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Chapter Twenty-four:

When Seras awoke next, the sun had just set. She herself, felt exhausted; as if she had just run thousands of miles. She yawned and, without opening her eyes, hugged her unusually hard pillow with a sigh. The pillow, much to her annoyance started to laugh just as she started to fall asleep again.

Wait a moment………… the pillow laughing? Why did that not make any sense to her clouded mind?

She opened her eyes and looked up to the amused eyes of her mate. She had been holding him around his waist and he himself didn't seem to mind it.

"Good evening, my little kitten. You look extremely well rested." He said with a chuckle, rubbing her back in smooth circles.

Then did Seras remember the battle. Gasping, she looked up at Alucard, "What about the battle? Did we win? What of Van Hell-?"

She didn't get to finish, for her lover had pressed his lips to hers in a passionate kiss. Seras moaned as he sucked her bottom lip, before he pulled away. He smiled as she purred and laid her head upon his chest.

"We won the fight, and Van Hellsing is no more." He whispered, running his fingers through her hair before suddenly flipping her over so that he was laying on top of her.

"I……… almost lost you." He muttered, running a hand down her face, "I refuse to fell that feeling of fear again."

Seras nuzzled his hand, leaning up and kissing his cheek, "You never will, I promise."

Alucard smiled again, moving his hands so that they ran down her sides to her hips, "Good." He whispered, nosing her head away so that he could plant open-mouthed kisses on her neck.

Seras groaned and tugged his hair, "Alucard…" she muttered happily.

Alucard smiled, and started to work on the buttons of her night-dress.


"Where are they???" asked Zukia, impatiently.

Werewolves, werecats, griffins, and a certain phoenix where all in the main hall. Igor had just gotten a message from Alucard that he and Seras would be down in a moment for the celebration they were about to have.

"So impatient, Zukia." Came a voice from the stairs.

Alucard walked down the stairs, his arms locked with a happy-looking Seras.

Lexi bolted up the stairs and ruffled Alucard's hair, "You player, you!"

Alucard swatted Lexi's hand away from his precious hair while Seras giggled.

Sami clapped her hands together, "ITS PARTY TIME!!!!!" she cried.

Igor, who was standing against the wall rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers. Violins and other musical instruments picked themselves up and started to play a fast beat.

Ross, Lexi, and Sami jumped into the dance floor and started to dance. Romulus and the other werecats and werewolves stared at the dancing people before Romulus burst out into laughing and joined them. Soon, everybody was running out there to dance. Alucard stared at the strange sight of Ross waving around his halibut like a crazy person, Sami and Andrew doing the cha-cha, Lexi doing a strange twist of the limbo and the margarita, and of Zukia and Jonathan, who looked like they were dancing their own style.

Seras laughed and grabbed an amused Alucard's hand and dragged him out to the dance floor.

A few hours or so later (no one was really keeping count) a surprised scream caused everyone to look around.

Zukia had gone over to get something to drink, when the water basin had shot up into her face. She was now extremely wet and unhappy looking, staring at the strange spring that had caused her to get drenched.

Romulus laughed, "I believe we are tied again, fire-kitten."

Zukia couldn't help but laugh with everyone else, "Yah, well I suggest you be on your toes, dog-boy. Cause we won't be tied for long!"

"Looks like everything is back to normal." Seras said, giggling.

Alucard wrapped his arms around his mate's waist, "It seems that way."

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