Tower of Valni: Raunchy Edition

By: KellyCRocker59

Chapter Sixteen: Cormag2

This is the last chapter of Tower of Valni! It has come a long way, so enjoy.

Cormag watched as his wyvern soared ahead a short distance, leaving him alone. He sighed; how he wanted his brother back, if only for a little while. Then, there was a burst of light. He turned to see Glen standing there in his full armor, body completely restored.

"Brother!" Cormag gasped, running to him and grabbing his brother, hugging him close.

Glen wrapped his arms around Cormag and they held each other like this for a while, finally pulling apart. Cormag looked up slightly into Glen's eyes, and then leaned up, pressing his lips to his brother's. Glen returned the kiss fiercely, both brothers closing their eyes as they kissed. Cormag had never found it weird that he was in love with his brother; it was something that he couldn't help.

Glen waved his hand and his clothing disappeared, leaving both brothers naked, toned bodies pressed together. They parted, and Glen lowered them to the ground, pulling Cormag into his lap. He set his chin on his brother's shoulder, moving his fingers so that one circled a nipple, the other running down the thick blond trail of hairs that went from his belly button to his manhood. Cormag gasped and turned, their lips pressing together.

The older of the two slowly laid down on his side, moving Cormag with him. The younger lay completely docile as his brother ran his hand over a leg covered with blond hair. Glen took Cormag's hand and moved it back so that it ran over his own leg, which was also covered in blond hair.

"We are so alike, my brother." Glen said, leaning down and suckling on Cormag's neck.

Cormag gasped, and Glen wrapped his fingers around his sibling's leg, pulling it up. The older of the two slowly slid forward, hard shaft sliding into his brother's hole. Cormag groaned as his brother pulled out and then slid in and, doing this over and over, gradually getting deeper.

Cormag reached back and gripped Glen's hair tightly, the other man sniffing and then licking the blond hairs under his arm, free fingers running through the thick patch of blond hair around his shaft. Cormag, now free of the uncomfortable feeling that came with penetration, moved his hips slowly with his brother. The two wyvern riders groaned out one another's names loudly, both moving at slowly increasing paces with the other.

Cormag turned and pressed his lips against Glen's, the elder brother gripping the leg tightly as he felt himself growing close to orgasm. Cormag realized that he too was close, and began to grind his hips back against Glen's, his brother sliding over his prostate powerfully, sending a burst of pleasure through him.

The two brothers gasped as they climaxed together, Cormag's semen shooting out and then dripping down onto the stone floor. Glen filled Cormag's tightened hole with his warm seed. The two riders collapsed against each other, Glen pulling out and letting his semen flow from Cormag's hole. Glen pulled his brother against him and they laid there panting, Cormag falling asleep in his brother's arms; it had been a very long day.