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Chapter 16: Expected and Unexpected

Dudley Dursley woke up from a pleasant sleep. He looked at his wife and smiled. She too was awake. Their eyes shared a common excitement. This was because of what day it was. They turned their heads at hearing a loud scream of joy from down the hall.

"It looks like Jane is awake," Emily said, "I'll get breakfast ready." She kissed her husband, got up and left. Dudley laid back and continued smiling.

"So, September 1 is finally here," Dudley though with mixed emotions. He was excited at finally crossing into that unknown part of the station. He was sad that he wouldn't see his baby girl for quite some time. Granted, Michael was also going off, but his school was only a few hours' drive away. From Harry's letters and chats they had, Dudley knew Jane would be many miles further than that. "At least dad has been civil," Dudley thought as he got up. And this was true. For nearly two months, since he has been out of the hospital, Vernon Dursley was a slightly different man. Maybe it was retiring and letting Dudley have full control of Grunnings; maybe it was a near-death experience; or maybe it was something deeper. Whatever the reason, Vernon's family couldn't help but be happy. Vernon was slowly changing into a somewhat decent man. He had stopped flinching anytime Jane hugged him, and even kept his mouth quiet when Jane was talking about what she had just read in one of her school books. He had to lie down to calm his heart after that event, though. But Dudley knew not to push his father to fast or he might revert back into his shell. For this reason, Dudley and Emily decided that Vernon coming with them to see Jane off was a bad idea. Dudley finally got dressed and left his room. As he was going down the steps, he heard his son talking to Jane. Dudley stopped to listen.

"You sure you got everything?" he asked.

"Yes Michael," Jane replied, "I got everything in my trunk. Mercury's cage has been cleaned and I have my ticket in my pocket."

"Good," Michael said. Dudley decided to continue down stairs. He walked into his kitchen and smiled at his wife.

"How are you today?" Dudley asked.

"Well, besides a bit of worry about Jane, normal," Emily said. She was cooking some bacon. "Is Jane ready?"

"Michael just went over her list with her, again," Dudley said before his children came down the stairs.

"Morning mom," Michael said, "You look a bit off. Are you all right?"

"Oh, you know me, September has never been my best month," Emily said. Michael and Jane nodded. Their mother was prone to getting sick right around the start of her teaching again, but she had never been this off color this early.

"But this early in the month?" Jane asked.

"Well, she might of picked something up a few nights ago when we visited Harry's again, remember?" Dudley asked. Michael and Jane exchanged glances again. Their mother had looked worse since they came back. And they all did take a tour of Harry's grounds. She might have picked it up then. Both children accepted the answers without any question, aloud. Their train of thought was distracted by their mother putting four plates of food.

"You're not hungry?" Michael asked, noting his mother's plate, which had only a fraction of the food his held.

"Just feeling a little off," Emily said smiling, "Don't want to eat too much." She and Dudley exchanged glances and a quick smile. Michael and Jane had been putting food on their forks, so they missed both the glance and smile. The rest of the morning passed without much incident. Emily read the paper as Dudley cleaned the dishes. Michael was making sure Jane had everything, again. Unknown to the children, Dudley, Emily, Harry, and Ginny had a pool on how many times Michael would ask Jane about this.

"Looks like Ginny might win," Dudley thought as she was the closest, if Michael did it two more times, Emily would be closer and win.

He entered the living room and heard Jane yell, "Michael, thank you for trying to help, but if you ask me one more time about my trunk, I'll tell Rose how you look at her."

"W-w-what do you mean?" Michael asked, stammering.

"You looked at her the same way you look when Rebecca Smith walks by the house," Jane replied, "Now, I must get a nicer shirt on, so please go down stairs." There was silence and then the sound of a closing of a door. Soon Michael was walking down the stairs.

"Ginny won," Dudley and Emily thought. Michael sat down, waiting. He never liked how perceptive his younger sister was, especially at reading his body and face. Son Jane was coming down the steps.

"I'm ready," Jane said smiling. Dudley checked his watch. It was just ten. They were to meet Harry and company around ten thirty, so they started out. Dudley took the trunk to the car.

As Dudley drove, Michael said, "Mom, are you sure you're all right?"

"Yes dear," Emily said, sighing. She looked at her husband, who couldn't glance back because of some stupid drivers this morning. Suddenly, there was a quick pull and everyone was thrown into the side of the car as Dudley pulled over.

"Everyone fine?" he asked.

"Yeah, what happened?" Emily asked.

"Some a- fool bumped us while following behind," Dudley said getting out to check for any damage.

