Gone with the Sin
-L's POV. spoilers for vol. 7 and episode 25. spoiler for L's real name.

All of the monitors went white and the words 'All Data Deletion' appeared on the screans. The final moment had finally come, Watari was dead. A sharp pain ripped through my body, my time on this planet was comming to an end. I refused to show the others my weakness, I have to hold on for as long as possible. Whatever I do I must not scream, I will not give Kira that satisfaction. My facade ended when the spoon that I had been holding slipped from my fingers. With the dropping of the spoon I allowed myself to fall as well.

As I fell I heard the gasps of the taskforce and a pair of feet scuff against the floor. I had expected the floor to catch me as I feel, but instead I felt a body under mine and a pair of hands holding me protectivly. The body shifted and the person that caught me was holding me like a child inhis lap. I looked up to see Kira staring down at me. No, this wasn't Kira, it was Light. The real Light. There was a look of sympathy and remorse in his eyes. He mouthed that he was sorry and I forgave him.

Breathing became harder for me and it was becoming a challange to keep my eyes open and my brain awake. As I felt myself drifting away Light's expression began to change. His eyes hardened and an uncaring grin spread over his lips. It was at that moment I realized that Kira was not only killing me, but Light as well. With my death Kira will have finally won.

I had always hoped to save Light from Kira, but it would seem that the only way to save him now was to kill him.
As L went limp in Light's arms, what was left of the auburn haired teen's true self made one last attempt to show itself by crying out in agony. Kira manipulated his final act and suffocated Light with his malice.

On that day both L Lawliet and Light Yagami were distroyed by Kira's greatest sinful act.

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