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Secrets Amongst Friends

By Akira E. A.

Uchiha Itachi sighed as he walked across the school courtyard, orange and yellow leaves falling to the ground with the chilly fall breeze. He shoved his hands into his pockets as his bags were blown into his eyes. There were three boys sitting on, next to or even laying on top of, a table that was within sight. He nodded in acknowledgement as he approached them.

The sprawled lazily on top of the table, a blonde, was the first to notice the raven-haired teen's arrival. "Hey Itachi-san, yeah." He said with a smile. He pulled down the top of his tight shirt, which had been exposing the bottom part of his stomach. Every time someone approached the group, the blonde always pulled down his shirt and fiddled with the fingerless glove that he wore on his right hand.

The one sitting on the table was the next to notice him. He also nodded his head as a sign that he knew the boy was there. His dark, almost red, eyes remained indifferent, along as the rest of his expression. His hands were shoved in the pockets of his baggy black hoddie.

The third one, the one that was sitting on the ground next to the table was the last to notice Itachi's arrival. "Yo Itachi-san." He said as he flashed a toothy grin. He wore a baggy black jacket over his plane white shirt. He held a notebook in his hand, and a textbook was lying open next to him.

"Hey Deidara, Sasori, Kisame." Itachi muttered. He noticed that Kisame had math problems worked out on the page of his notebook. "School starts in five minutes. I'm guessing you forgot to do your homework again?" He asked as a small smirk found it's way onto his features.

The boy was consistently teased. Not only did he frequently skip out on doing his homework, but also he had blue skin. And that alone earns a fare share of torment from other students. If that wasn't enough, he had small, round eye and pointed teeth. Some say that he greatly resembled a shark.

Then again, the other three had their share of it themselves. The reasons were endless for Deidara. With his long hair and feminine body frame, he was often called a girl. His speech was often made fu of as well. He added the words, "yeah," "hmm," or even "un" to his sentences. People asked him if he was too stupid to leave the off, and he would hide how much the comment hurt with a smile and tell whoever insulted him, "it's an artistic expression, yeah."

Sasori was a different case entirely. He was made fun of because his lack of expressing emotions. That, and his dark, nearly red eyes. And once his blonde friend had decided to make an announcement of his hobby- no. Hobby isn't an accurate word. Once Deidara had decided to make an announcement of his passion, he was made fun of for being a puppeteer. They all said that only babies play with puppets, and he would defend himself by saying he didn't play with them, he made them and worked them.

Itachi really didn't have many reasons to be made fun, but the students who disliked him found reasons anyway. He had long hair, just as Deidara, and he also had a more feminine body frame. However, no one paid attention to that. He had lies under his eyes from lack of sleep; he always stayed up doing little tasks such as studying, or hanging out with the others. Some people had noticed that when they got him truly angry, his dark eyes had a tendency to turn red, or that he always wore a necklace. And it was extremely frustrating to the people that were trying to annoy him that he never really reacted. He was always able to keep his emotions under control.

Kisame nodded sullenly, earning a small snicker from Deidara. "You didn't want to did it again, right?" He asked with a mocking smile. "You should do what I do, pay Sasori to do it, un!" He exclaimed as he finally sat up, crossing his slender legs and holding his shins. Sasori pulled up his hood and turned his gaze to the ground to avoid the disappointed look he was getting from Itachi.

"That's a great idea!" Kisame exclaimed. Itachi sighed.

"You don't seriously do his homework for money, do you?" He asked as he raised an eyebrow. "Maybe that's why he has room for rent in his head…" He added quietly. Sasori remained looking at the ground.

"I need the money for wood." He explained. "And Deidara had it." This caused the blonde to smile widely.

Kisame had drowned out the conversation, noting the suggestion and returning to his work. "Wait, Deidara," Itachi said curiously, "you spend most of your money on clay. Where do you get the money to pay Sasori?" He asked. The hyperactive teen's smile almost instantly faded.

"I have my sources. And no, I don't steal, yeah." He said dully. His blue eyes had a small flicker of a flame in them; a flame that said he had a secret. The others didn't question it. None of them had known it at the time, but each individual had their own secrets to hide, and their own stories that they didn't want to share.

But none of the others knew anything about it. They were all very good at hiding things.

"Hey Itachi…" Sasori said quietly to break the silence. "If you weren't able to hang out with us after school yesterday, then why do you still look like you were up all night?" He asked suspiciously.

"Because I was." The Uchiha answered bluntly as he sat down next to Deidara. He tucked a stray bang behind his ear.

The blonde tilted his head to the side curiously as the puppeteer thought over the possible reasons. "Do you have some girlfriend that we don't know about?" He asked finally. This had caught even Kisame's attention.

Itachi's expression didn't change much at all, but you could see a hint of annoyance in his eyes. "No. I just couldn't sleep." He said. If only that was the truth... He quickly added mentally.

The images of the previous night started rushing to his mind before anyone could say anything. He quickly got a distant look in his eyes as he was filled with dread and regret. He tried to push the images out of his mind.

"Earth to Itachi-san!" Deidara said after a few moments, moving his hand in front of the other teen's eyes. "Can you hear us, yeah?"

The boy almost instantly snapped out of it. "Yeah…I can hear you perfectly." He said, as he shook is head a little. He then realized that the others had been looking at him like he had three heads.

"You alright…?" Kisame asked after a moment. Itachi didn't answer, he only nodded. Just then students had begun rushing around them, signaling that it was time to go into the school. Kisame glanced down at his still incomplete homework. "Shit…" He muttered.

The four stood and walked towards the school. None of them could remember the original name of the school, they never called it what it was. To them, it was Hell High. That that's all that it was known by as far as they were concerned.

Itachi clung to the strap of his messenger bag. Kisame's fists clenched onto his books. Sasori's fingers had found themselves fiddling with the edge of his sleeves. Deidara continued to fidget his glove.

Those were the things they did every day as they walked into the school. To them it was so natural, that none of them even bothered asking about it. It was simply their routine.

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