"That was unexpected," Jane said.

"I hope it isn't a bad omen," Michael said.

"Everything's fine," Dudley said, "I'll do a better look later. For now, we have a train to catch." The rest of the trip went without incident. When they got to the train station, Dudley glared at a car.

"What is it dear?" Emily asked coming to him.

"That's the car that bumped us," Dudley said before walking over to the driver. The doors opened and Dudley saw Ron Weasley get out. Soon Hermione came. She looked very angry at her husband.

"I told you to watch your speed," she hissed, "You're lucky I repaired any damage you did. All they felt was a bump."

"And some whiplash as we pulled over," Dudley said on approach. Ron and Hermione looked at Dudley's angry face. His face matched Harry's description of his uncle's face when angry.

"It was your car I bumped?" Ron asked.

"Yes," Dudley said.

"Oh, I am so sorry," Ron said, meaning it sincerely, "But there was no damage done, right? So all is well?" Dudley smiled.

"Can you mend a broken nose quickly?" Dudley asked.

"Yes," Hermione answered, not liking Dudley's look or tone.

"Would it be all right for me to break yours, and all is well, since you can repair it then?" Dudley asked before leaving so he didn't actually try fighting Ron. He was bigger and stronger than Ron, but Ron had magic to defend himself with. As Dudley was walking away, Hermione's cold glare pierced Ron and Ron knew he better do something to try to make some amends, or it was his head.

As that scene went on, Michael and Jane got a trolley, so they missed what happened. When they got back, they saw Ron's clan coming out of his car. Michael blushed when he saw Rose. Jane smiled and covered for him by calling to them.

"Hi Rose, Hugo," Jane called. Both children looked and saw their new friends. Hermione and Ron were getting two trolleys for their children.

"Hi Jane," Rose said, "Hi Michael." Michael turned his head away, making it look like he was gauging the weather.

"Why did I have to have crushes on two girls?" he thought, "I can't go anywhere without noticing something of at least one of them." Jane saw Hugo carrying a small basket.

"What's in there?" Jane asked.

"Henry," Hugo said, "My cat."

"Did you get in Diagon Alley?" Michael asked, wondering what magical qualities a cat might have.

"No," Rose said, "This is a young kitten, from the child of one of Crookshanks's mates' litters. I miss that cat." Hugo also bowed his head.

"So, does it have any abilities?" Jane asked.

"Well, he's part kneazel," Hugo said, "It means he'll be bigger than a normal cat, be more intelligent, and can tell if someone is untrustworthy or doing something bad."

I bet he and James will get along well," Jane said before the four children laughed.

"What about me?" James asked as he and his sibling approached. Jane looked over and saw Harry and Ginny talking with her parents. Ginny was looking pretty angry at something her father was saying, but was looking at Ron.

"What's going on with mom?" Lily asked, following Jane's gaze.

"Oh, dad bumped into a Muggles car when driving here," Rose said quietly, "Mom repaired the damage to both, but was still really angry." Michael and Jane's eyes opened.

"We were rear ended when coming up here," Michael said, "Dad said he didn't see any damage to us though." At this James started laughing.

"Uncle Ron is going to get it now," James said, "He's unlucky that it will just be him and Aunt Hermione for awhile."

"Well, I doubt mom will kill him," Hugo said.

"But she does know quite a few spells to hurt him," Rose said. They then saw their parents approach. Ron was keeping his head down, and none of the others had happy faces. Then they started walking to the platform entrance. Jane and Lily started whispering again. And Ron kept getting glares from his wife, sister, and Dudley. Dudley's earlier "question" made Harry glad Hermione could do healing spells, but knowing Hermione, she's let it bleed for a while. Eventually, after passing through a crowd of people getting off a ten forty arrival, they made it to the pillar.

"So, we just believe there's nothing there and we'll be fine?" Dudley asked again.

"Right," Harry said, "Lily, you, Hugo and Jane go first." The three nodded. Jane swallowed. She followed her peers and went through the wall. Dudley blinked, he thought he saw his daughter enter the wall, but then just vanish. And then James went solo, then Albus, Rose, and Michael. Michael was closer to Rose as they ran, trusting these people more than what his senses were screaming at him as he was running at a brick wall. To Dudley and Emily, they seemed to touch the wall and vanish. Dudley and Emily looked at each other. They had been to Diagon Alley, seen people flying on broomsticks, and travel by fire. If they had seen, and done some of that, then they could walk through the wall. They got up the courage and went next. They were going at the wall a bit fast. If they were wrong, they'd look like two fools. But they kept believing and hit the wall, but there was no wall. It vanished just as they hit it and they now stood in a beautiful train station with a scarlet engine whistling. They were soon joined by the other parents.

