that she either wanted to get rid of or wanted the person to get rid of and set her book on the table. She washed her hands to get the pastels off of them and then went to the cabinet to get watercolors. It was here she ran into a problem, she had no water. Normally she'd have a glass for drinking through out her day, but she had drank that, now she needed a few glasses of water and a towel, it was at that moment that the door open to reveal a very slim red haired man in a black coat. His eyes had been focused on her empty chair for a moment before drifting around the room and finding her holding the case of watercolors.

"Painting today?" he asked.

She looked down at her feet and said, "Yes," kind of embarrassed.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I need water and towels," she said holding the case so he could see what types of paints she had.

He nodded and said, "Sit down I'll go get you some. She did as he said and started sketching softly with her colored pencil the lines of the rest of the image, after all she only needed the water colors for the background. He came in and gave her the water glasses and a roll of paper towels, "I hope this is enough."

She looked at them and smiled, "Thank you, Axel." He walked across the room and sat in another chair, dropping his feet on the table, "If you need more, just ask."

Finished with her sketch she dipped the paint brush in water and choose a color, yellow. Her painting went through orange, red, blue, and black before she finished with the background finished she cleaned the brush off well and wiped it on her towel than blotted the colors and closed the lid. "I'm done," she said.