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The Competition
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

"I'm bored." Takino Tomo's resounding whining seemed to fill the entire park. "I'm bored, I'm bored, I'M BORED."

Kagura sighed. Normally she would have told the other girl to shut up, but to be honest she was bored out of her mind too. Whoever had decided that going for a walk in the rain was a good idea was an idiot – and that idiot was, as usual, Tomo.

"I'm booooooooored."

"And I'm getting a headache, now shut up," Kagura sighed.

"Hey Kagura?" Tomo piped up after half-a-millisecond on silence.

"What now?"

"Why is rain so wet?"

"Has Osaka taken over your body today or something, Tomo?"

Tomo shot her a scathing look. "Don't answer my questions with more questions. And no Osaka has not taken over my body, I'm just asking questions because I'm bored."

Kagura rolled her eyes. "This was your idea in the first place. I'd much rather have gone to watch a movie or something normal like that."

"I'm bored of just wandering around in the rain," Tomo muttered. Then her face lit up and she started chuckling as though she'd just come up with the best idea ever.

"What are you laughing about?" Kagura asked.

"Well I was just thinking, why don't we have a competition?" Tomo asked. "See how easily Tomo-the-great can beat your ass?"

Kagura shrugged. "Whatever. I'm so bored I'm even willing to play one of your daft games without complaining now."

"Okay," Tomo replied, grinning madly. "Let's see… how about we see who can do the most cartwheels in a row without falling over?"

Kagura shrugged, "Alright, but don't think you've got any chance of winning."

"Hah, you wish!" Tomo replied. "So what are you gonna treat me to if I win.

"If you win, I'll treat you to lunch," Kagura said quickly, thinking more of her own stomach (which was growling like there was a lion trapped in there) than of what Tomo might actually have wanted.

"And if you win," Tomo began, then stopped and smirked evilly. "If you win I'll give you a kiss."

Kagura rolled her eyes, not entirely sure if Tomo was joking or not. "Right, I'll go first then." She turned one cartwheel, then another and another, until she had done five cartwheels without stopping, then fell to the ground, dizzy.

"Hah, pitiful!" Tomo snickered. "Lunch is mine!" She turned one cartwheel, two, three… then slipped on the grass and landed in a heap.

"Ooops, guess you win," Tomo said, getting to her feet. She slipped on the wet grass and fell into Kagura's arms.

"Are you trying to make this like a scene from a shoujo manga?" Kagura drawled, rolling her eyes.

"Yes," Tomo replied. "You get a kiss now; you won, remember?"

She leant forward and pressed her lips to the other girl's, catching Kagura off-guard somewhat. She hadn't honestly expected that Tomo was being at all serious – she never usually was. Tomo broke away from Kagura before she could completely register what was happening.

"It's lucky it's raining so heavily," Tomo purred, leaning heavily on Kagura. "What would anyone from school have thought it they'd seen us."

"I don't think they'd think anything other than that you'd gone even more nuts than usual," Kagura replied. "Anyway you lost, I thought you'd be sulking even if you did get to kiss me." She looked away, trying desperately to stop blushing; she didn't want to look like some lovesick schoolgirl after all. It didn't work.

"I lost on purpose, and anyway who cares?" Tomo asked, smirking and licking her lips. "Kisses taste nicer than hamburgers after all."

Kagura groaned; even at times like these, Tomo really knew exactly how to ruin the moment.