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Chapter 31

A gaze was directed towards the ceiling, as if trying to bore a hole in it.

Tick, tick, tick……..

Sasuke Uchiha counted off the last few minutes of his life. However, usually he would just sink into a deep abyss of darkness. The faint lights of hope in his mind however, was that he would finally be joining her.

Ah, where should he start?

Sakura Haruno was at first, an annoyance to him. He remembered about thinking how she was just a stupid fangirl. And the fact that she was weak didn't help her much.

But then…….. how should he put it? She just changed. Gone was the ugly (well, he never really paid attention to her, so he wasn't sure whether or not she really was ugly.), weak kunoichi he used to know. Suddenly, she sprouted with curves, was stronger than him, and had almost made him drool when she came to find him.

And then, in like what? Five minutes? She disappeared forever. From Konoha, from the world, from his life.

Now, since Itachi had been killed, there was nothing left of his life. He had been looking forward to spending the rest of his life with Sakura. Haha, that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

Sasuke sat up from the couch, his hands over his face. He was getting tired from thinking about the girl too much. Then, he took out a piece of paper and pen. They saw that putting thoughts onto paper help you take your mind off of it.

"Let's just hope it works," Sasuke thought bitterly as he started to write.

An hour later………………..

"OH MY GOD THIS IS SO LAME!" Sasuke glared at the white sheet in front of him as he scanned over his words once again.

What the hell? He had suddenly turned Mr. Romantic for some reason and had written probably the sappiest thing on earth.

He crumbled it up and threw it into the crackling, red fire underneath his chimney. Then, he resumed to his useless moping.


"Oi! Sakura-chan!"

The pink-haired girl looked up as a blue-haired girl came up towards her.

She smiled as she handed Sakura a piece of paper. Sakura looked down at it and looked back up at the girl in confusion.

"You'll see once you read it." She said in reply while Sakura took it.

"Arigatou Meme-chan," Sakura said softly as she opened it up carefully.

She was surprised to see her name at the top of the page. Exactly who was this person?

To My Dearest Sakura Haruno,

Oh Sakura, I miss you so. I miss seeing your beautiful, shining, jade, green eyes. I miss running my hands through your soft, beautiful, pink hair. I miss wrapping my arms around you and hugging you to my chest. I miss kissing your red lips. I even miss you beating me up when we sparred.

My life has officially turned sour. It is now meaningless to me and I absolutely cannot live on. I feel like now, I don't know what happiness or love is. I don't have any family, and only you, Naruto, and Kakashi are probably the ones who cared about me. But Naruto and Kakashi don't mean as much to me as you.

I remember every single moment I had spent with you in my life. I remembered being so surprised when I saw that you had showed up at Sound. Then, I was even more surprised when you basically had beaten me up so much when we had fought. But I guess that you were always stronger than me from the beginning.

Since these past four days, I've been having dreams about you. I could remember how happy I was in those dreams, and then the feeling of desperation that came over me when you started to fade away. Then, I would wake up and have the hollow feeling in my chest again.

Why does it hurt so much? Why do I care so much? Why do I dream of you every single day that you've been gone? It's only been a week, but it feels like it's been years. When will you come back to Konoha with me?

Sakura, I love you so much? When will we meet again?


Uchiha Sasuke

Sakura stared at the letter in her hand. Who was Uchiha Sasuke?

Well, Sakura had always been curious ever since she had started to crawl. And one thing she knew she wanted to right now was find out who this Uchiha Sasuke is.

Sakura immediately flew towards the hall of records. It was a humongous white castle that contained information about everything and everywhere.

She flew up the steps, running around, looking for the letter U. And unfortunately, there were only stairs in heaven, no elevators. And the fact that the U section was on the 21st floor didn't help much.

"Next time, I'm gonna send a request for elevators," Sakura grumbled as she finally reached the floor. She panted slightly and placed her hands on her knees, but she got up as quickly as she stopped.

Immediately, she started to search for Uchiha. It took her about 30 minutes of searching, but finally, she managed to find the cursed last name.

"When I find this guy, I'm going to yell at him for making me so sweaty!" Sakura flipped through the massive book. She looked through it for about ten minutes before landing on Sasuke.