"Um, Dudley," Ron said, "I'd like to invite you over to dinner tonight, to make up for my stupid mistake." Dudley still had some anger in his face. "And Harry's coming as well," Ron added.

"Where do you live?" Emily asked.

"In Devon," Hermione said, "We'll pick you up."

"How will we travel?" Dudley asked.

"It'll be by side-along apparition," Ron said.

"All right, is it safe?" Dudley asked, noticing Harry's wide-eye glance at the mention of this transportation.

"Yes," Ron said, "We'll just get a good hold of your arm and pop over there."

"All right, see you later, say six?" Dudley asked.

"Sure," Ron said. They then went to find their kids.

They found all seven children waiting for them. "What took you?" James asked.

"Just talking," Harry said, "You help get your sister's stuff on board?"

"Yes," James said.

"And Albus helped with my stuff," Jane said.

"Thanks Albus," Emily said.

"It was not problem," Albus said, smiling. There was a high pitched whistle.

"You better get on board," Harry said, "James; don't give your sister or cousin any wrong directions."

"Don't worry, by the end of the first week, you should have the general layout of it," Albus said.

"Don't worry Jane, if we're both Gryffindor, I can get my father's map from James without him knowing it," Lily whispered, her smile was very similar to her Uncle George's smile. Jane nodded. She gave her parents and brother a hug.

"I'll write to tell you which house I'm in," Jane said.

"Keep safe, and stay close to your cousins," Emily said. Jane was the last to get on. Then the train started to move. Soon, Jane could no longer see her family, and they couldn't see her.

"Well, we'll see you in a few hours," Dudley said looking at Harry and Ron. Harry and Ron were confused at the small smile he and Emily had.

"Right," Ron said. And they walked back into the Muggles world.

"Oh Ginny," Dudley said to his in-law.

"Yes," she asked.

"You won the pot," Dudley said.

"Oh, thanks," Ginny said smiling. They got to their respective cars and left for home.

"What pot?" Michael asked his parents. They exchanged glances and laughed, never answering their son's inquiry.

As the Dursley family made back to their home in Surrey, they were laughing at what Hermione might have done to Ron. "How did that man get a license?" Dudley asked again.

"Maybe he tricked his instructor?" Emily said.

"Yeah, like if he forgot something like checking his mirrors," Dudley chuckled. They drove in and waited. The house seemed quiet without Jane around. Michael was going up to make sure his Smelting's uniform was ready. Dudley sat back, thinking on how he could torture Ron, by simple words and expressions. He did seem very sorry about hitting them, so he wouldn't push the matter too hard. Emily came in.

"That trip went as well as expected, minus Ron's driving," Emily said, "Ginny was right, doing it at a run does help get through it."

"Are you feeling all right?" Dudley asked.

"Yes dear, I'm fine," Emily said, "You'd think you'd trust me enough to know my own body."

"I can't help it," Dudley said. And so, time passed slowly for the Dursleys. They had a late lunch and decided to play some card games.

"Where did you get this pack of cards?" Dudley asked. He and Emily had never seen this pack of cards before.

"James gave them to me today," Michael said. Dudley thought back to some of the random talks he and Harry had, had in the past two months.

"Exploding Snap," Dudley said.

"Huh?" Emily asked.

"I believe these will randomly make small explosions," Dudley said.

"Cool," Michael said.

"You can't take them with you to your school," Emily said before dealing out the cards. They did a three man game of cribbage, then rummy. Finally, they heard a popping noise. Dudley looked around and saw none of the cards moved.

"What was that?" Dudley asked. Then there was a knock on the door.

"They're here," Emily said getting up. She opened the door and in came Ron and Hermione.

"So, what will we do again?" Michael asked.

"You and you mother will take my hands and Ron will take your fathers. And we'll transport you to our house," Hermione explained. The Dursleys nodded and went to their transporter. Ready?" she asked. Suddenly Dudley felt like he was being compressed very tightly. He was being pushed through a thin tube. Finally, it ended, but he could tell they weren't in Surrey any more. He opened his eyes and said a nice looking house. It was two stories high, with a small stone fence around. It was a brownish color, which matched well to the trees around it. The trees around the ground's perimeter were tall and old.

"Welcome," Ron said going to open the door. Suddenly, there were two pops. Harry and Ginny had arrived behind Emily and Michael.

"Hello," Harry said. Dudley nodded. Ginny gave Dudley a lukewarm look. She had mostly forgiven Dudley, but not entirely.

