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The Dream

It was a bright sunny day in Kohona, and everyone in the village was gathered in front of the Hokage's tower, for Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, had an important announcment to make. Standing at the forefront of the crowd was Kohona's number one hyperactive ninja, none other than Naruto Uzumaki himself, staring up at the balcony where Tsunade stood, watching her intently with his Sky-blue eyes. "Oh man, this is it! She's about to name me her successor!" He thought excitedly, barely able to restrain himself as a wide grin spread across his face.

Tsunade cleared her throat and walked up to the microphone that had been placed before her. "People of Kohona!" she waited untill the cheers died down. "Ever since the death of the Third, I have tried my best to live up to the title of Hokage, and I have enjoyed being your leader for these past our years." Once again, she had to wait a few moments for the cheers to die down. "But unfortunatly enough, I was never truly meant to be your leader, and so today, I am passing on my title to a younger, more worthy person." She announced.

"This is it!" Naruto thought excitedly as Tsunade cleared her throat again.

"It is my sincerest pleasure to announce the Sixth Hokage! Please come out!" Tsunade declared, turning an motioning behind her as a tall, robed figure stepped out of the doorway behind her, his face hidden by the hat of the Hokage and a veil.

Naruto, who had been preparing to leap up, stopped cold, his eyes wide with shock.

"Now please greet your new Hokage! Might GUY!" Tsunade exlaimed, stepping back from the microphone and clapping, smiling widly.

"HELLO EVERYBODY! LIFE TREATING YA GOOD? LET YOUR FLAMES OF YOUTH BURN BRIGHTLY!" Gai proclaimed rather loudly, whipping his robes and hat off in a flash and leaping up on the balcony rail, flashing the stunned crowd a thumbs up and his best nice guy smile, which unfortunatly enough caught the suns rays and shined them into the eyes of quite a few villagers, causing them to cry out in pain and fall over.

In the stunned silence, only two voices could be heard.

"WOO HOO! WAY TO GO GAI SENSEI!" Lee exlaimed jumping up and down excitedly, waving his arms.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Naruto cried, falling to his knees.

Suddenly Naruto sat bolt upright in his bead, sweat rolling down his face and a scream stuck in his throat as the morning sun streamed through his window. "That was... Just a dream?" Naruto asked out loud, looking down at his hands.

Suddenly there was a knock at his window, and when he looked up, he saw a masked ANBU there, sliding the window open and perching on the seal. "The Hokage requests your presense." He said in a bored tone, looking up at the sky.

"The Hokage? Who" Naruto asked, a sense of dread washing over him as he stoo up.

As he was asking the question, Lee and Gai went bounding over his roof, through the ANBU's vision, as they trained. "sigh Gai-san..." He muttered, missing Naruto's question completely, watching the green twosome run off. The next instant he heard a thump and looked down in surprize to see a fainted Naruto, foam coming out of the boy's mouth. "Hey? Didn't ya hear me kid? Lady Tsunade want's ya!" He said before sighing and taking off to the nearest bar. He needed a drink.


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