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Harry woke slowly, feeling that sort of sleepiness that meant he had slept like a log all night, but still wanted to snuggle under the covers. The sun was glaring at him through the wide windows, though, so he threw the covers over his head and sighed in the darkness.

It had taken exactly two weeks for them to complete Harry's potions regime. Severus had been stricter than Madam Pomfrey on a bad day. Harry had had to follow orders on everything: when to drink, when to sleep, when to go out and when to make sure he saw his friends. He had also visited healer Paracelsus four more times during the short period of time. He would bask in the wonderful calming magic and tell her about his progress, which was very good indeed.

He still had a few flashbacks and "episodes" as he called them, but things were getting better. Much better, especially after Severus told him they were leaving Hogwarts and the dark dungeons behind for over a month. Dumbledore had insisted they leave as soon as possible. Harry could tell Sirius was a little sad about it, no doubt because the wizard had hoped Harry would want to live with him now that he was free. But luckily he had Remus, and Harry had his Snape.

They planned to visit many places around the world, or rather Severus did the planning, and Harry would be back well in time to study for his NEWTs. He would also be in time for a certain other event that he learned of just before leaving. He couldn't be happier for his friends, but that will be explained later…

Now, they were one week into their adventure, and their current location was Tokyo. Perhaps not the most obvious choice for a pair of wizards, at least not to muggleborns with little knowledge about the wizarding world outside Britain, but Japan is rich in both culture and magic. The wizards of Tokyo are modern and like to experiment with new things while managing to keep them distinctly Japanese. Which was how Harry was able to sleep on the twentieth floor of a wizarding hotel inside a muggle one, which was hollow, allowing the balconies to be on the inside and well as out, and also allowing another hotel to hide itself. Harry's view was the same as if he was living in the "outer" hotel. Right now, though, he didn't need a view, just more sleep.

"Harry, wake up," Severus' voice reached him. Harry made a show of burrowing even deeper and this produced a small chuckle from his lover. "Much as I like seeing you comfortable with sleeping, I am afraid you must get up. We have things to do." Harry groaned. Severus was apparently a planner when it came to activities too. Well, at least Harry was kept busy, and they were making a hell of a lot of new memories. Harry was just about to ask for five more minutes when he felt the bed dip and a warm hand creeping under to touch his even warmer back. He arched into it, making a content sound. Yes, new memories, like making love in a hotel-room on their first holiday together.

"Hmmm, come here," Harry murmured, turning around and reaching out.

"I have just gotten dressed, Harry," Severus pointed out, though his tone was light and teasing.

"Then get undressed," Harry countered, his hand going round Severus' waist. He pulled, and his lighter frame made him move towards Severus instead of the other way round. He tilted his head and found a pale neck, nibbling and tasting enthusiastically.

"What are you, some kind of bed-demon?" Severus asked, for Harry was still completely underneath the covers. Severus removed it and pried Harry away from his neck, guiding those red lips to his mouth instead. They moaned into each other, Harry's hands working on those hard buttons while his lover's long pale fingers travelled up and down his naked side and back, producing goose bumps in their wake.

"Get this off," Harry demanded, tugging on the now open robes.

"We'll be late," Severus whispered against his lips, probably referring to whatever sight or event he had planned for the day.

"So? This is our adventure. Be a little spontaneous." Not that Harry didn't appreciate Severus' thoughtfulness, but really! He was hard and naked for Merlin's sake. What did he have to do to convince the stoic wizard?

"You mean be more Gryffindor, don't you?"

"Whatever, just as long as it means less of these robes. Now."


(about one week earlier)

Hermione frowned, wondering what her boyfriend was up to. Things were just beginning to settle down after the fall of Voldemort, and now Draco was acting odd. She was wearing casual clothes since it was a Saturday, but Draco was wearing slightly more formal robes. They were at Malfoy Manor, which was perhaps a little odd in itself, but since the war all the students still hadn't come back, and many of the ones at Hogwarts left to see they families or go to funerals. Thanks to Lucius Draco went home all the time, and Hermione usually came with him. They hardly ever saw the Lord and Lady of the house, though, so it wasn't as awkward as Hermione had feared at first.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" Draco suddenly asked. The weather was nice, though a little chilly, so Hermione agreed readily. Draco got her coat and soon they were walking through the gardens. Draco seemed to move with more purpose than a casual walk would suggest. They reached a willow tree, with a beautiful stone bench underneath. Draco led Hermione over and she sat down. She looked up at him, frowning again.

