The characters and places in the preceding work are all the property of Rockstar Games, with the exception of Cecellia and Patrick Morris, who were created by the author.

Well, that's the end. I don't normally write fanfiction, so this was a change of pace for me. I probably wouldn't have taken it past the first few chapters, but then I started getting reviews, so I figured I at least owed it to my readers to finish it. I hope you enjoyed it. I tried to keep as true to the original source material as I could, but I did make a few stylistic deviations, such as making Jimmy an occasional smoker and drug user. These were just little touches than can be found in my other work so I figured I'd put them in.

I guess I should give you all a few extra bits of trivia about Dog Eat Dog. When I first conceived the story, Cecellia was a redhead, but then I remembered that Zoe was a redhead, so I changed her to a blonde. Also, when Jimmy was set up by Gary in the tenements in the chapter 'Trapped', Patrick was supposed to be present and eventually stabbed by Gary, as opposed to Pete. My original version also had a different ending, in which Cecellia was shot dead by Gary, who was then arrested, with the final scene taking place at Cecellia's funeral. But I wanted there to be a bittersweet goodbye scene between Jimmy and Cecellia, so I changed it to Cece living and Gary committing suicide by cop.

So with all that done, I'd like to thank my reviewers, especially Raigo and Spedclass, who's reviews kept me going. I'd also like to thank Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, which supplied me with information about Bully when I needed it. Above all else, I'd like to thank Rockstar, who's superb creation Bully kept me entertained for hours on end. (And this is coming from someone who doesn't play video games much.)

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Much love, Evan Raufbold.