"Oh my gosh, I'm officially Mrs. Zane. Mrs. Vince Zane. Holly Zane. Oh my gosh, I just LOVE saying that!" Holly giggled and grinned at her new husband.

"And I loved hearing it. Over and over and over. For six hours." Vince laughed.

"I'm sorry that I love my new name." Holly shrugged.

"Nah, I was just kidding. I love your new name too because it means that we are married. We are officially husband and wife."

"I know. So exciting, right?" Holly and Vince Zane were riding on the plane back from their honeymoon, which had been in Rome, Italy.

"I love, love, loved Rome, but I'm kind of happy to be getting back to New York. You know, and see Val and Vic and Tina and Gary and Lauren." Holly smiled, thinking of home.

"Yeah. It will be nice." Vince nodded.

"We are now landing." The pilot announced to the airplane.

"Well, it sounds like we're...landing." Holly laughed.

"Yup." Vince yawned and stretched his arms out.

After about ten minutes of landing the pilot announced that they could exit the plane.

"Alright, Mr. Zane, let's go." Holly tapped Vince lightly on his arm and stood up.

The couple rushed out of the plane and into the waiting area. The first thing Holly saw was Val waiting for her by the exit sign.

"Oh my gosh, Val!" Holly ran to hug her sister.

"Hol, wow, you look fantastic!" Val grinned and hugged Holly back.

"I know, it's my fabulous new Italian clothes. This dress is my favorite, it's Prada and the shoes are Valentino. The clutch...Gucci. We had so much fun when we went to Milan!" Holly smiled.

"I question the we." Vince chuckled.

"Come on! Don't tell me you didn't have fun watching me try on dress after dress after dress!" Holly playfully swatted him with her clutch and giggled.

"No. It was totally fun." Vince lied with another laugh.

"Yeah, I'm sure it was. Anyway, Holly, did you happen to, you know, bring anything back for your best friend ever?" Lauren asked, coming out from around the corner.

"Actually..." Holly grinned and reached into a nearby bag. She pulled out a gorgeous watermelon pink purse. "I did."

"Is that for moi?" Lauren smiled.

"Yes. It is." Holly grinned and handed Lauren her present.

"Seriously? Oh my gosh, I love it!" Lauren jumped up and down and gave Holly a hug.

"I saw it in the Gucci store and thought of you." Holly shrugged.

"What about your sister?" Val pouted.

"Yeah, and your new brother-in-law?" Vic piped in.

"Of course, I couldn't forget you, Vic." Holly reached back into the bag and handed Vic a small black box.

Vic opened it immeadiatly and found an expensive silver watch. "Holly, thanks so much!" Vic grinned and gave Holly a giant hug.

"And Val, sorry. Nothing there reminded me of you." Holly shrugged and began walking.

"Wait, wait. So, you went to Rome and nothing reminded you of me?" Val asked, slightly angrily.

"No! I'd never do that!" Holly laughed.

"What?" Val scrutinized Holly, confused.

"I got you this." Holly handed Val a light blue purse and a multi-colored dress.

"Holly, oh my..." Val breathed seeing the items.

"Your welcome. Now, can we move on from the gifts already? I'm dying to get home." Holly sighed and closed her eyes, momentarily. She couldn't wait to get to bed in her own loft and just relax and...

"Holly, there's something I need to tell you." Val began.

"Yeah. Sure, what is it, Val?" Holly wanted to know.

"Lauren needed a place to stay so....I told her she could live with us. There won't be four of us. There will be five."