Yes I have decided to start a drabble series! I have a lot of ideas that I couldn't fit into stories so they'll go in here. weeeeeeee.

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"I can't believe you! It's been weeks and you haven't even improved!" Toph yelled into the face of her student, who winced slightly.

"It's not my fault! I'm still weak!" Aang yelled, feeling the burn on his back throb.

"But it's been weeks! I'm surprised you can still do the things you learned before Ba Sing Se!" Toph yelled back, straightening her back and casting a shadow over Aang who was sitting down. "How are you going to beat that fire lord dude if you can't even get over this!"

Aang's eye's narrowed. It wasn't his fault!

"What are you, stupid!?" Toph said when Aang didn't reply.

"No! I'll get this ok! I'll get it eventually!"

"No, you need to get it now! You need to be fearless to be an earth bender! And you are far from fearless!"

"I'm not a coward!" Aang said, jumping to his feet and standing at his full height, his thumb pointing to his chest.

"Yeah, right. You need to be brave in everything you do and your not!" Toph said at a loud growl.

"I'm as brave as I need to be!" Aang said defensively, face slightly red, brow furrowed and lips tightened to a thin line.

"Prove it! Do one thing your afraid of doing and I'll believe you!" Toph yelled in his face, her own face contorted with anger.

And that's exactly what Aang did. He took a firm hold of Toph's arms and brought his lips to hers. Her body tensed as she felt his soft lips on her rough ones. But her face relaxed and she moved her hands to cup his face.

Aang couldn't have been more surprised when Toph kissed him back. He let go of her arms and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer.

"Hey guys, dinner's rea- WHOA!" Sokka yelled, diving back behind a boulder. Toph shoved Aang away, blushing furiously, and Aang scratched his now hairy head sheepishly.

"Uh, sorry I didn't mean to interrupt something." Sokka said from behind the boulder. Toph's face grew more red as Katara can from behind the boulder as well.

"Toph are you ok? You look a little feverish." She said in her motherly tone, walking up to Toph and laying a hand on her forehead.

"Trust me Katara that's not why she's red." Sokka said slyly, now leaning against the boulder. Both Aang and Toph shot him glare's and Katara looked between them with a confused expression on her face.

When Katara raised her eyebrow to Aang he just smiled wearily and started walking back to camp.

Toph shook Katara's hand away and ran back to camp, running past Aang and swearing she would kill Sokka if it was the last thing she did.

Yeah! One of my many ideas. i don't like how it ended though. or how short it is. oh and if anyone has ideas than i would love to hear them! challenges, ideas, complaints, anything? say them in a reveiw. thanx for reading!