Chapter 1: The Name

Neville Longbottom sat back against his desk's chair. He looked around his office and smiled. He enjoyed the scent his office have. He looked back behind his desk and saw the Sword of Gryffindor he had pulled so many years ago.

"Another year done. Now it's time to send the letters to the prosepctive students," the Deputy Headmaster said. He stood up and walked over to the scroll of parchment and magic quill, which recorded the name and date of birth of any witch or wizard born in the United Kingdom. He scanned the paper making note of who will turn eleven by the end of August.

"Denis Creevy's son is coming in this year," Neville noted coming across the name "Samuel Colin Creevy." He continued down and got into the "D"s.

"'Dursley,'" Neville murmured the name as he read it. He knew he had heard that name before, but not for many years. Neville smiled and continued on with the letters and sorted between the muggle-born stack and wizard-born family stack. He sent the wizard-born letters out immediately and took the pile of muggle-born letters with him as he left his office. He came to a stone gargoyle.

"Diadem," Neville said clearly and the guardian moved aside. Neville walked up the steps and knocked on the door.

"Come in," came a voice.

Neville entered and said, "Good evening Professor Flitwick. I have the stack of letters to muggle-born children to be sent out in the morning."

"My goodness Neville, you've been teaching here for over ten years, you've earned the right to call me 'Filius'," the headmaster spoke with an annoyed, but amused voice.

"Sorry," Neville said, "I do have a request about one letters." Flitwick nodded for Neville to continue. "I'd like to deliver it myself with someone's help," Neville continued.

"You've never needed help before," Flitwick said, "Who is the child?"

"Dursley," Neville said, "Ms. Jane Dursley, daughter of Dudley Dursley. Dudley is Harry Potter's cousin. I thought I could use his help in this matter."

"I see," Flitwick said, "That seems like a wise choice. You may ask Mr. Potter to help you." Neville nodded and left the office. As he walked down the hall he raised his wand and a silver toad emerged and bolted off.

A few minutes later, as he sat behind his desk, a silver stag appeared and spoke in Neville's old friend's voice, "I'll be on High Street in ten minutes. Then you can tell me what the emergency is." It then disappeared. Neville smiled and went to get his traveling cloak. He took off to meet his old friend.