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All is quiet in the Lacey household as you would expect at 5.30am on a Friday morning. What the sleeping members of the house don't realise is that someone is coming up the path towards their front door. The person's footsteps remain unheard by the family until she reached the door and knocked loudly and quickly. Mary Beth hurries downstairs, wondering what could have happened to bring anyone to her house so early in the morning. She throws open the door and sees her partner, Christine Cagney, standing there.

"Christine, you scarred the living daylights out of me, do you know what time it…" Mary-Beth starts but stops in her tracks when she sees the tears on Christine's cheeks. "Chris, what's wrong? Did someone hurt you?" Mary Beth asked scarred for Christine who is usually so tough. Chris dumbly shakes her head and steps into the living room.

Mary Beth sits Christine down on the couch then rushes through into the kitchen to make her some tea; something has obviously shaken her partner up quite considerably. In a few moments both she and Chris were sat on the couch drinking hot cups of tea.

"What's happened Chris?" Mary Beth asks gently, Christine doesn't answer but starts to rummage in her handbag. She takes out a package wrapped in toilet paper and tissues and thrusts it towards Mary Beth. Mary Beth takes the package and pulls out what is inside it, shocked she glanced at Christine who nods.

"Chris, this is a positive pregnancy test."

"I know what it is Mary Beth; the question is what am I going to do about it?" Chris asks in her usual direct manner although her hands her lap shook. Without a word Mary Beth reaches over and puts her arm around her partner.

"It'll be ok." She tells her.

"But why me, Mary Beth? Why me?" Chris asks pulling away from Mary Beth, "Other people have sex, they don't get pregnant, I do!" Chris says in an angry whisper.

"But Chris, you broke up with David, what four months ago? You can't be pregnant your not showing at all and …" she breaks off seeing the look on Christine's face, "whose is it Chris?"

Chris gives a cough to disguise the name and looks away.

"Whose?" Mary Beth asks her, pulling Chris around to face her.

"Lutenant Samuels'." Chris whispered,

"You slept with the Luten..." Mary Beth starts to say loudly but stops and lowers her voice when Chris shushes her, "sorry, but you slept with Samuels? When? Why? Are you dating him?"

"No It was a mistake and I don't want to hear you mention it every again!" Chris tells her crossly.

"Well that might be kind of hard Christine considering the fact that you carrying his baby!" Mary Beth says trying to make her partner understand the situation.

"Ok, Ok, it was about two months ago."

"Two months?"

"Yes, remember that night when you had to go to Michael's school and I said I'd finish up the paperwork on the purse snatcher case?"


"Well, I was a bit down and Samuels asked me in his office and we started talking, about AA mostly, but then I started telling him about stuff to do with David and Charlie, I forgot who I was talking to, then, well then he kissed me and one thing let to another and, hear we are!" she said in a falsely bright tone of voice her face returning to it's half angry, half scarred expression.

"What are you going to do Chris?"

"How should I know?" Chris demands, "I woke up this morning, felt sick and realised that I hadn't come on in ages, so I panicked rushed out, brought a home pregnancy test and when it was positive I came here." She says in hurried whispers.

"So you haven't even told Samuels yet?"

"No, what am I going to say Mary Beth?"

"Say how you feel Chris."

"You know I've never been good with feeling Mary Beth, let alone talking about them. Besides, I don't know how I feel about this!"

"Well I can't tell you how to feel about it Chris."

"I can't get rid of it Mary Beth, abortion's a sin, oh that so easy to say when your not pregnant!"

"Yep" Mary Beth whispers, out loud she tells Christine, "you need to talk to Samuels first, before you make a decision." Christine nods at this, "Do you want to go in to work?" Mary Beth asked her.

"Yes!" Chris answered sharply, "We've got to close the homicide case today Mary Beth or we're not going to get it done until next week!"

"Always a cop Christine, even in a crisis!"