This is a crossover between Naruto and Tokyo Babylon and X/99. It's in between before X/1999 and after the end of Tokyo Babylon in a time span of about a few years where Subaru-kun is 20 years old and for Naruto it is after Sasuke leaves and it's been a few years.

Disclaimer: I do not own this idea, well...not exactly. I got the idea from Tokyo Babylon by CLAMP and changed it up a bit. Naruto-kun doesn't belong to me either sighs sadly Please enjoy!

Warning: might have some mispelled words and thing. Gomen ;


Do you think the Sakura trees are beautiful with its long branches and pink petals that fall down on and around you like snow? They used to look like snow, because of their petals used to be the color white, white as the snow.

Sakura trees are actually connected to one tree that contains a powerful spirit that holds strong spiritual energy. They require blood, usually human blood, to sustain its long life and keep the balance of light and dark. So, they choose a guardian called the Sakurazukamori, Guardian of the Sakura Burrow, who first came from the clan of the Sakurazukas. They are to be emotionless assassins that help feed the tree, so in turn, they are able to use the tree's power and stay alive. The tree is bound to the Sakurazukamori until they die, and when they do, they latch onto the one who either killed the previous guardian or has the strongest spiritual energy nearby.

If one is unfortunate and comes across the Sakurazukamori doing their job, then they suffer the same tragic fate. The Sakurazukamori's trademark way of killing is thrusting their hand straight through their victim's chest and heart. Their blood spills out of their body and into the ground below. The only witness is the Sakura tree and its blossoms above. Both the victims body and blood disappears and is gone without a trace. The only evidence of how their existence which met into a tragic end can be seen by the Sakura petals. Their petals turned from the beautiful pure white to the beautiful shade of pale pink. The blood from the victim's which was absorbed through the tree's roots and feeds the tree and changing its petals' color.

So if you pass by a beautiful Sakura tree on your way, be thankful that you were not involved in its history.

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