Name: Lord of my Heart

Pairing: AxS (ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!! WHOOT!!!!!!!!)

Summary: What if Count Dracula's real name was Lord Alucard? And what if Seras was his bride? Can be taken as Hellsing x Bram Stoker crossover. AxS

Note: The only people from Hellsing who will be in this fic are Seras and Alucard. That means no Integra, Walter, Anderson, or any of the Millennium members. There will be people from Bram Stoker's Dracula (Van Hellsing, Mina, etc.) There will also be my own character creations as well.

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Overall Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing or Bram Stocker's Dracula. I do own Angela and any other characters that do not belong to either series.

Chapter one:

It was a beautiful night. A blood red moon was in the sky. Below was a dark and silent forest.

The forest and the castle that loomed over it belonged to the infamous Lord Alucard. He was said to be a monster that was immortal and nonageing. He was even older than the Elders of the surrounding villages.

Lord Alucard was also well known for his cruelty. Though he supposedly ruled over the villagers, he never paid any attention to them except when one of them displeased him. That person would usually be found drained or impaled.

The villagers, not liking either of these choices, decided to obey the laws and talk little of the Lord who ruled over them. One of the strange but obvious rules was that no one was allowed in the forest after night fall.

That is why it was so strange that the silence of the forest was broken by an exhausted sigh.

A young woman looked up from her work to stare nervously at the ominous castle. She then looked back down at the herbs she was searching and collecting with a worried frown.

Her name was Seras Victoria. When she was a young girl, she was orphaned by bandits who had killed her mother and father. Since she was part Gypsy (her mother coming from a well-known Gypsy clan) and her father a simple farmer, no one was willing to taker her in; believing her to be a natural-born thief and a burden.

All except for the old but kind herbalist of the village. Though the herbalist was a bit crazy and rumored to be a witch, she had taken pity on the young Seras Victoria and had decided to raise her to become the next herbalist, since she had no children of her own to take her trade.

Seras grew to become known to the village for her kindness and beauty. Her strawberry-blond hair and blue eyes an oddity among the villagers. As well as her large bosom that had attracted the eyes of the young men.

Seras sighed and dusted the dirt off of her patched dress. She truly loved Angela, the old herbalist who took her in, with all of her heart. But it was impossible to understand her.

Earlier that day, Seras had been reading and Angela had been cooking some roots when she suddenly screamed, "I want some Hogs Eye root!"

Seras blinked, "Angela, we have some Hogs Eye root that I got yesterday, see?" She pointed to the root that was sitting in the corner of the shelf.

Angela frowned, "I want it fresh! Now be a good girl and go get it for me."

Seras cringed and looked outside. It was getting dark and the Hogs Eye root could only be found in Lord Alucard's forest. "Okay, how about I get the root tomorrow."

Angela shook her head, "I want it now!"

Seras sighed, "Angela, it's dangerous to go into the forest at night."

Angela sighed, "Oh, I see. After I took you in, raised you as my own, this is the thanks I get?"

Seras rolled her eyes, "Alright, I'll get you the root."

Angela smiled happily as Seras grabbed her bag and went out the door, "Don't take too long! It's getting dark!"

So, here she was, in the darkness of the woods. Seras sighed and looked around with a mixture of fear and exhaustion. She suddenly realized that she had no idea where she was.

Seras frowned, "Great." She picked up her herbalist bag and set out to find the path to her village.


Seras smiled as she saw a clearing, but it turned into a frown when she walked into an unfamiliar meadow.

In the center of the meadow stood a tall, dark man. His black cape blowing in the wind and his head tilted toward the moon.

Suddenly, the man turned to glare at Seras with bright-red eyes. It was then that Seras realized who the man was. Lord Alucard and he did not look happy to see her.

Seras, in her fear, dropped her medicine bag and fled into the woods.

Seras ran like the devil was after her (which it pretty much was). Then, her patched dress caught on a thorn bush.

Seras cried out, 'This just isn't my day!' she thought helplessly.

When she finally got free, she was pulled back into a muscular chest.

Seras immediately started to struggle, whimpering when her struggles did nothing to dislodge her captor.

Alucard bent down and inhaled her sent, smirking when he found out she was a virgin. Perhaps he would save her for a snack, or maybe change her into his fledging. He moved his lips to her ear and whispered, "It's dangerous for little girls to be out on such a night."

Seras, who was shaking in fear, immediately said, "Please, I beg my lord's forgiveness! I got lost and could not find the path to my village!"

"Is that so?" asked Alucard in his velvety purr, "Look around, girl, what do you see?"

"W-woods?" asked Seras in a whisper.

"That's right, now who owns these woods?"

"You, milord." Seras said, curiosity lining her voice.

"Well, since you are in my woods, then that means that you are now mine." Alucard chuckled evily.

Seras whimpered, wondering what he was going to do with her.

Alucard then opened a portal and pulled himself and the terrified girl with him.

Seras resisted the erg to scream when Alucard had pulled her into the dark portal. She closed her eyes to fend off the dizziness. When she opened her eyes again she was in a lavish room with a four poster bed, a large fire place, and a vanity. She was in such awe that she didn't notice that Alucard had let her go.

Alucard smirked at her, "This shall be your room." He gestured to the walls, "Have a nice stay." He then phased away into the wall.

Seras looked around franticly until she found a door. She ran to it and tried to pull it open, only to find that it was locked. She walked over to her bed and sat down tiredly. She was trapped, like a mouse. She put her hands to her face and started to sob, what was he going to do with her?

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