MiamiFicTalk Prompt #20, Close, but Far.

Post 5.01

Lieutenant Calleigh Duquesne.

God, it had been fun. The power trip she'd been working towards without really realising so.

She stared at the shiny crest in her hand - it was time to give it back to its rightful owner. She was definitely going to miss it. But, Miami wasn't her city to reign over. As much as she had succeeded in Horatio's absence, and had enjoyed the fight, it wasn't her fight.

To be honest, though, there was some aspects of the role she would gladly hand back. How Horatio handled the paperwork and politics of the title was something that just added to her admiration for him.

No successor could even hope to be able to achieve what Lt. Caine had, and hopefully, now that he and Eric were back from Rio, he would continue with his mission. The crest belonged to him and only him as long as he still had the passion for the job.

That was another additional point of admiration for Calleigh to the man - how he managed to keep such passion and furore for his job, when it was said job that had cost him so much. His family, his friends, almost his life on more than one occasion.

As much as she loved Miami, without Horatio in the drivers seat, she didn't think she would stick around the city. She loved the day-to-day challenge, but to be in constant fear that that day would be her last, or Horatio's last, or the last of someone else she cared about…

She knew that wherever she went, that level of fear would not go away, but she might be able to take a day off and enjoy it. Might be able to forget all she had lived and seen for long enough to enjoy a meaningful relationship, or a friendship not forged on experiences unimaginable to those who hadn't been there.

Yes, the lieutenancy of the city of Miami was not suited to Calleigh Duquesne.

New Orleans, on the other hand, might be exactly what she was looking for. The position was open, her name had been dropped thanks to her old colleagues, all it need was a signature on the dotted line. Could she really leave Miami so soon, even with the pinnacle of her career so close she could just about touch it…?