Another Fairytale Where the Damsel is a Colonel and the Knight is his Lieutenant

Chapter One: Sick as a Dog


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Once upon a time, there was a colonel in the military who had a right hand man. Or shall I say…right hand woman.

Anyway, they were always in their office doing what they always did. He would procrastinate and wait till the last minute to do his work and the Lieutenant would threaten him.

But today was different. Today the Lieutenant was not there to do her usual threatening and gun pointing. She was sick at home, alone with Black Hayate.

Colonel Mustang looked out the window and said, mostly to himself, "I wonder what Hawkeye is doing right now…"

"Probably happy that she doesn't have to be on your tail about paperwork," Lieutenant Havoc replied.

"Ha ha…you're hilarious Havoc…" Mustang replied dryly.

Many minutes passed by before Mustang said, "Maybe I should visit her…just to make sure that she is alright…"

"I don't think that is a good idea," Havoc objected.

"Why?" the Colonel asked as he got his coat on.

"Well…she probably doesn't want…" Havoc began, but stopped when he saw that the Colonel was already gone.

Lieutenant Hawkeye was lying on her couch, sneezing and coughing when there came a knock on the door.

She groaned, but got up and opened the door with Black Hayate at her side.

She was surprised to see the Colonel with a bowl of soup in his hands.

I must be hallucinating…

"Hello Hawkeye! Hope you are feeling better! Here I brought you some soup!" The Colonel said before Hawkeye could say anything.

She sneezed and then said, "Thank you…"

"Gee Hawkeye…you seem sick as a dog…" Mustang said as he walked into Hawkeye's apartment.

"Sorry sir," Hawkeye replied annoyed.

"Why are you here?" Hawkeye asked as she and Mustang sat on the coach side by side.

"I was worried about you…" Mustang replied gently.

"And I need to know about what happened last week…" Mustang added. "I need to know about the shooting…"

To Be Continued…

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