"Is something the matter?" she asked.

"No… no, nothing's the matter," Draco answered. He looked around them, as if checking to make sure they were alone. He put away his wand, but kept his hand in his pocket. Hermione opened her mouth again- Then he got down on one knee. Hermione's eyes went wide. She didn't even notice how he had surreptitiously waved his wand inside his pockey and made sure the ground was dry before he knelt.


"You're not suppose to say anything yet," he reminded her. His eyes were glinting now, and he smiled. Hermione promptly pressed her lips together to keep from making a sound, as it would probably have been a very embarrassingly girly sound. "I actually prepared a whole speech and everything, but seeing you here… I think you would like it better if I just asked." He took a deep breath and help out his hand. In it was a beautiful silver ring with a small green stone. "Hermione Granger, will you marry me?" Hermione's lungs seemed to deflate. Even if she had guessed it from the moment he had knelt, it was still completely mind-blowing to her that he had asked. She simply stared at the ring for an eternity. Slowly her eyes travelled up to his earnest face. It was so open now in her presence. "What is this?" he suddenly said, quirking an eyebrow. "Hermione Granger stumped for an answer?" She let out a startled laugh and smiled back.

"The answer is yes, of course." Even though his smile was just the same, she could detect how he had sighed with relief and decided to make up for it. She flung herself into his arms and kissed him. The kiss turned heated and they ended up on the ground, Draco on top.

"Do I have to ask your father for your hand?" Draco suddenly asked, pulling back.

"What?" Hermione exclaimed.

"I read it somewhere that muggle men do that." She smiled, because only she really knew how much of a total Ravenclaw Draco could be. Just like her, always checking facts.

"No you don't have to. Some still do, I suppose, but my father doesn't expect it."

"Good… I would have, you know."

"I know." She kissed him again.

As they were walking back to the Manor Hermione detected Draco's nervousness again. She glanced at him askance. He saw it and sighed.

"I think I may need to ask my father," he said. "Or at least tell him."

"You haven't yet?" Hermione asked, surprised. They passed the door to the study and stopped simultaneously.

"Wait here?" Draco said. Hermione nodded and let go of her boyfriend's - fiancé's - hand. She watched as he knocked and entered, and then she stood alone in the corridor. She raised her hand, watching the light reflect in the green emerald. Steps drew her attention and he looked to the side to see Narcissa pass at the other end of the corridor. Hermione caught her eye and there was a slight pause in the steps. Hermione could never be sure, but she thought she saw a slight nod of the woman's head. Then she was gone.

Things had been very civil between the two ever since Hermione had saved Lucius. Perhaps this could actually work… it all depended on Lucius' reaction in the end. Just then the door opened and Hermione held her breath.

Draco came out, his face a complete mask. He let the door close magically behind him, a soft dull thud. She hadn't heard any yelling, so surely…

And then he smiled.

"Come here," he said and once again Hermione threw herself into her lover's arms – soon to be husband's.


"Harry!" Severus gasped hoarsely. Harry loved how Severus sounded in bed. The sound actually made him come rather violently, spilling onto the bed. Severus leaned forward, his skin clinging to Harry's in their sweat-soaked state and bit into Harry's shoulder. Harry bowed his head and shuddered as Severus emptied himself into Harry's willing body.

"Merlin," Severus sighed as he pulled out and flopped down to Harry's side. Harry just let his limbs go slack, his face hitting the pillow.

"Better than sight-seeing?" he mumbled when he managed to turn his head.

"… Yes, I suppose," Severus admitted after a thoughtful pause. Harry laughed and Severus' eyes warmed at the sound. He reached over and stroked Harry's cheek.

"Careful," Harry said. "People might mistake you for a Hufflepuff." Severus only rolled closer, hugging Harry to him and kissing him softly.

"No people in here," he said.

"All the more reason to stay in bed," Harry pointed out.

"I suppose Tokyo will be there tomorrow as well," Severus admitted. Harry smiled. Tomorrow. It was such a wonderful concept. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. Everyday with this man. Everyday a new, safe, warm – though sometimes stressful and exasperating – and perfect risk-free adventure with the man he loved. Now, that was the kind Harry liked best. And he should know, he had had enough of the other kind.

"I still want to do a bit of exploring today," Harry informed his lover. Severus raised an eyebrow in question. "But it will be on familiar territory." And with that Harry dived underneath the covers again to explore a soft and pale landscape he could never get enough of.



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