Sasuke Uchiha: Son of Uchiha Fugakyu blah, blah, blah…………. Konoha, Japan.

"Well, got all of the information I need," Sakura shut the book, placed it back into it's regular position, and sped down the stairs………..again.


His onyx eyes scanned the clock as he sat, huddled, on top of his couch. Then, he stared at the drugs on the corner of the tableside, and then his gaze directed towards the small glass of water by the side.

He couldn't take it anymore. He was in too much pain, and staying alive would mean nothing. He would never be happy, and would never have a family and live the regular life that he had wanted. Why was his whole entire life so messed up? It seemed like his purpose of living was just to be stripped bare of the main reasons of life.

The seconds ticked by, slowly, slowly, and slowly………………

His feet slowly uncurled from the warmth of his chest, and he placed them gently on the bare, wooden floor. He stood up, and walked towards the pills that sat there innocently.

He could hear it; he could suddenly hear her laughter, her beautiful voice that was calling out to him.


He held the tablets up to his lips, and then, he threw them in.

But then,


Sasuke suddenly found himself thrown off backwards. He stared in disbelief as Sakura seemed to come out of the fire and race towards him.

She ran into him, causing him to spit out those life-threatening drugs, and they dropped to the floor with a plop.

Sasuke groaned in pain as he rubbed his head. But then, he looked up at the pink-haired girl, and he suddenly felt the tears.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!!!" A fist was pounded into his chest, and he could feel the sting. It wasn't very hard, but hard enough to leave a bruise.

Sakura was about to punch him again, but was suddenly pulled downwards into his chest. He crashed his lips onto hers and kissed her fervently. Sakura tried her best to resist, but failed miserably as Sasuke suddenly wiggled his tongue into her warm cavern.

"Sasuke ,sto-ar -ha……" Sakura could only lose herself into the kiss, for Sasuke was just too strong.

He held her towards him, as if afraid of losing her once again.

Sakura tried to pull away, for first of all, she was running out of breath. She tried to pull away, but Sasuke's grip was like iron steel.

"Sasuke!" She finally shoved him backwards while scooting back at least a couple of feet. Her emerald eyes peered into his onyx ones, and she could see the longing that it held.

He was disheveled. His skin was as pale as snow, his eyes were sunken in with dark circles; he looked like he was dying.

Sasuke had immediately gone for her once again, but Sakura managed to dodge away in time.

"First, if you want to hug or kiss me, you're going to have to eat," Sakura warned as she held her hand in front of her. Sasuke nodded quickly, for he would do anything just to have Sakura in his arms once again.

Sasuke obediently followed her into the kitchen, and he watched her as she prepared a small meal of chopped up tomatoes for him. Then, she cooked some rice and made two onigiris and tossed it onto the plate before him.

"Now, eat." He succumbed, for first of all, he hadn't eaten for a week, and he was starving. But he kept his eye on the pink-haired girl the whole time, for fearing that she would disappear.

Sakura gave him a bright smile. "Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere."

He quietly ate his meal, but he ate it quickly so he could go back to cuddling (yes, cuddling) with his Sakura.

Sakura watched the food deprived boy and smiled as he quickly gobbled it up. She expected him to ask for seconds, but the minute he placed down his fork, he had reached over and placed his arms around her.

"Sasuke-kun………" Sasuke just placed his head onto her shoulders and sighed deeply. He finally felt complete. But there was still something missing………

Emerald eyes widened as Sakura found herself to suddenly be swooped off her feet. Sasuke carried her back to the living room and placed her down onto his lap. Then, he just kept his arms around her waist and placed his head in her hair, taking a deep intake of the faint scent of Sakuras.

"I love you so much," Sasuke drawled into her shoulder, muffling it slightly, but Sakura still heard it.

Sasuke suddenly felt Sakura digging her head into his arms. That didn't alarm him, but when he felt the wetness of her tears, he instantly panicked.

"Did I do something wrong?" He turned her around to face him, but Sakura just shook her head. She gave him a big smile.

"I love you too Sasuke-kun," then, she placed her lips onto his.

The blazing fire crackled in the background, sending a red glow upon the couple as they are finally reunited.

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