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(time period, a little before Lady Knight.)
This is not 435, this is not Kansas, this isn't I-70, and it isn't Missouri. She stood on her tip-toes looking as far as her eyes could see, its not Hawaii, nor Washington. I'm not on any back roads, I didn't get lost, as far as I know. She walked to other side of her motorcycle and pulled out her map, she pointed to where she thought she was, and looked around. She was lost.

I could have sworn I just got off the exit. I should be near Kansas City. It was as if one moment she blinked, driving along a well traveled blacktop the next she was on a dusty road surrounded by fields. She only knew of one road that was like that, but it was on a hilly road, between to counties. And this was flat land, more like the planes of Kansas.

She just filled up, didn't I? her tank was full, she couldn't have traveled more than ten miles. But she was lost. She opened up her cell phone no signal. She could have sworn that she didn't lose any time, like losing memory, because her watch was still in time, and her tank was full.

Aliens? She laughed it off. She closed her eyes and shook her head. Getting back on the bike she decided to continue the way she was going. North, I think.

I'm alone, if I get pulled over by the cops, at least they can tell me where I am. She thought as she pushed the speedometer past eighty. After near an hour she pulled over again, at a fork in the road. Still alone, she checked her phone again, still no signal. Deciding to turn it off to save the battery she put into her saddle bags.

As if on cue several people came out of the clearing. Gypsies. She had heard of them, they used to live near the family farm, some seventy years ago. Looking around she saw why they were there. A gypsy corner. An old oak over a stream.

She took off her gloves and held her hands up, showing that she was unarmed. They need not know about my dirk, pocket knife, or concealed .45

"Where am I?"

An older man came towards her, also raising his hands. "About a day an half south of Corus."

"Excuse me?"

"The capital city mum."

Okay crazy man.. "I see, is there a motel, or inn near by?"

He pointed towards the left side of the fork, "a few minutes that-a-way, but If I was you I'd walk your metal beast in, least frighten everyone more than you will. On the outside of town is a place where you can rest it..."

Metal beast? I have yet to hear that turn of phrase. "Thank you?"

"They call me Connor mum. And yourself?" He was obviously in charge of the individuals around him, for none came farther to her than him, though several children seemed to want to.

"Ana, Ana Marie Fields."

"May The Great Mother watch over you Ana Marie Fields." He enucleated Marie as if it was a title.

"Thank you." The Great Mother? The Mother Mary?" Following his advice she walked her bike down the left side of fork in the road. True enough after five minutes an old fashioned inn came into view, like something that could be seen in ghost towns out west.

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