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What I Like About You



"Vince, I'm so glad you came." Holly smiled at Vince as she danced with him at Val's wedding.

"Me too." He smiled back.

"This place looks amazing. Vic did a great job at fixing it up for Val. That was so sweet." Holly gushed.

"Yeah. If we have to have a Star Wars theme when we get married I'll change it for you." Vince smiled.

"When we get married?" Holly questioned.

"What? Did I say that out loud? I didn't mean it! I mean I did but…"

"Really? You want to get married?" Holly grinned.

"I…it was supposed to be romantic and not here at your sister's wedding!" Vince sighed.

"I still think it's kinda romantic."


"Sure. I mean the atmosphere is beautiful. Val won't be too happy. Me taking her special day for our engagement and all but I love it and more importantly I love you, Vince." She finished.

"Well", Vince knelt down on one knew and took out a blue jewelry box, "will you marry me?" he grinned.

"Of course!" Holly smiled as he got up. She then kissed him as he slipped the ring on her finger. She was suddenly aware that everyone was now looking at her and Vince. From across the room Val was glaring at her.

As soon as the attention was off Vince and her, Holly walked over to see Val.

"What's wrong, Val?"

"You had to steal the attention today. Of all days."

"I'm sorry Vince proposed and…"

"Holly, this is my special day about me! Now it's about you and Vince." Val told her angrily.

"Well it's kinda cool two weddings in one day."

"No Holly it isn't okay? I wanted today to just be about me for a change."
"I'm sorry."

"It's fine, I guess. I mean it wasn't your fault."

"Yeah I mean you can't blame me that Vince adores me." Holly smiled.

"True and you can't blame me that Vic adored me."

"Yeah. I was never mad at you. So how exactly does that fit?"

"I don't it's just so cool that I'm married!!"

"I know I can not believe it!"

"And Dad's here."

"I can't believe that either."

"Oh my gosh, Holly! You're engaged."

"I am? That's so weird I am."

"I'm done being mad about that. I am so happy for you!"

"I'm happy for me too!"

"Where will I live now?"

"The loft."

"Don't you want the loft? You found it."

"Duh I want the loft but we can all live together."

"Wait, all of us. Like me, you, Vic, and Vince. Together?"

"Yup." Holly grinned.

"Huh, okay." Val smiled nervously.

"Don't you love it?" Holly asked excitedly.

"Yeah. Four people. Sure why not?" Val lied.

"You'll like it eventually." Holly patted her sister on the arm and walked away.

"I'm not so sure of that." Val mumbled as soon as Holly was out of hearing distance.