"Hi again," Emily said. They all went inside, once the greetings ended.

"How's Kreacher doing?" Harry asked.

"Kreacher is here?" Dudley asked.

"Well, even with magic, Hermione has never been a good cook," Ron said, "So I asked Harry if Kreacher could help cook our meal. Kreacher was happy to help."

"I see," Dudley said. So, they sat down, and Kreacher brought in some drinks, firewhisky for the adults, and pumpkin juice for Michael.

"I'll take some juice instead," Emily said politely to Kreacher.

"Yes," Kreacher said before hurrying off and coming back with some juice. Emily sipped it while everyone, but Dudley looked at Emily curiously. They had all seen her drink firewhisky before,

"So," Dudley said, breaking the ice, "How does it feel to have all your kids out of your house?"

"Quiet," Harry said, "And you'll have that when Michael goes to Smeltings tomorrow."

"Well, it won't be that quiet for long," Emily said with a queer smile on her face.

"Okay, what is going on mom?" Michael asked. He knew that smile as the one she always used when talking about birthday presents. She knew something, something big. Emily and Dudley exchanged glances. Emily nodded.

Dudley smiled as well, when he said, "Michael, your mother is pregnant." If Dudley only had a camera, he would have caught everyone's faces of complete shock.

"How long are you in?" Ginny asked, smiling.

"Just into the tenth week," Emily said.

"Wait, was that why dad took Jane and me to the park a while ago, so you could visit a doctor?" Michael asked.

"Yes," Dudley said.

"Congratulations," Ron said.

"Thank you," Emily said.

"Why didn't you tell us earlier?" Harry asked.

"We wanted it to be a surprise," Emily said. And this talk went on about plans they had for names, and where the baby would live. Suddenly, there was a chiming. The clock was chiming seven.

"They should be arriving soon," Ginny noted, "And later tonight, we'll know which house they'll be in."

"Because of Neville?" Michael asked.

"Yes," Harry said.

"How?" Michael asked, "An owl would take a while. By floo powder?"

"No, by patronus," Harry said.

"What?" Michael asked.

"This," Harry said pointing his wand and a silver stag erupted from it. It stood there, making the living room even brighter than it was. Dudley recalled the warmth it brought him so long ago. "A skilled wizard can put a message inside it and be sent to you personally and quickly."

"Like e-mail?" Michael asked. He received blank stares from Ginny and Ron.

"Yes," Hermione said.

"What's that?" Ron asked.

"A letter sent electronically," Dudley said.

"Oh, all right," Ron said.

"Dinner is ready," Kreacher called. And so, they moved themselves to the dining room. They sat Harry, Ginny, Emily, Hermione, Ron, Michael, and Dudley. They made small talk. Harry and Dudley were inquiring about the other's work. Ginny, Emily, and Hermione were talking about their previous pregnancies, all laughed when they mentioned Harry and Ron, who fought dark wizards for a living, got cold feet during their first child's birth, while Dudley didn't. Michael was telling Ron more about the internet, and Ron was advising him not to mention too much of this to Mr. Weasley Senior. Suddenly a silver toad appeared from a wall and landed on the table. It looked at Harry.

Out of the mouth came Neville's voice, "The sorting just got done. Here's where they went." Everyone on the leaned forward to listen. Ginny and Harry were leaning forward. Ron looked a bit grim. But Michael, Emily and Dudley, who had never dealt with this type of pressure before, were more excited and scared than the rest of them.

To be continued in the next series I write: A Dursley at Hogwarts. This will be sometime out before the end of the millennium, I promise you. How long will it be, that's something else.

Author's note: Yes, I know I am a sick, evil person. I build everyone up so much with this long chapter filled with some things expected, like Jane's excitement, Vernon turning over a slow leaf, and Ron crumbling to his wife's gaze, to the unexpected: Ron is a speed demon, the parents betting on Michael, and Emily's baby. Then I break off the story right at big news. By all means, flame me for this, but I couldn't do it. I want this information to come when Jane is talking with the hat. To give it now would be like Rowling saying Dumbledore's wand was made of Elder back in the beginning, when we get to that part, it would of been ruined. On a note to Emily being pregnant, how much would someone want to bet, if Vernon is still alive, he'd die of shock from having another wizard/witch grandchild. I estimated him to be in his 60's now, assuming he and Petunia married in their early 20's. Had Dud, was in his late 30's when the series ended, 23 years later puts him in his 60's, so he'd be 70 when this one becomes 11. Yeah, he'd die. Until the next story.

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