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Of Heroes and Apocalypses.

The last piece has shattered. The amulet, now irreparable, spread to the six corners of the realm, splintered amongst the ruins of cities as the two dimensions clashed together; the third and the sixth, each hell bent on the destruction of the other. This was the final judgement, as it stood. There would be no question.

In Magery City, the last five remained, and glanced upwards into oblivion.

Then one spoke.

'Um… yeah. Hi, we'd um… we'd like to act as the defence?'

There was uproar the likes of which had never been known within the walls of Magery. The end of the two worlds, the destruction of the amulet, the steady uprising of the House of Illusion until all was coated in the web of it's discord… All had been predetermined long ago, planned in a space of what humans would call months and Knights years. Destiny was unyielding and unbreakable. The worlds would yield, because Destiny wished it.

The foundations of reality began their quick and unstable subsidence.

'…Seriously, dude, this wasn't in the credits.'


'Sorry. Yeah. Saving the world now, gotcha.'

'Don't worry, Mark, you're doing fine.'

The heavens roared. Such insolence these creatures had. And if you looked closely, you could almost see the source of the fracture, the very line upon which the two worlds met and splintered, like the crossing of fault lines.

'…Ace, seriously, I can't do this.'

'Yes you can. You can handle it. I went through the same thing at your age and didn't everything turn out fine?'

'Pfft, yeah, unless you were a Lightning Mole.'

'You promised never to bring that up, Sparx.'

'I know, I'm just screwing with ya.'

Eternity tired of waiting. Tired of humanity. Tired of the tugging strings of destiny. With one foul swoop the slate would be wiped clean, reality to do with as they pleased. There would be no scourge of humanity upon this earth; there would be no manifestations of creatures that should not exist.

They are specks. Mere fragments. The insolence and pettiness of human nature bores Eternity, and is irrelevant to their cause. Should these four defy their fate, they would all be ripped asunder by its forces. No matter.

'…Man this totally isn't a game.'

'Oh, really, Chuck? You just worked that out?'

'Well… Yeah.'

'Really wishing we had the amulet, guys.'

'I'm not, that's what got us into this mess.'

'Actually Mark got us into this mess. That's why he's gotta get us out of it, too, right kid?'

Eternity would wait no longer. There case would be made, or else the end to all. No doubt, it would be that way anyway.

Forever was now. Now was forever. There was nothing more complicated that the perception of the universe's dying twangs.

'I… yeah but I'm just…'

'Don't even say it, kid. Focus.'

'…Oh boy.'

'Hey, and don't forget to say "objection" as soon as he brings up Kilobyte. That guy totally doesn't count.'

There was no room for humouring these objects of mortality. Not with the fate of forever in Their hands.

'Chuck if we get out of this alive, you have to promise to never to say anything like that ever again.'

'Deal, dude.'

The battle was remembered by the Sixth Dimension afterwards as "That Diffused by Mortal Temperance".

The humans, for their part, kept mercifully quiet about the whole thing.