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Samuels and Smith

It's 2020 and we're inside the 14th precinct, New York.

It's all changed in the last thirty years, the walls are neatly painted, the holding cell's bars shine and there's a brand new laptop on every desk. Even the Lutenant's office is newly painted and there no files piled up on the desk, just a shiny computer holding all the information. Everything about the place screams the word modern yet there is still an old fashioned air to it. The detectives still bustle round booking perps and looking up cases. And the old chalk board is still there, the one thing they couldn't bear to see go away. A blonde detective stands behind the desk next to the chalking in board; she taps her watch irately and looks expectantly at the door. In a few moments another woman rushes in and hurries over to her,

"Where've you been?" The blonde demands,

"Sorry Charlie, the twins were throwing up and I had to ring their school and then my mother and get her to look after them, plus it's the day of John's promotion review so I had to help him pick out a shirt." The blonde, Charlie, looks amusedly at her partner. "It's not easy running a family you know!" the other women adds.

"So I see." Charlie laughs, "Anyway Alice you're here now and the Lutenant wants to see…" She is cut off by a man hanging out of the office shouting,

"Samuels, Smith, my office!"

The women rush in and another day at the 14th starts.

That night Alice Christine and Charlie get back from a collar, it's fairly late and they're both tired.

"I know we can get him, if we just stay here a bit longer, or we could stake out his car, now there's an idea, Alice Christine I…"



"Dinner, tonight, seven o'clock? You know with my parents, Christine and Bert."

"Oh right, can't we change it? We need to make this collar."

"Charlotte, we've had these plans for ages, I've got a babysitter now and I want to go out and have someone else cook me dinner and wait on me for a change."

"But Alice Christine!"

"Charlotte Mary Samuels, you will come out with me, our parents and John and have a nice time, isn't that guy of yours coming too, what his name?

"Jake, Oh yeah. Damn!"

"Charlie, take a night off and come with me and listen to our parent's stories about police work in 'their day' you now they love an audience for their tales, which I must say I enjoy."

"Oh alright, but you owe me!"

"Ok, next stakeout we do, I'll buy the pretzels! Come on we're going to be late,"

"Fine, but first thing tomorrow we are tailing his car!"

"You know Charlie, sometimes you sound just like your mother."

"I do not!"

With that they chalk out and head for the restaurant together talking about everything that's going on in their lives. They spend the rest of the night laughing at the stories of their mothers, who smile behind their hands at how their kids have turned out, cops just like the originals! Well what else for Cagney and Lacey's daughters!

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