I'm sorry, but this is where I will be ending my fanfic. But I have a reason, and in time, or even now, it will make sense to you all. Here is why:

When I was little I used to dream stories in my head so that I would sleep faster and feel wanted in "real" life. Everything would go how I wanted and things would be like I wanted them to be in real life.

Now in fanfics I am doing this for you. I have started and gotten into a story. Now at night you can dream and think the rest of the story in your head, that way it goes how you would like it to.

Some fanfics I will finish, but not many. Always with oneshots but that's because they're really short and only a chapter. You all may be mad at me, and no I won't use a fake excuse like my computer is broken forever, like some people do.

I thought of continuing it anyway, but I know that I would get lazy or something and just finish the story off in like another chapter or so, don't think anything cause we all know it would suck if I just wrote another chapter to finish it.

I apologize to all those who want to kill me now, but I will be making more fanfics….maybe. This is my new fanfic site name, so I may lose touch, because I have previously written about 23.

Have fun with life, love you all for being faithful and loyal readers!!!!! Author alert me, I have two more fanfic ideas already written down, just need to be typed!

Hugs and kisses, bye!!!