Nora Fekira Possite had a passion that had burned in her soul long before she discovered the anagram in her name. This passion was thrust upon her because of one measly book. Now, Nora wasn't much of a reader and the reason she was in "Hector's Bookshop; A collection of novels by budding authors" was unknown to her, but when she saw the leather-bound book resting on top of the shelf, she snatched it up hastily.

The engraved, red writing on the book read, "Le Fantóme de l'opéra: Gaston Leroux " and Nora was quite intrigued so she dug around in her purse until she found enough coins, purchased the book, and rushed home to delve deep in its pages.

For an entire day Nora stayed shut up in her room, her door latched, reading the book, lost in the cellars of the opera house. Nora didn't even notice her grandmother banging on the door, nor that she hadn't eaten anything…she was only in the world of the Phantom.

When she had finished the book, soaking the last few pages with her tears, she said with a trembling voice,

"I love Erik."

She had decided at her tender age of twelve that she was deeply in love with the Phantom of the Opera. She loved his voice, his music, his mind, his soul, and his mask. She didn't overlook his deformity, though…she was in love with it. She wanted to kiss the disfigured lips and stare up into his black holes for eyes. She longed for him…more than anything. She also knew her longing was not in vain for she knew he couldn't be dead as the end of the book so coldly. If he were dead she would know it. The fire in her heart would have been extinguished. Yes, Erik was alive and Nora was going to go to Paris Opéra someday and she would find him. And once she had found him she would never leave him, unlike that disgusting, vile fool, Christine Daaé.

Now I'll bet you're still wondering about that anagram. Well, two years later, when Nora Fekira Possite was feeling rather low, she had out a quill and a piece of parchment and randomly she started to play with the letters of her name. Her mood lifted tremendously when she found out the word "Erik" could be made with a few letters of her name. Though when she got the word "Erik" she noticed something strange about the letters left over; she furrowed her brow and got to work. She gasped when she saw the result.

"Passionate for Erik," She whispered in awe. Nora Fekira Possite knew that she and Erik were truly meant to be. She only had to wait a few more years.


Now, a little more about Nora before I turn it over to her; Nora was orphaned at the age of one and sent to live with her well-to-do grandmother. Thirteen years later, Nora's grandmother passed away and she was forced to live in an orphanage in Rouen, France until she was seventeen and could inherit her grandmother's money.

Now, more about Nora herself; Nora wasn't an especially ugly girl, though she had several faults. Her nose was a lot longer than it should've been, she was incredibly skinny with her hip bones protruding, her dirty-blonde hair was stick straight, her feet were very big, and her hands were cold and bony. Though she did have snow-white skin, almond-shaped blue eyes, a precious little rosebud mouth, and cute little expressions that often had people wrapped around her bony little finger.

Most likely due to her harsh life, Nora was standing on the borderline of madness. Though to some she seemed romantic, lively, and whimsical…most could tell she was so close to insanity that all Nora had to do was stick out her tongue and her tongue would brush against it.

Nora's mind wandered frequently, she often danced with herself, she made strange noises randomly, she never hid her emotions, and she used to wail uncontrollably in public when she saw pretty things in the store, knowing she'd never have them until she turned seventeen.

The strangest thing about her though was the way she sang. Her voice was far from operatic (though she wanted it that way). It was a mezzo-soprano belt with lots of personality and…did a mention rather loud and a little obtrusive? And did I mention she sang quite a lot?

Her operatic- soprano was breathy and unimpressive, but she told herself that Erik could fix it…and Erik would drool over her voice once he'd finished. For, he loved Christine and did it for her…so couldn't he do the same for Nora if he loved her? Of course he would! He would love her enough…or, so Nora thought.