Sakura ran through the woods, her speed decreasing with every branch she jumped. She couldn't keep this up much longer, her chakra and her stamina were declining rapidly. This has been going on for hours, close combat, ninjutsu, I can't take much more! All that's left is to run. Maybe I out ran him…

Looking over shoulder she saw the dark blue flash a couple feet behind her and to the right. Not much longer now, she thought, He'll be upon me in a couple seconds. "Ahhh!" Sakura fell from the trees onto the ground.

"Ahh…?" The scream had turned into a question when Sakura noticed that she hadn't hit the ground, instead she was in someone's arms.

"Sasuke-kun…? I thought that, what?" Sakura's head was spinning. Sasuke brought his face very close to hers, Sakura was turning redder by the second.

"Sa-ku-ra, Do you want to know why I couldn't let you fall? Hmmm?

Sakura's voice became small and meek, "Not really." She squeeked. Whaaaatt?!? Sakura thought, Sasuke-kun's gonna kiss me?! NO WAY. I'm over him! Just then Sasuke dropped Sakura on her butt.

"Because then you would have gotten hurt, and though you're a medical nin, you'd be useless on the future missions." Sasuke said with a smirk, "What did you think? That I was going to kiss you? Get real."

"Sasuke-kun! You jerk! You know I got over you since you came back from emo farm!" Sakura said jumping up, very pissed off.

"I told you not to call it that, its simple, I wanted to get stronger, so I went and got stronger. That's all, oh, and if you're over me than why did you turn so red? Hmmm?"

"Well…that is…um…If someone put their face that close to yours what would you do?!" Sakura shouted.

"Easy, they'd be dead," Sasuke smirked, "For you, though, I'll make an exception." Sakura looked terrified as Sasuke pushed her up against a tree. "Sasuke-kun! What the hell are you doing?!?" Sakura shrieked.

"This," Sasuke leaned in to kiss her. Sasuke, he would never do this, or talk that way, wait a frickin minute! POOF! Sakura had hit "Sasuke" on top the head and he turned into Naruto.

"NNNAAAARRRRRRRUUUUTTTTTOOOO!" Sakura punched Naruto and he went flying, his nosebleed trailing after him.

"But Sakura-chan! I was just teaching you what kind of things that Sasuke is thinking to do!" Naruto shouted while getting out of the tree.

"Urrggg! I told you, Naruto, Sasukes still dark, he hates the world, including me, and that's not gonna change. Wait…where the hell is Sasuke? I know I was training with him earlier. He used his Sharingan."

"Oh, yeah, after you started to run, he got annoyed and went home. So I followed you, look, Sakura-chan, even if you're over him, he can still make you go weak. Even being over someone you liked, you're old feeling can be stirred. Just be careful, alright? You're my friend, I don't want to see him break you're heart…again."

"Thanks, Naruto, it means a lot, but you're a baka, though that little speech saved you from being killed." From there Sakura and Naruto walked back home to Konoha.

Three Months Later

"Tsunade-sama, what kind of mission is this? An A-rank, not too hard, but I haven't heard of anything, secretive?" Sakura questioned her master.

"As a matter of fact, yes. You know the Kazekage-sama, Gaara, is that correct?" Tsunade asked.

"Yes, I remember him, I still can't believe that he's the Kazekage, wow."

"Yes, well, the assignment is an A-rank, it is a slow mission. You will be staying in Suna for quite some time." Tsunade continued.

"May I ask why? Tsunade-sama?"

"Yes," Tsunade continued slowly, "Gaara, the Kazekage-sama, has asked that you personally come to train Temari, Kankoru, and himself."

"Whhhaaaaat?!? The "great" Gaara-san, sorry, Kazekage-sama, asking for help?!" Sakura couldn't believe it!

"Don't get cocky Sakura!" Tsunade rages.

"Mehaha, cocky, mehaha, cock, mehaha, penis." Said a male voice in the back.

"Naruto! I had almost forgotten you were there, I have a mission for you as well!"

"Oh yeah!" Naruto said, his eyes gleaming, "S-rank???!"

"No, after that little comment, it's a D-rank. Cleaning the horse stalls on the farm outside of Konoha."

"Ah SHIT!! Ah whatever, I just got an A-rank, Ill let you off the hook this time, Granny Tsunade!" With that Naruto ran off.

"Tsunade-sama, what shall I leave?"

"As soon as you can, the Kazekage-sama will be here to escort you to Suna in a few hours."

"The Kazekage-sama, why him? I can go by myself…" Sakura replied.

"Sakura, he want to bring you, I don't know why, most likely because he wants to start learning early, or because you may get lost, or there may be a sandstorm. But I can't be sure…"

"Ok, I'll be off now, I should start and be finished in an hour or so, I'll report back soon." Sakura then left the room with a poof. Tsunade leaned back in her chair,

"Two hot-tempered people, the higher learning from the lower. This will get interesting."

Sakura's House

"Aurg! I am going to be so late!!!" Sakura shouted to no one. She was throwing her clothes everywhere, trying to pack on such short notice wasn't easy.


"I'M COMING! God, it could only be Naruto, he always does that!" Sure enough as she opened the door, there was Naruto, and a very excited Ino.

"Naruto-san told us about your mission. Wow, that will take quite a while! I'll try to keep people away from u-no-who for you, 'kay?" Ino said, while inviting herself in and onto the couch.

"Iinnnooo!" Sakura wined, "I told you! There's no one here in Konoha! Maybe I'll find someone in Suna, though." Sakura said hopefully.

"Sakura, since you're packing, I think, I'll leave, we just wanted to say bye, everyone else is on a mission or two. Well, don't have too much fun without me!" Ino shouted.

Naruto then came up behind her and gave Sakura the greatest hug ever, Ino then joined in, although her dislike for Naruto made her squirm.

"Thanks everyone," Sakura said sadly, "But I'll be back soon." So to avoid any crying between her and Ino, Sakura poofed off to the city gates.

"Sorry I'm late Tsunade-sama, is the Kazakage-sama here?" Sakura asked while walking up to her.

"Oi, Sakura-chan, he is a little late, due to work, he should be here like right now." Tsunade replied. Just the there was a sand swirl and Gaara appeared in front of them in his Kazekage robe.

"Hokage-sama, I have come to bring the medic nin to Suna with me. Where is she?" Gaara was looking past Sakura and into the village.

"Kazekage-sama, this is Sakura-chan, she is the medic nin, she was there with me when we signed the peace treaty, she is the one who healed Kankoru from the poison after his battle with the Akatsuki member, Sasori. She killed Sasori with the helpo of one of your own."

God, will this woman ever shut up?! Sakura, ah, the pink haired konichi.

Ahh, I remember this one, she caused us great confusion in the battle against Naruto-kun and Sasuke-san. She was the one who protected him.

Ah, yes, that one. She sure has changed a lot after those 5 years. How old do think she is now, Shakaku? 16? 17?

Around, there, Gaara. Man, she's hot now!

Disgusting. We'll lets get going, I don't have all day, and this will take two to three to get back to Suna.