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Itachi yawned as he sat is his reading class, struggling to stay awake. Unlike Sasori, he refused to fall asleep in school. After all, his father was the chief of the police force. If the teenager was to get in trouble, he was going to be dead.

He forced his eyes to stay at least half open as he scribbled a few notes down on his paper. I need to get a new job… He thought with an inward sigh. One that isn't illegal, and one that doesn't keep me up most of the night...

After all, he couldn't possibly hide it from his father – the man thought he worked at some mall just out side of town. However, this was not the case.

Uchiha Itachi was what people who didn't know the proper term would call a "whore." He didn't mind the prostitution, and no one was able o say anything about it because no one knew. What he did care about was that his father thought he had a job, and that he had the money to prove it.

That was really all that mattered, right?

Right now he simply wished that he wasn't s sore from the night before, and that he had been able to sleep more. All of the sex took a toll on him, but no matter what, he needed to keep up in school.

Sometimes, he felt as if all of the stress he was under would just make him burst. There were times where he just wanted to talk to some one to help him sort things out. The one thing that kept him from doing so was worry about what the person might say.

And so he let it tie him down. The Uchiha always took careful measures to make sure no one knew. When his friends asked him why he always looked so tired, he would say he was studding late. When his father asked why he came home so late, he would tell him that there was traffic. He was determined to keep it hidden from everyone.

But just as any one who keeps a secret, Itachi knows that there are things that you can't prevent from being found out by every one else.


Kisame blinked at the scientific formula on the overhead that he was supposed to solve. It was seemingly impossible to him. How could so many numbers and so many powers equal just one atomic mass?

The teen hated science with a passion. However, this unit wasn't nearly as bad as the biology unit last year. The very thought of animal sciences gave some kid to ask if hey could dissect Kisame.

So he had blue skin…and marks on his face that resembled gills…and he has pointed teeth…but that didn't mean he was a shark. All of them are easy to explain.

The blue skin story is he most embarrassing of all. It was April first, and a few of his friends had asked him to go swimming with them. He was only thirteen at the time, and didn't get any suspicion from the fact that it was too early in the year to be swimming, and that his friends insisted that he get in the water first.

Once he had gotten out of the water, he was furious to find out that they had mixed blue hair dye and blue pain together, causing the color of his light brown hair to turn blue, and his slightly pale skin to turn blue as well. He had tried for weeks to get rid of it, but eventually, he just gave up on the whole concept.

The marks on his cheeks were a different story entirely. He had gotten in a fight when he was fourteen, and broke his jaw. It took several surgeries to fix the broken bone, leaving three gill-shaped scars on either cheek.

His pointed teeth were actually something he wanted. One day he just decided that if he was going to look like a shark, he might as well finish off he job by getting his teeth pointed.

Over all, it only made him look like a freak. But if his friends had known what he did when he was alone, even they would call him a freak.

At least…that's what he told himself…

But honestly, who wouldn't think that a cross dresser was a freak? And Kisame's personality simply didn't fit the cross dresser stereotype. No one in their right mind would believe that tough-guy Kisame was a cross dresser.

It was just not something that anyone would ever expect, but I was his hidden passion. There was just something about it that he couldn't quiet put his finger on.

But he ad sworn to himself that no one would ever know about it – not even Itachi, his closest friend.

He sighed and scribbled down the equation on a piece of paper, deciding to do it later.


The bell soon rang, but not quickly enough in Sasori's opinion. He scurried out of the office and towards his next class. He was hoping to catch Kisame on his way to science to get a quick preview of what they would be doing, but no luck.

He knew that he wouldn't be paying attention either way. He had just gotten a one-way ticket to in school suspension for next day, and he didn't really want to think much at all.

Once he got there, he simply slipped into his seat and mindlessly wrote down what the teacher was writing. Within ten minutes, Sasori had taken better notes then Kisame had, and would probably have a better understanding of it the next day when he read them again.

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