As Long As I'm Living

Written: 10/18/06

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A/N: Damn am I on a roll. This is just too much fun. I could do it all day. In fact, I just might. :) I'm bringing out some old stuff that I haven't got around to posting.

"Shawn." Shawn turned.

"Hey Baby, what's up?" he wrapped his arms around Randy, his lover. Randy pulled away and Shawn frowned.


"Shawn, I can't be with you anymore."

"Randy, what are you talking about?" tears appeared in Shawn's eyes.

"I...I've found someone else. I'm sorry." Shawn looked up into Randy's eyes. Where he once saw love, there was now only cold indifference.

"Randy..." Randy turned away.

"Goodbye Shawn." Randy then walked away. Adam, Hunter, and Dave; the only other people in the room, stared open mouthed. Hunter stepped forward and pulled his sobbing best friend into his arms. Shawn clung to him desperatly, gripping him like and anchor.

"Shhh shh shhh shhh Shawn, its ok." he took Shawn over to the bench in the center of the room and pulled him down onto his lap, rocking him back and forth.

"That bastard! How could he do that? I'm gonna kill him!" Dave exclaimed. He stormed angrily after Randy. Adam sat beside Hunter and Shawn, running his hand soothingly through the man's hair.

"Shawn, sweetie, everything's gonna be alright. You'll see."

"" Shawn sobbed. "R..R...Randy was e...everything to"

"I know Shawn, you gave him your heart and he just threw it away. But Shawn, that just shows what he knows! You are the kindest, sweetest, most caring individual I have ever met. You love life, you're not afraid to show your emotions or your opinions. You're helpful, fun, loving, trusting." Adam sighed. "And there's something you should know Shawn. I've been in love with you since the moment I first met you." Shawn raised his head.


"Shawn, I would have told you but you were involved with Hunter and then Randy. I never had a chance!"

"Really?" he said, wiping the tears from his face and hiccuping.

"Yes Shawn." Shawn smiled and got off of Hunter, hugging Adam.

"I love you Adam. I just never thought that someone as beautiful as you would want me. I mean you and Jay..." Shawn whispered. Adam wrapped his arms around Shawn.

"Shawn, me and Jay-Jay are just friends. How could I not love you?" he kissed Shawn gently.

"Love you forever." he whispered. Shawn smiled.

"Love you for always." he replied.

"As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."


A/n: God Damn! I just realized how horribly chessy that ending is. Oh well!