For the Love of the Degenerates

By: HeartbreakDX

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Author's Note: Hello readers. I hate writer's block. I just cannot get moving on my other shit so I'm gonna write this one. Been in my head a while so why not do something with it?

Summary: 6 WWE Superstars are forced to go on a camping trip. What will happen when Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, and Chris Beniot are stranded in the wilderness, with few supplies to survive on. SLASH!

Note: When I first wrote this, Eddie and Chris were still with us. Rather than changing the story, I decided to keep it the way it is. I have decided not to judge what happend with Chris. Anyway, if you're uncomfortable with it, don't flame me. I warned you.

So I've babbled on too long, so I'm just gonna shut up now. :D


"Hey Hunter!" Shawn Michaels yelled, running down the hall to catch up with his best friend.

"Hey Shawn, what's up?" Hunter asked when Shawn stopped next to him.

"Did you get one of these?" he asked, holding up a letter.

"Yeah." he pulled out his own, they were identical.

You are to meet me in my office 2:00 pm today, no exeptions, no excuses.

Shane McMahon

"I wonder what the little brat wants." Hunter said

"Dunno, but whatever it is, I'm curious." Shawn said.

"Me too." Hunter agreed. They walked down the hall to Shane McMahon's office.

When they got there, they saw 4 other people standing outside it, waiting.

"Ah, looks like we aren't the only ones Shane-O-Mac wanted to talk to Vato." Eddie Guerrero said, spotting them.

"So what you think Shane-O is up to?" Shawn asked him.

"I dunno esse, but whatever it is, I doubt its good." Chavo said.

"Yeah, or knowning Shane, its something stupid he wants done." Chris agreed. Just then the door opened to reveal Shane McMahon in his usual suit.

"Good, you're all here. Alright, come it." he said, stepping aside to let them through. The all walked through the door and sat down in the chairs that stood in a semi circle in front of the desk.

"Now," he said, walking about to sit behind the desk. "You all have been worked hard these last few years without much of a break..."

"You're telling me." Hunter muttered.

"So," Shane continued. "my father and I have set up a little relaxation for you all."

"What are you getting at Shane?" Rey asked.

"We're sending you out camping." All 6 men stared at him, open mouthed.

"You serious? Camping?" Shawn asked, trying to wrap his head around this new idea.

"Yes Shawn, camping." Shane affirmed.

"I love to camp. Me and Chavito used to go camping every summer when we were kids, remember Chavo?" Eddie said.

"Oh yeah. Remember that one time when my dad went with us..." Chavo started.

"...and he fell into the river trying to catch a fish." Eddie finished. "I'll never forget it."

"Yes well if there are no more questions, I suggest you all get packing." Shane cut in. The wrestlers nodded and left the room.

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