"Do have a seat," said Druella Black, as she ushered the two guests into her vast sitting room.

"Thank you," said Abraxas Malfoy, and he and his wife sat down opposite Druella and Cygnus. Druella offered them each glasses of wine, which they declined respectfully.

"We are here on a matter that requires our full attention," Abraxas explained, lifting his eyebrows as though to intrigue them in his prospects by stretching out his facial features.

"Oh?" said Cygnus. "And what might that be?"

"Our son Lucius is on his last year at Hogwarts," Emilia Malfoy revealed, "henceforth Abraxas and I have started to look for a suitable wife. We have met your three girls before, and all of them seem quite charming."

Druella inclined her head in thank you.

"So Abraxas and I thought perhaps something could be arranged?" Emilia finished with a dainty smile.

"It so happens," said Cygnus carefully, "that Druella and I have been searching for a husband for our middle daughter, Andromeda. She is also at her final year of Hogwarts." He fingered a gold coat button on his robe carefully. "If you think your Lucius is worthy of her . . ." he said delicately.

"Lucius is a very fine man," said Emilia, perhaps a bit too stiffly. "I assure you he is most definitely one who is commendable for her."

"So is that an agreement?" said Druella, sensing the tension mounting and not wanting to lose this deal, a deal that was so hard to come by these days. "Our children, are they to be wed?"

And it was agreed upon (though albeit, with several more comments and looks suggesting incompetence on the others' part. But it was still done, and that's the important thing). The Blacks and Malfoys decided to join their offsprings' futures, only sending them notice of the event after the fact.